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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Accursed [Padawanabee]  (Read 82932 times)
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« on: August 17, 2009, 08:59:26 pm »



Accursed is both a strong tank and a strong laner. It's difficult to tank in HoN due to the fact that a hero who specializes in living has difficulties killing other heroes. Accursed finds a way around that by making it difficult to kill his teammates while he's around; healers are prime targets in HoN. That's why Accursed is one of the few Heroes of Newerth able to tank.

Accursed can be both offensive and defensive support as well as a tank, a versatile hero that can be an asset to any lineup. If anyone didn't know, Accursed is a direct port of Abaddon, Lord of Avernus from DotA, although this model has 12x the badassery of that model.

Pros and Cons

Powerful support and laning capabilites.
An ult that absorbs incoming damage that will activate even while stunned or silenced.
An asset in a lane, a gank, or a push.
Virtually unkillable even while keeping allies alive if played right.
Versatile to an extent based on item choice.
Kick-ass model, flaming sword, and smooth animations.

Skillset becomes considerably weaker late game, item dependent to prevent that.
Above average dependency on allies.


At the cost of some of his own health, Accursed bursts the air around a target, dealing damage to them if they are an enemy or healing them if they are an ally.

Target unit (not self)
Magic damage
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Mana cost: 75
Deals 100/150/200/250 Magic damage to enemy units or heals allied units for 100/150/200/250 Health. Deals 50/75/100/125 Magic damage to self.

This is your main heal and nuke. 250 to heal or nuke is a decent amount, and 75 mana is cheap for it. The interesting things about the ability are it's low cooldown and mana cost, but with a moderate health investment. Considering the rest of our skill set, however, that health investment can be used to our advantage.

Fire Shield
Accursed covers a friendly unit in a shield of flames protecting them from damage and removing harmful effects. If the shield is damaged to its breaking point, it will explode, dealing Magical damage to nearby enemies equal to that of the damage absorbed

Allied target
Magic damage
Range: 600
Mana Cost: 100/105/110/115
Cooldown: 18/15/12/9
Removes most debuffs, then applies Fire Shield to target for 15 seconds. Fire Shield prevents 110/140/170/200. Once full amount is absorbed, damages enemies in 700 radius for 110/140/170/200 Magic damage.

A powerful skill, and probably the one Accursed is best known for. In addition to the actual numbers of 200 heal followed be 200 AoE nuke in addition to an almost complete dispell, this skill can be used in various mind games and combined with cauterize gives Accursed an incredible early game and laning power.

Causes Accursed's attacks to sear his target, slowing their movement speed. Any ally that attacks the affected unit will be buffed with increased attack speed and movement speed.

Passive, applied on target
Attack modifier
How this ability works is it places a buff on any unit you attack. That buff slows them by 5/10/15/20 for 4.5 seconds, and any friendly unit that hits them during that time gains 10/20/30/40% attack and 10% movement speed for a short time.

The first item of note is that this ability sets your sword ON FIRE. Seriously, your model looks 3x cooler. This and the 10% movement speed at all levels suggest you get at least 1 level of this early. This is your only form of offensive support, but it is useful in many situations once leveled.

Flame Consumption
Accursed summons a powerful fire tornado around himself which, when fueled with damage, causes him to regain his life. When not in cooldown, this ability automatically activates when The Accursed drops below 400 Health.

Passive, applied on self
Removes debuffs and applies Protective Flames to self for 3/4/5 seconds. Automatically activates when Accursed's health drops below 400. Protective Flames, 100% of damage taken converted to health.

This is the ability that makes you a tank, and practically unkillable.While this ult is up, you don't need to fear ANY form of burst damage. Magmus ult, Moon queen ult, Behemoth combo, all these things act as a heal if you're ult is up and used correctly.

