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Author Topic: General: Wrong Builds - Get your facts straight!  (Read 7816 times)
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« on: July 15, 2009, 11:01:41 am »

This guide is not written to troll, harass, make fun of any player. it is written to INFORM the community of a higher level of insight in this game. If any builds juxtapose what you do in an actual match, it was not made in spectating you alone, but the community as a whole, and what is constantly seen. This is also not to discourage creativity, but to promote efficiency.

What makes this guide not just another way of telling people how to play a hero?

This guide isn't meant to teach a person to play a hero with advanced techniques and how to individual use every skill, it's meant to make players understand what items their hero utilizes the best,  and is put here to set a mindset, not give an absolute beat all build.

Everyone is entitled to their own builds, why not just let them experiment?

Look, there's a right and wrong way to do some things, and while this game can get creative, you have to learn the basics of the right, elsewise you'll be like the thousands of pubs on DOTA that waste their gold in game and blame everything on imbalances when they lose.

Why did you write this?

Because I see these builds being used when they shouldn't, and I know how it feels to be frustrated with not knowing what to do and being too afraid to ask because people will yell "NOOB" if you do. This game does not have competitive replays, this game doesn't have pages upon pages upon pages of guides from players who're sponsored to play the game to teach people. I've played this game(dota) for 4-5 years, and have done some pretty dumb builds in the past, so I know ultimately this is what people need, and they need it explained to them with logic, opposed to "just because"

As we're all aware and have been told by the staff, and the disclaimer this is Dota. The mechanics are a little different, hero tweaks are certainly there, but it's very safe to say that we are playing the same game that debuted on wc3 in 2004
. For the dota players who've been around, we all know about the times where you got blink dagger on every hero, we know about the imba soul rings that got massed and when nulls gave +1 armor, before bracers even existed. This guide is obviously not for you, because if you aren't watching replays or playing in leagues. I'm sure even pubs by now in public games get remotely decent items. This is a guide meant to tell the s1-s2 and ( and even some dota players) what shouldn't be done, rreason being that it may either yield no benefits, or very little. Take note that I am in no way the ULTIMATE DICTIONARY for how you should build your hero, but granted you're new, I know what you shouldn't be doing. Hopefully other dota players will contribute to this guide (and end their frustration by seeing it,) to further enlighten others. This guide will take a LONG time to finish by myself, so I really do need that extra help since I expect to go in depth.


Alright so you know that Intelligence heros have intelligence: What you didn't know is that an attribute type contributes to only half: ( if even) to the build. Meaning that if you get nothing but int items on an int hero, likely it was a bad idea( and I do mean NOTHING but int items) I commend the creative souls trying to play some of these heroes as DPS carries, and in some situations it works dependant on the hero and the opposing team, but you have to ask yourself :When I picked this hero and my teammat epicked his, did he want me to play a caster or not? With that said, I'm going to list a few builds I've seen below and list why they're not too good an idea. I will also list some suggestions with + signs telling players an example of what to get, though is not the beatall solution, because you have to adapt to your team and what your enemy has, every. single. game. Take note these are NOT complete builds from base to end, but examples of items to get.

-Steam Boots.
-Rift Shards
-Restoration stone
+Glowing Stone
+Totem of Kundra
The Bad

Steam boots provide 10 to one attribute, give 30% ias, and 65 Movement speed. Looking at his ability that increases your speed passively by 40%, I can see the misconception that this would be a good idea. However, it also decreases cast time ( and even then I'm not sure if people put points into it.) Steam boots are usually an item meant for certain DPS Carry's, and Pyro isn't one. Anything you could gain from the 10str is easily replaced by a point booster. The same applies to rift shards, seeing as you just don't have the abilities or stat buildup that makes you worthy of being a ranged carry, it's like wasting 2300 gold on nothing. The only thing I've seen a Pyromancer come close to DPS carrying with is with a geometry stone, and to be perfectly honest; the game was won regardless. Restoration serves no real significant purpose on this hero. YOu have an ultimate with a 55 second cooldown at level 16, and 90 seconds at level 11, and  Restoration stone  has a 210 second cooldown.If you really REAAAAALLY think you need this item, get it AFTER you have staff of masters, totem, and hellflower, frostfield plate, level 5 codex. ( this will never happen.)

