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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Legionnaire [ElementUser]  (Read 113961 times)
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« on: August 17, 2009, 06:01:35 pm »

Disclaimer: This guide is specifically written for the Forest of Caldavar map in a 5v5, non-em setting. The jungle walkthrough is for Legion.


Stripped of his beard (and therefore, most of his manliness) from his DotA Counterpart (Axe), Legionnaire has to make do with most of the changes in gameplay from DotA to HoN. Legionnaire is a decent laner, but I'm going to focus on how to jungle Legionnaire in this guide. There are several differences that are now ported from DotA to HoN:

+ Creep respawn checkboxs are now smaller (you can pull creeps a little bit later and still make it in time to stack the camp)
+ Dark Troll Warlord creep camp replaced with weak Skeletons (can tackle them earlier on for great experience and gold)
+ Replacement of Troll Priests (no more difficulty pulling that creep camp)
+ Creeps don't sleep at night (easier to creep-stack and creep-pull)
- Removal of Satyr creep camp (no more purge, but less weak creeps to deal with)
- No more Berserker's Call/Taunt functionality on neutrals (cannot manipulate their AI anymore)

Why jungle Legionnaire?

  • It gives you 2 solo lanes
  • You get guaranteed gold income & don't have to focus on those tedious last-hits and denies
  • If done properly, you'll level up just as fast as a solo lane
  • You get gold very quickly
As Legionnaire, you should jungle only if the following conditions are met:

  • Legionnaire is the only jungler on your team
  • You know the basics of jungling
  • You have 2 good solo heroes that can take care of themselves early game

Skill Overview

Taunt: What's left of Axe's manliness is now transferred to this skill. Instead of doing a loud, manly roar like Berserker's Call, Legionnaire does some weak Taunt shout. Regardless, this skill is useful for chasing, ganking, initiating and tanking all at the same time! Just note that it has a VERY TINY AoE, so anyone with an IQ above 50 wouldn't let you run up to him and Taunt him. Therefore it's best to use this skill when coming from behind, chain it after an allied disable or use it after Portal Key. Goes through magic immunity.

Terrify: An even more unmanly skill than in DotA, Legionnaire now resorts to making scary faces & raging to give a DoT debuff to an enemy. Not acquired because your mana pool sucks and because the skill sucks in general. Not to mention you're in the jungle for early game.

In the wise words of thisisBob:

Whirling Blade: The skill that defines Axe and Legionnaire. Luckily, Legionnaire didn't lose any of his manliness from this skill port. Anyway, Whirling Blade is what lets you jungle in the first place, not to mention making enemies fear to attack you. The more units that are attacking you, the more Legionnaire will own face. Not as good late-game since it's physical damage, but it's still an awesome skill.

Decapitate: Instead of purging the weak from Axe's sight, Legionnaire gets to hack off someone's head when using this skill. Not a bad change I guess. Use decapitate to finish off low HP heroes, but if you know for sure that an enemy is going to die in one of your ganks, don't killsteal with this skill. The skill has a pretty low cooldown though, so don't hesitate to use it either. Great finisher because it goes through Accursed's annoying ultimate and through magic immunity.

Skill Build

1. Whirling Blade
2. Taunt
3. Whirling Blade
4. Taunt
5. Whirling Blade
6. Decapitate
7. Taunt
8. Taunt
9. Whirling Blade
10. Stats
11. Decapitate
12. Stats/Terrify
13. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Decapitate
17-25. Stats/Terrify

Justification: Whirling Blade is maxed over Taunt (up to level 5) because you'll be jungling more than ganking. If your allies ask for a gank and there's a high probability of getting a kill or two in the nearby lane, the few levels of Taunt before level 5 should be enough. Take Decapitate whenever it's available. Stats are acquired over Terrify because your mana pool is very small (you'll need the mana for your skill combo). Get 1 point in Terrify if there's a hero on the enemy team that has a Portal Key to disable it for a while.

Item Build

Starting Items

(590) or (593)

Since you're going to jungle Legionnaire until you get your Portal Key (and perhaps a bit more after that), you'll require damage reduction right from the start. Putting 2 Iron Bucklers on Legionnaire is the most cost-efficient method for protection early in the game. 1 set of Runes of the Blight is taken for potential double creep-stacking (more info on that later) and provides you with a little bit of HP regeneration.

If your support teammates are too stingy/selfish to purchase a Courier for the team, purchase one yourself (follow the second option for starting items) - you will need that Courier.

Items During the Jungling Phase

Healing Potion (100)

Normally you'll consume ~2 healing potions until you acquire your Lifetube, so have the Courier fetch you those when you're low on HP (or before you get low on HP). Take as many as you need (2-3 is enough for most games).

