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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Arachna [Travakh]  (Read 49965 times)
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« on: July 15, 2009, 06:48:14 pm »

Arachna is Drow without the aoe silence. The other abilities don't quite make up for this, but she retains carrying potential and will successfully carry a game to a win if given a bit of time.

Stat growths go here

Webshot: Slows movement and attackspeed by 10/20/30/40, 12 mana cost, 0 cooldown. More or less identical to Frost Arrows. Main use in early game is a harass tool, as manually casting the webshot does not trigger creep aggro, allowing you to poke the enemy hero as much as you want. Eventually it turns into your core tool to put down fleeing heroes and shutting down enemy agility heroes.

Dark Carapace(n?): On activation removes debuffs and grants (3/8/15/35?) additional magic armor for (3/4/5/6) seconds. This is worth taking one point in to strip off nasty debuffs like hellbringer's dot or slither's poisons, but don't rely on this to save you. It won't remove stuns.

Precision: +7/14/21/28% boost to range base damage. Identical to trueshot aura. Good damage boost.

Spiderling: On cast throws a spider at an enemy. Said spider will chase the enemy down and attack it up to 5 times, with each attack applying a slowing poison. Spider has truesight and unitwalking(fairly sure), and the sting is worth a (30/60/90)% slow. Unfortunately the spider is killable and has low health. This ability is something you use for solo ganking and is particularly useful for killing stealth heroes. Unfortunately it has little role in team fights and does somewhat mediocre damage, and is severely hampered by its relatively short cast range.


Skill build
1- Webshot
6 - Stats
11 - Spiderling
16 - Spiderling
21 - Spiderling
25 - Carapace

Early stats is vital for Arachna as she is easily ganked and has no early game escape mechanism. She needs high health more than precision.

Item build
Crown of the Pretender x2 - 185x2=370g
Minor Totem x2 - 53x2=106g
Runes of the Blight x1 - 90g
= 566g

+6 overall stats puts base hp over 500 and +6 damage is fairly good.

Build Mid
Duckboots x2 -> Soulscream Ring x2 - 275x2=550g
Boots -> Strength Steamboots - 500+500+450+400=1850g
Steamstaff - 900g
Warhammer - 1610g
-> Assassin's Shroud - 1100g
= 6010g

Because you went stats, you don't need bracers to keep yourself alive. Soulscream rings provide additional damage and are 50g cheaper. Steamboots are the standard for damage heroes like Arachna, and Assassins Shroud is your escape mechanism. 6010g is easily achievable within 20-25 minutes as long as you're careful about your positioning.

Build Late
Steamstaff + Dancing Dagger -> Wingbow - 900+3300+1800=6000g
Javelinx2 + Slayer -> Savage Mace - 1500+1500+2400=5400g
Punchdagger + Broadsword -> Riftshards - 2200g
Slayer -> Flayer - 2400+1200=3600g
= 17200g

Wingbow + Savage Mace + Flayer is a standard damage trifecta, and after you have these 3 items more or less everything should die. Be sure to shift your steamboots to their agility version for another +10 damage and attack speed.

Build Options
Shrunken Head: Magic Immunity is always a good thing, consider building this after assassin's shroud if you're facing control heroes like Pollywog.

Whispering Helm/Symbol of Rage: Lifesteal is rarely worth the cost, but consider this if you find yourself in continual 1 vs 1 fights against other agi heroes. Possibly worth building after Wingbow, make sure to manual cast your webshot every other 2 shots.

Last hit and deny. Harass with your webshot. Maintain vigiliance regarding the map, do not attempt to gank early game. You don't have the damage for it. Participate in team fights by webbing fleeing heroes and throwing the spider on them, but under no circumstances should you initiate fights.

After you have assassin's shroud, your playstyle should shift into gank mode. Again, do not initiate large team fights, but lurk in stealth, find soft enemy heroes, and pick them off. Solo heroes farming in the lane or jungle are easy targets as you can orbwalk them to death. Consider firing once from stealth, then throwing the spider (firing once triggers aggro from creeps onto you, giving your spider time to land a few crippling hits).

This doesn't change into late game. Your hits just get stronger.


Courtesy to Travakh @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com

Gamer and a medical student...
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