Skill Build
Level 1. Fire Shield
Level 2. Cauterize
Level 3. Fire Shield
Level 4. Cauterize
Level 5. Fire Shield
Level 6. Flame Consumption
Level 7. Fire Shield
Level 8. Cauterize
Level 9. Cauterize
Level 10. Sear
Level 11. Flame Consumption
Level 12. Sear
Level 13. Sear
Level 14. Sear
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Flame Consumption
Level 17-25. Stats

This is the classic build you'll see on almost every Accursed. Fire Shield and Cauterize give unmatched lane control and gank power, provided you have the mana to support it. Over 6 seconds you can deal 700 magic damage (Shield self, Cauterize enemy, Cauterize enemy after cooldown) plus whatever an ally deals or you deal in melee. Accursed is an extremely versatile hero with this build, and that 700 can just as easily be used to heal/shield an ally.

 Level 1. Fire Shield
Level 2. Sear
Level 3. Cauterize
Level 4. Cauterize
Level 5. Cauterize
Level 6. Flame Consumption
Level 7. Cauterize
Level 8. Fire Shield
Level 9. Fire Shield
Level 10. Fire Shield
Level 11. Flame Consumption
Level 12. Sear
Level 13. Sear
Level 14. Sear
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Flame Consumption
Level 17-25. Stats


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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2009, 09:00:10 pm »

I personally find the 10% movement speed and visual effect of one level of sear worth it early on. I also don't see the need of leveling up Fire Shield so fast considering you only get 30 shield/AoE nuke power per level. Granted, leveling up Fire Shield from 1 to 4 halves it's cooldown from 18 to 9, even so I find leveling up Cauterize and having a 250 nuke every 6 seconds by level 7 to be worthwhile. You still have the same result by level 10, so try it out if you're bored of the classic build.

Skill use and synergies

Who do I cast Fire Shield on?
Preferably, heroes. Fire Shield is usually wasted on creeps unless you just want to bug whoever they laned against you. Cast it on yourself, cast it on dieing allies, cast it on an ally who's about to run in. The thing about Fire Shield is in most situations it acts as a damage deterrent, to a degree. Noone's gonna stop nuking pyromancer at 100 hp just because he has a 200 shield on him. But if everyone's level 5 and Magebane runs in with a level 2 Fire Shield on him, hitting the guy is just not worth it.
When do I use Cauterize?
Whenever you have health to spare. If your ult just activated or you have Fire Shield on yourself, cast it on ANYONE. Apart from the health requirement, it's extremely mana efficient for what it does. However, remember your role, supporter guy. If an allied 100 hp Blood hunter is chasing an enemy 100 hp pyromancer with no mana, heal the Blood Hunter. He needs the money more than you do, and the 250 isn't mitigated by hero armor if it's a heal.
When do I use Flame Consumption?
Preferably, as late as possible. It activates on it's own if you're under 400, so in most cases actually activating it will be a mistake. As long as your ult isn't on cooldown NOONE wants to focus you over the Moon Queen at half life. If you activate your ult early, you're just as fragile as the rest of the team. Generally, let the ultimate go off on it's own, unless a legionaire is fighting you. His ult counters yours. There are some rare moments you'll want to activate your ult. If you see Magmus channeling his ultimate and noone's gonna stun him, throw your ult on, charge him, and enjoy the full heal. To summarize, let the ult take care of you unless you see a HUGE amount of preferably AoE damage coming your way, in which case enjoy the 3/4/5 seconds of healing.
+ High mana cost, but any damage Cauterize would deal to you is instead dealt to the flame shield if the shield was cast on yourself, possibly for even more damage dealt. You are a surprisingly powerful nuker early game if you use this combo right.
+Cooldown inefficient, but if you're in a position where you NEED a cauterize and you NEED health over your minute long cooldown, any cauterize cast while your ult is on will heal you for 125. On another note, once your ult activates go ahead and throw out a cauterize if it's not on cd.

Those are the only real synergies, Flame Shield and your ult don't do much together, and Sear works slightly outside of the skillset. Keep in mind that a good accursed works beyond his nukes, if you build right (levels in Sear and hopefully build Mock of Brilliance) you hit HARD and FAST, and can provide MUCH more than HEALS to a team. Which is good, because 200 is a number that scales poorly into the late game where everyone had 3k hp.

As with everything in this guide, what I suggest here is pretty standard for Accursed/Abaddon at all levels of play.
Stole the pictures from HoN wiki, if anyone knows how to make them smaller let me know, until then deal with the unnecessarily large item pictures.