Iron Buckler (250)

Just make sure you have 2 of these in your inventory at some point between levels 1-6.

Lifetube (875)

The item that will immensely help you stay in the jungle. If you're tackling some intensely stacked camps though (4 times or more), Healing Potions will be better, though you'll need this for your Helm of the Black Legion later.

Marchers (500)

Gives Legionnaire more mobility to move from camp to camp faster.

Wards of Sight (200)

If the enemies gank you in the jungle, invest in a set of Wards of Sight to avoid them (and to gain vision of bottom rune). Only do this if your support teammates are too stingy to buy some for you.

Core Items

Portal Key (2150)

Helm of the Black Legion (2225)

Enhanced Marchers (1550)

Magic Wand (484)

After acquiring lifetube, you'll have a lot of flexibility to get your core items. If you're farming relatively well and the enemies don't gank you, farm straight for Portal Key. If you don't feel like you're farming fast enough (or you want to move more swiftly from camp to camp), get Marchers before farming Portal Key. If you feel endangered/your teammates need immediate help, get Beast Heart to complete Helm of the Legion for more protection.

Whatever the case, you must be able to farm that Portal Key! It allows you to gank, disable, chase and escape much more easily. Afterward, upgrade those Marchers into Enhanced Marchers, as those give Legionnaire some needed armor as well as more mobility. Eventually you'll finish Helm of the Black Legion at one point or another to make room for other items.

Oh and get that Magic Wand; it's the perfect item that takes care of all of Legionnaire's mana needs, and more. OH WAIT THIS ITEM ISN'T IN HON YET~

Optional Items

Shaman's Headdress (2050)

Get Shaman's Headdress if there are a lot of nukes flying around (especially AoE ones).

Plate Mail (1400)

Get Plate Mail if you're against a lot of hard physical hitters to tank longer, and if you're comfortable with the amount of HP you have to withstand nukes.

Luxury Items

Behemoth's Heart (5500)

Acquire your luxury items depending on the situation: Behemoth's Heart is great for practically all situations, so you can't really go wrong with that.

Frostfield Plate (4700)

If the enemy has lots of physical DPS (or if you need an AoE snare), upgrade that Plate Mail from before into Frostfield Plate.

Mock of Brilliance (5150)

If you're confident in your tanking abilities at this point, aim for a Mock of Brilliance to have more presence in team battles.

Demonic Breastplate (5500)

Get Demonic Breastplate afterward if you're too rich and the game still hasn't ended yet to become an even buffer tank, while providing your allies with a useful aura at the same time.


Iron Buckler stacking mechanics, showing why you shouldn't get more than 2 Iron Bucklers:

1 Iron Buckler: 60% chance to block 20 damage ; 0.6 x 20 = 12 average damage block from each attack
2 Iron Bucklers: 1 - (1-0.6)(1-0.6) = 1 - (0.4)(0.4) = 1 - 0.16 = 0.84 = 84% chance to block 20 damage; 0.84 x 20 = 16.8 average damage block from each attack
3 Iron Bucklers: 1 - (1-0.6)(1-0.6)(1-0.6) = 1 - (0.4)(0.4)(0.4) = 1 - 0.064 = 0.936 = 93.6% chance to block 20 damage; 0.936 x 20 = 18.72 average damage block from each attack

Items to Avoid

Steam Boots

Legionnaire isn't your typical melee agility carry hero.

Whispering Helm

Legionnaire does pitiful physical DPS, thus not making use of the lifesteal. Don't even think about upgrading this to Symbol of Rage; Legionnaire gains way more benefits from Behemoth's Heart than from Symbol of Rage.

Pure DPS items (Riftshards,  Runed Axe, Savage Mace, Flayer, Doombringer)

Once again, Legionnaire isn't a carry hero; don't play him as one.

Geometer's Bane

You might make use of the charges from Nullfire Blade & having 3 spinning heroes can be fun, but this item won't do you much good in the end because it doesn't synergize with you very well.

Barbed Armor

This may look good on Legionnaire, but your amazing armor boost from Taunt makes this reflect little damage, not to mention that the damage reflected is already reduced by magic armor.


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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2009, 06:02:06 pm »

Charged Hammer

This item gives you very little benefits. Have one of your agility carry allies buy it and use it on you if you want to have the static charge buff that badly.

Other Morph Attack items (Brutalizer, Shield Breaker, Hack & Slash, Hack, Frostwolf Skull, Elder Parasite)

Legionnaire has no need for any attack modifiers. He doesn't deal his damage to enemies by physically attacking them - leave that to the carries.