The Good

HON is a gank intensive game whether players know it is, or don't. The Team that ganks successfully the most, usually wins the game. With this said, it's really no wonder that this hero should have enchanted marchers or post haste. As a hero with a disable that NEEDS to aim it  infront of the direction the enemy is running, Pyro has a need for speed, and consider his base speed is 295, he NEEDS some more(385 puts you ahead of the game.). The advantage of having enchanted marchers opposed to post haste is that you can phase through any unit, including teammates, but the advantage of the latter is that you can teleport anywhere an ally creep is, and assist your team, OR teleport away from a gank. If you don't understand the importance, just watch a game where you could have easily killed a hero, or saved a teammate, by running faster than the enemy, or teleporting near them. Anything you could want in HP, mana (which is what you should focus on with this hero) is given to you by glowing stone. it sets up the opportunity to get idol of goddess which can be then turned itno sacrificial stone or staff of the masters. Glowing stone gives you 200 hp and 150 mana, which is essentially a little bit more than 10str (19 a point x 10= 190) and 150 mana (25 mana more than a dragonfire and 1.2 less int than  neophytes book which is 10 int. 17 mana per int.) 2 Fortified bracelets will give you similar results, exchanging 38 more hp for 48 less mana. Totem of Kundra as a whole seems obvious as to why. Yes, a 3.5 stun seems pretty imba, especially when you have a dps carry that has lifesteal on the other team, and you want to shut him down, or an annoying ass casster you need to disable in a fight, ( or imba ass 200% mana regen SPAM ALL DAY)BUT let's split up the items. Mana tube will give you 100% mana regeneration, which .. you'll need because this hero requires a lot of spell spamming. Blessed orb gives you more hp, more mana (and some armor.) Acolytes staff (I think should always be gotten last.) gives you 25 int/425 mana, the cost of your level 2 ultimate. Putting these items together slowly will keep you helpful to your team while not feeling rushed to build their ultimate form. HON/Dota is a game of building up slowly (not rushing 6k items immediately disregarding how useless they may be untill finished.)

-Steam boots (We're not getting into this again.)
-Sacrifcial stone
+Shrunken Head
+Bottle ( If you plan on roam/ganking)

The Bad

Sacrifcial stone isn't this heroes friend. I know, I know, it seems like a good idea because it gives you 450 hp and 200% mana regen, but there's no reason for this hero to have this much mana regen for the sake of mana regen alone, given his passive. I've seen this build use a lot and all I can ask is "Why?" People are spending 5k something on an item that yields very litte. Given the mana cost of his ultimate in comparison to Crystal maiden, there's no REAL reason to have this item.  Your gold should be spent elsewhere like making the map seen.

The Good

THE ward whore (aside from scout) in this game is without a shadow of a doubt going to be Glacius. This hero simply does not need a lot to do what he needs to do the majority of the game. You have a passive that gives mana regen, and two fortified gauntlets plus a +10 axe gives you 24 str (6 hp more than 450.) Enchanted Marchers helps your piss poor movespeed, but we've already established the type of boots most of these chars should be getting (if you read pyro.) However, WHY Shrunken head? Why? Because, you have a channeling ultimate that can be interrupted at any time, so it's almost a neccessity. Not to mention the fact this hero's hp makes me facepalm, and she can easily be nuked down in team fights. (especially since frostbite doesn't silence anymore.) Warp key is for teleporting, becuse uh well yeah you need it. I figured this obvious given Euphoria's guide, but people just aren't doing it. If a second opinion is what people need, then here it is: Get warp key for crying out loud. You need to teleport in the middle of your enemies and ult. Again on wards, you need to be buying them. Wards are limitless now I think in this game, meaning you can have the whole map on lockdown if you don't have a scout, or tree in game.  Buy wards, and you'll be surprised how easily their team will go down from being ganked in unsuspecting spots.

Blacksmith. (Okay I get his ult and all, but why the gambler persona?)
- Rift Shards
- Whispering Helm
+ Staff of the Masters
+ Sorcery Ring
+ Hellflower

The Good AND Bad

Truth be told, there's not much to be said about this. I saw it in a game, Have seen people in the past get similar items, and thought I'd make a brief comment on it. I'm going to start posting screenshots of these builds, so people don't think I'm making this **** up. Alright, in a nutshell, despite frenzy, I don't really think this hero was intended as a carry. It's strange, because he's a melee hero with an ability that increases his attack  AND movement speed, but the truth of the matter is, he is simply more devastating with fireblast. Staff of the masters gives you almost a 1 in 3 chance of hitting them for 275(5) magic damage for a significant low cost of mana. The cooldown is so short after his 3 ult that it's just as spammable as Thunderbringers ult, only... with a chance to do five times the damage. Your mana pool as this hero is dirt poor, and the natural regen is just as bad, so if you went damage, you'd probably not utilize all his abilities to their full potential. Personally, I don't give a damn if you get steamboots on this hero, AS LONG as you change them to int (but I still don't suggest it.) This hero however has a relatively high base strength, meaning he can take damage, also meaning he doesn't really need 2 fortified bracers at start, and can focus on getting mana items instead. I doubt you'll be making a lot of gold as this hero early game, so wards aren't really suggested, unless you're the only one who can. Sorcery ring makes it so you can be useful early on and not have to wait 6000 gold later to start spamming your nuke. 2 of The +6 int +3 all attribute items on him with a bottle could also work, but I've personally never experienced a roaming blacksmith before, and if this hero is in your team, more than likely there's someone else with bottle soloing who will be tablet hunting anyway. Hellflower is just there to silence your enemies and amplify the damage. Since your hp is decent, and this item gives good mana regen, you can effectively spam with it (and your opponant will be scared to hell of being multicast-fireblasted
while taking more damage overall.


Courtesy to FuriousPeon @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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