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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Night Hound [Kaution]  (Read 70437 times)
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« on: July 15, 2009, 06:14:32 pm »

    Night Hound

    Night Hound is a fragile agility hero whos main purpose in the game is to kill heroes. He is somewhat hard to keep alive early game due to low starting health. He lacks any sort of lane control or a standard "nuke" skill. His signature ability is his perminant invisibility which can make him an extremely deadly foe and forces the enemy team to buy some true sight if they want to kill him.

    Skill Rundown
    Skill 1: Smoke Bomb
    Night Hound throws a smoke bomb at target location. Enemies standing within the smoke are silenced and will have a higher chance to miss with their attacks. Enemies within the cloud also have 25% reduced movement and attack speed.


    Skill 2: Pounce
    Night Hound teleports to a target unit. If the target is an enemy, Night Hound will strike them when he teleports, dealing additional damage.

    • Pounce does not deal any damage if the target is allied
    • Null stone does not block Pounce
    • Pounce does not save the caster from projectiles already en route to Night Hound
    • Pounce always teleports Night Hound to the target's rear

    Skill 3: Backstab [Passive]

    When Night Hound attacks an enemy from behind, he does extra damage equal to 25/50/75/100% of his agility


    • The Bonus damage is dealt each time Night Hound attacks his target from the back

    Skill 4: Invisibility [Passive]

    Night Hound makes himself invisible when not attacking.

    • Night Hound is Revealed whilst attacking
    • Night Hound is Revealed when stunned


    Skill Strategies

    With two passive skills Night Hound doesnt really need very much discussion about how best to use his abilities. How ever the play style of a good Night Hound player should always be looking at a way to kill opposing heroes. Provided the enemy doesnt have true sight with them - the best way to go about this is to make sure the enemy is pushed forward a little away from his/her towers(or base) and they should be creeping away trying to earn gold. What you should aim to do is put your Smoke Bomb ontop of that hero but not directly ontop of them, you want to place it so its slightly in the direction they will want to run away in, so that you have them silenced for longer should they run that way, and also so they are slowed. Then proceed to start trying to kill them and chase them down using Pounce. An alternative method which I tend to use to get more damage in on the target is Pounce into the target and then put a Smoke bomb up on the target straight away. The reason for this is so you can get the extra damage in - this how ever only really comes into its own after you have lvl 3+ of pounce as it has a shorter cooldown and you will be able to use it several times on a target.

    Night Hound's only real team play ability is his Smoke Bomb, it is extremely powerful spell to initiate with in any team situation provided there isnt a risk of you dying straight away after use. It can help any team win a 4v4 or 5v5 battle, either whilst pushing or defending. Communicate with team mates and let them know you will initiate with a smoke bomb to silence there entire team or atleast the majority of them, hopefully your entire team will then move in for the kill(s)


    Item Build

    Starting Items;



    • Healing Potion x1 : Heals 400 HP over 10 seconds on a friendly unit. 1 Charge. Dispels on attack. - 100 gold
    • Pretenders Crown x2 : +2 All Attributes - 185 gold
    • Runes of the Blight x1 : Allows the bearer to consume a tree, restoring 115 hit points over 16 seconds. 3 charges. - 90 gold
    I personally like to go for x2 Pretenders Crowns because it gives you extra damage, health (which ultimately is some extra survivibilty early game). As Night Hound has very low starting hp I think it is more useful to go for two of these than duck boots. The Runes of Blight are early game regen that no doubt you will need as the enemy heroes should be attempting to harass you with auto attack hits or spells, if they are doing so and you arnt dropping extremely low this is what they are for. Should you need it the Healing potion is there after you have use your runes should they get you to a really low amount of hp, just drop back and use it to regain about 80-90% of your health early game.

    Next Step Items;


    • Marchers: +50 Movement Speed - 500 gold
    • Soulscream Ring : +3 Agility, +3 to All Attributes.
    Now the crowns you bought early game can be used in the 2 out of 3 soulscream rings you should now be making. Three Soulscream Rings give you extra hp, and quite a nice chunk of extra agility at this point in the game. The Marchers are there to help you get in and out of fights quicker and ofcoruse around the map quicker.


    Next Step Item;


    Middle/Late Game Items;


    For me there are a variety of item choices to go for with Night Hound depending on what sort of game you are in, at what skill level and against which heroes so I'm going to put forward some of the more common items that people tend to go for on Night Hound in the mid/late game stages of games. No Matter what item's you decide to go for you should always look to get damage items. This doesnt however mean that you can't get a protective item if you think it will help you overall, something like a Shaman's Headress can be extremely useful against high damage nukes (Pyromancers Ultimate or Blacksmith Multicast)


    1. Nullfire Blade : +22 Agility, +6 Intelligence, and feedback (Burns 26 mana) and can cast purge. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
    Nice amount of Agility on the item increases your Backstab damage
    Feedback burns enemies mana away with each strike so you can render people useless if they rely on there mana based skills.
    MAJOR REASON - This item contains charges on it that allow you to purge enemies which decreases there movement speed by quite a lot, if you imagine that you initiate on a hero and they recieve the initial slow from your cloud but then they get out and you don't quite have the movement speed to keep onto of them, you can purge the target and thus you slow them down again and it allows for easyier killing of heroes.

    2. Hack and Slash : +16 agility, +16 Strength, +15 attack speed, +15% chance to slow target, +12 Damage, +12% movement speed.


    • Some nice stats, 16 Agility that translates into increased attack speed and damage from backstab. 16+ strength which is some extra health(survibility)
    • 15% chance to slow a target, this is a random proc off the item which means it can be flakey at times and not go off when yo uwant it to but its still a nice bonus
    • 12% movement speed and +15 attack speed are probably the best things on this item for a Night Hound player, as it allows you to chase people down easyier as more than likely you will have more movement speed than the enemy hero you are chasing.

    3. Wingbow: +30 Agility, +30 Damage, +30 Attack Speed, +30% Evasion


    • Huge chunk of damage for the Niht Hound player who purchases this
    • Great amount of increased attack speed
    • 30% Evasion is awesome when fighting one v one against heroes

    Skill Build Order


    • Pounce
    • Smoke Bomb (Taking this early means you can save yourself or team mates by silencing the enemy or to help kill)
    • Backstab
    • Pounce
    • Pounce
    • Invisibility
    • Pounce
    • Backstab
    • Backstab
    • Backstab
    • Invisibility
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Invisibility
    • Smoke Bomb
    • Smoke Bomb
    • Smoke Bomb
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats
    • Stats

    Courtesy to Kaution @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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