Jungle Basics

Before you jungle, make sure you know the basic information about the jungle, such as:

  • "Jungling" is an act of neutral creeping starting from Level 1
  • Neutral creeps first spawn at 0:30 after the lane creeps spawn.
  • Each neutral creep camp will respawn their creeps every minute, at x:00, provided there aren't any corpses, gadgets (including Wards of Sight and Wards of Revelation) or other units in the creep respawn checkbox area
  • The neutral creep checkbox is the trigger that will determine whether the camp will respawn or not; if the information above is true, then it will respawn the creeps.
  • Creep stack camps by pulling them away from the spawn location when the timer reaches ~x:52 (the most error-free time)
  • Corpses take approximately 17 seconds to decay; this means all creeps should be dead at x:43, at the LATEST, if you want the camp to respawn.
  • Minotaurs, Vulture Lords and Catman Champions will use their AoE spells when there are 3 or more units in a small AoE
  • Creep pulling (not to be confused with creep stacking) is the act of pulling neutral creeps into the lane, in order to draw your allied creeps' aggro to lure them in, in case you have a troublesome creep camp to deal with/you're low on HP. Pull the creeps from the camp into the lane at x:15/x:45.
  • In most cases, aim for the creep with the highest HP when you're jungling with Legionnaire. Wolf Commanders prioritize themselves as targets above all other creeps, as their Damage Aura is really dangerous to Legionnaire.
  • In general, Legionnaire should tackle creep camps with 5+ creeps for more efficiency and to minimize time and HP lost.
Jungle Walkthrough (Legion)

After buying your starting items, go to this spot and stand here until the clock reaches 0:30 after the lane creeps spawn. If the camp spawns Skeletons, consider yourself lucky. You will revisit this camp later if that is the case.

Regardless of the type of creeps that spawned, go walk to the easy creep camp and wait until ~x:52 to pull the creeps, as indicated in the screenshot. Walk to the creeps to draw aggro (blue arrow), then move out up or to the right (red arrows). This is how you stack creep camps. Do not worry too much if you pull the creeps at x:51 or x:53-55, you can still make it in time for the creeps to respawn.

This is what a successful creep stack looks like. Dive into it and hit level 2.

If you got a Skeleton King creep camp before, go kill that camp and hit level 3. If not, check the other high level camp for Skeletons. If there aren't any, check to see whether either of the 2 medium camps have Wolf Commanders. If they do, kill the wolf camp (s). If they don't you can attempt to double creep stack.

First, you'll want to know which tree to get rid of to double creep stack. Get rid of either the tree with the yellow circle or the tree with the red circle. If you're good, you can pull the top camp, eat the tree, go down a bit and go left to pull both camps. If you're not as familiar with jungling, it's better to eat the tree first and then do the pull. If the bottom creeps get stuck behind the trees, you can eat the other circled tree to make double pulling easier.

Get close to the top camp (without drawing aggro) at x:51, then draw aggro at x:51/52, go down to the tree gap you created to aggro the other creep camp. Finally, pull them to the left. Congrats, you did a double creep stack!

From now on, you can do multiple things: tackle the easy camp again, deal with the stacked camps, deal with Skeleton camps (if any of them exist) or creep pull neutrals to the lane. If you want, you can also keep on stacking the 2 medium camps and then tackle them later on, depending on the circumstances.

Dealing with Different Creep Camps

Easy camp: You'll own them easily regardless of which creeps spawn, don't worry.

Medium camps:

  • Wolf Commander + Wolf x2: if one of these camps exist, you want to get rid of the camp ASAP. If it's in a stack, it's even worse because his Damage Aura gives a painful +30% damage to nearby neutrals; your Iron Bucklers cannot withstand them for too long. The 2x critical strike also hurts.
  • Wild Hunter x2: These guys will take longer to go down because they have 800 HP and they only spawn in 2's. However, they deal low damage, so you should be fine. Dealing with them in a stack is more efficient.
  • Ice Ogre + Fire Ogre x2: The easiest medium camp, these creeps will serve you well for clearing more dangerous stacks (ones with Wolf Commanders and Minotaurs). They do low damage and spawns in 3's.
  • Minotaur + Goatar: The hardest of the medium camps, do not take this camp alone without help from a Wild Hunter/Ogre stack before level 5. If you need help and this camp is on the pullable camp, pull the neutrals to the lane.
Hard Camps:

  • Minotaur + Goatar: Explained above; do not take this camp before level 7, even if you have a Skeleton camp in the stack.
  • Skeleton King + Undead Warrior x2: The best hard camp you can get, these guys give lots of gold and experience, while maintaining low damage. They also spawn in 3's, which is good news for you. You can take them on as early as level 2.
  • Vulture Lord + Screacher x2: The third most difficult hard camp you'll encounter. At least this camp spawns in 3's instead of 2's, so it's a bit easier than Minotaurs/Catmen. Do not encounter before level 5 unless your HP is high enough.
  • Catman Champion + Catman Soldier: The hardest creep camp you'll encounter as Legionnaire (Catman Champion and Minotaur have nearly identical stats, but Catman Soldier does 52-59 damage compared to Goatar's 18-21 damage). Do not fight this camp before level 7, no matter what.
Dealing with Other Players

If the enemies are ganking you in the jungle, your support ally should ward in this spot. If he's too stingy to do this, buy a set of wards yourself. The last thing you want is some random hero killing you with a nuke when you're at 50 HP from a neutral encounter.