Core Build

Ring of the teacher, 2 Fortified Bracelets, and Post Haste.

Ring of the teacher and a healing consumable allows you the regen you need to stay in your lane early. You build to fortified bracelets to cover your health/mana pool needs early, and you rush Post Haste.


You are a support hero with a skill (sear) that emphasizes being able to keep up with an enemy hero and at least hit them once for the slow. Post haste gives you unrivaled mobility to be in every team fight, supporting your allies as necessary.

So what next?
Mock of Brilliance- You are a tank with a support skillset. But sometimes, especially late game, your support abilities alone aren't enough to make your enemies focus you. With a 40/sec damage aura, your enemies will either focus you down or pay for it.
Astrolabe- You play heals and support, grab an astrolabe if your skillset just isn't cutting it.
Abyssal Skull- You're support, this provides support. I've said it enough times.
   An alternative for those who play Accursed AS A HARD CARRY or if you want some variety. The hp bonus combined with your skillset allows for some REALLY fun mindgames, and as a str hero it ups your DPS by a fair amount.

Good items not worth a picture/luxuries

Behemoths heart-
Obvious choice if you have the money and the core, increases your tanking potential.
Barbed armor- Nothing like running up to an ult magmus with your ult on, getting HEALED with your ult, and DAMAGING HIM with your barbed armor
Shrunken head- If disables are a problem even with Fire Shield and Flame Consumption, here's your item.
Daemonic Breast Plate- A ridiculously expensive item that adds nice support, get it if you have 6k to blow.
Symbol of Rage-
By late game you actually have decent damage if you got post haste, mock of brilliance, behemoths heart, and Sear (your passive). If you're damage is high and you're still having survivability problems, life steal of this magnitude will solve your problems.

Rejected items
Enhanced marchers- Don't provide the mobility we need, that 5 second burst just doesn't compare to the teleport.
Steamboots- see above.
Helm  of the Black Legion- may sound like a cheap to your hp problems, but you're better off going with this core and working on your behemoths heart. Remember, most of the time we'll WANT people blowing up our aphotic shield, and we have plenty of survivability early.
Shaman's Headdress- I've never seen much use in buying this, but by all means if you're dieing to nukes grab it. I just believe there are better options

Early game
Get your ring of the teacher and your health potion/runes of the blight and head either top or bottom. Try to lane with the weakest early gamer on your team, they could use the support. Solo mid and levels are wasted on you, but if you have the chance to play an aggressive lane with another strong laner, by all means go for it. Aphotic synergizes wonderfully with heroes like Magebane and LEGIONNAIRE. You have an excellent attack animation and powerful spells, keep your enemy on their toes.

Mid game
At this point you should have your core, provided you did well in your lane. Which you should have unless you were babysitting Chronos/Dark Lady against 2 nukers/disablers. Feel free to farm and defend towers at your leisure, as with Post Haste you can get to most team fights in 5-10 seconds. Whether you play an amazing Accursed or a poor one, your gameplay will depend largely on your allies. That said, feel free to gank any farmers you can find. This is probably your strongest game phase, with your heal and your shield maxed. You can turn the tide of any team fight or gank you participate in, and you should be participating in ALL of them, there's not excuse not to if you were smart and got Post Haste. By the end of this phase, you hopefully did one of two things. You either farmed into a DPS semi-carry yourself, or kept the other team low enough that a level 16 Accursed with 2 Bracelets and Post Haste makes them run in fear.

Late Game
Flame Shield and Cauterize begin to lose effectiveness this late. You should still be spamming them, as your mana pool is significantly better as well, but don't expect one Flame Shield to save a fleeing ally. If you farmed your core and a couple luxeries, that's fine, because sear works on percentages, and thus scales, and your ult will never lose effectiveness. Really, at this point, you've either decided the game by doing well mid game (farmed or kept them weak) or you're gonna have to hope your allies did better. You CAN carry, but it's more likely you'll be outcarried by an agility based hero if they weren't ganked earlier in the match.


Courtesy to Padawanabee @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2009, 09:06:58 pm »

cauterize doesnt helf self if im not mistaken

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