Though in most games, your enemies shouldn't be ganking you anyway. If they do, they'll most likely fail and lose their experience/gold that they would've gotten from laning. Besides, Legionnaire jungles very quickly anyway.

Mid-Game (Level 10-16)

After acquiring your Portal Key, you should be starting to help your allies gank enemies with your Blink-Taunt combo. If there aren't any immediate opportunities, return to the jungle and farm for your Helm of the Black Legion and Enhanced Marchers. When a gank opportunity presents itself, go help your allies out. Given that both teams have been doing relatively evenly in hero score and laning experience/gold, your team should have the upper hand due to having 2 solos.

Once you got your core items, ask your teammates to push some towers down. At this point, you'll have a very good amount of HP (~1600) with decent armor and great mobility. The enemies should fear your Blink-Taunt combo (if they don't, they'll most likely pay for it). Don't be afraid to initiate once you have your core items. Your allies should follow-up after you Taunted the enemies. If some enemy heroes are fleeing after a team battle and your team looks like it still has the upper hand, chase with your Blink-Taunt combo (assuming you still have sufficient mana). If not, retreat and help draw fire from your allies with Taunt.

Legionnaire is at his peak during mid-game with all his HP and physical damage reduction. Therefore, you'll want to end the game sooner rather than later, so ask your teammates to push.

Late-Game (Level 17+)

If it's late game, you should have at least one of the optional items or partially completed one of your luxury items. At this point, Legionnaire isn't as tanky or dangerous than he was at mid-game, due to enemy heroes getting more physical damage to cut through your HP & acquiring more EHP to withstand Whirling Blade. Your job is the same though, initiate & tank for your team, chase fleeing heroes.

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« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2009, 06:04:50 pm »

Annoying Enemies:

Predator: His Carnivorous deals damage based on the current % of your HP. Since Legionnaire is a tank with a lot of HP, he'll tear you down pretty fast while keeping himself alive.

Magebane: His Mana Combustion is the only annoying thing about him, rendering you unable to use your spells due to your innate low mana pool.

Pestilence: Amplify Damage makes you fall faster. You'll need quite a bit of armor to compensate for the -15 armor late game. (Thanks to SyyRaaaN)

Great Allies:

Accursed: He'll make your tanking job more fun with Fire Shield & Cauterize.

Jereziah: Always a great ally to have, just don't tell him to cast Protective Charm on you in teamfights. Taunt+Inner Light deals some quick and painful burst damage to enemies.

Glacius: Gives you all the mana regeneration you'll need.

Demented Shaman:
Healing Wave will help keep you alive & damage Taunted enemies. Storm Cloud lets your Whirling Blade deal more damage later on, as well as buffing up your own armor. (Thanks to Mr_Kzimir)

-Any agility hero with Charged Hammer: Just tell them to cast the Static Charge buff on you and it'll help take down enemies a bit faster later on.

-Other disablers/nukers: Well everyone loves disablers and nukers, especially AoE ones to follow-up after your Blink-Taunt combo!


[/COLOR] References:
  • Nome - for part of his guide format
  • thisisBob - for his guides & quotes. He also inspired me to write my first (ever) hero guide!

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« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2009, 06:06:08 pm »


Neutral Creep Diagram

If you don't know which camps are "easy, medium and hard", I'll tell you right now with this diagram.

Yellow circles are easy camps.
Orange circles are medium camps.
Orange circles with a blue circle around it are hard camps.
Red circles are ancient creep camps, but we won't be tackling those for early/mid-game with Legionnaire.

Creep Pulling

If you're having trouble dealing with a camp you can always creep pull from the pullable camp (bottom medium camp on Legion, top medium camp on Hellbourne). Move towards the creeps at x:15/x:45 to draw their aggro and pull them into the lane. It's a bit trickier on Legion because of the single tree that blocks your allied creeps' vision when the neutrals return to their spawn, so try to keep the neutrals in your vision at all times.

P.S. This is actually my first hero guide ever, so go easy on me Smiley.


Courtesy to ElementUser @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com

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