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Author Topic: General: Hon/DotA newbie guide  (Read 43561 times)
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« on: July 15, 2009, 05:34:07 pm »

Hon/DotA newbie guide

So this is a guide for the total newbie. Because I know this game is not newbie friendly, you got to learn alot of things to become efficient, and not only this, but the community is not newbie friendly either.

What is HoN?

HoN is basically what we call an "Aeons of Strife" (AoS). Wich means there are two bases with defenses and units spawning at regular intervals.

The thing is that there are also player controlled heroes, their job is to turn the tide of the battle in the favor of their team. They do that by leveling up faster than the other team ang getting items. To ultimately destroy the enemy main building.

Note that for this guide I will use the terms "top" and "bottom" to describes the lanes on the sides, top being the equivalent to the left lane, and bottom to the right one.

When a game starts...

So now we enter the important part, the basic. When a game starts you will want to get some items to start up. But what should you take ?

All items you would want at start are on the "initiation" tab of the recipe thing. Because when you take items in HoN it's always to make a recipe item.

Depending on your hero you might want:

Agility Hero: Soulscream Ring
Strenght Hero: Fortified Bracelet
Intelligence hero: Talisman of Exile

Protip: You might also want to get the 2 items required for the recipe twice, so you get more points at the beginning. And only buy the actual recipe when you need inventory spots.

Here are what strenght, agility and intelligence points give you:


  • Increase the Max HP of the hero by 19 points
  • Increase the regeneration of the hero by 0.03 hp per second

  • Increase the hero’s armor by 0.14 points.
  • Increase the hero’s attack speed by 1 point(1%)

  • Increase the hero’s max mana by 13
  • Increase the hero’s mana regeneration by 0.04 points per second

Then you might want some Runes of Blight. These runes will help you heal yourself by killing a tree. Really useful to stay in the lane without going back to the fountain.

You might also want a Bottle wich is located under the supplies (picture is a pig guy) tab of the item section of the shop.
This only if your hero is a caster than can harass.
A bottle lets you repenlish some HP and mana 3 times, it is recharged each times you go at the fountain, or each time you capture a rune with it, bottle users should also actively look for runes, wich are located in the river in the middle, they have 2 set spawn points.

You will also need one of the three pair of boots. because movement speed is useful to avoid getting killed and to chase people.

Being in a lane

So now you are ready to actually play. There are 3 different phases to a game. Early game, Middle game and Late game.

Early Game

In early game your job is to stay in your lane and try to gain the most experience and the most gold possible to have decent items for middle game and eventually late game.

So firstly you must:

1. Avoid taking damage.
Never let yourself be attacked by the creeps or the enemy hero, wait until the enemy creeps are busy with yours. Then you can attack them. So you can stay in the lane to gain experience. Do not be afraid to go back to the fountain if you are too low tough, it is wiser to go back to heal than to give an easy kill to the enemy team.

2. Deny and Last Hit
You can also not attack them and wait to "last hit" them to gain the gold and also making the "creep line" stay near YOUR tower so you are more safe, wich will make the job easier for you and less easier for the enemy hero. Also you can press "A" to be able to attack your creeps (given their health is low enough) to be able to last hit your creeps, wich will lead into what we call "Denying". Denying is useful because when you deny a creep, it will not give experience to the enemy heroes upon death. Wich can give you an edge. It also prevent them from "last hitting" and therefore also give them less gold.

3. Harass
This will depend on your hero.
Harassing is basically just nuking and also attacking the enemy hero so he is forced to return to his fountain, and therefore to lose experience. A Bottle greatly helps when you want to do this. But it also depends on your hero. Yet if your hero is ranged and the enemy hero gets near you you can attack him once or twice to make him back up.

4. Mindgames or try to figure out what the enemy hero wants to do and try to hide your true intentions.
So my long title basically explained what this section is all about. Note that mindgames will last for all the duration of the game.

Example: If you see an enemy hero suddently going towards you, it's most likely because he wants to cast a spell on you, so try to back up a little or go near a tower so he cannot attack or kill you.

This leads us to
Mid Game

At this point, most heroes got at least one item of their "build" and are high level enough to start ganking.

Ganking is when one hero or more try to attack by surprise a hero in a lane to kill him. Teamwork is important here. Note that you could also gank 2 heroes or more.

Avoiding being ganked:
It's easy, don't go too far in a lane alone. Know where other heroes are.
If you are bot and you see that for some reason most of them are in the top lane, you can still stay for a little while. But if everyone is "missing" or "mia" (wich means that they aren't seen on the minimap and you ignore where they might be) then back up.

Pushing a lane:
At this point you might want to start to push lanes, wich is basically killing the enemy creeps so your creeps advance to their towers so you can destroy them. Usually you do not do this alone to avoid being ganked.

Team fights:
When sometimes a whole team, tries to push a lane, the other team will have to defend the lane, usually near a tower. This leads to team fights, basically means that all the players in the game (exept maybe one or two) are fighting in an all out brawl. The winning team might have a big advantage, as most enemy heroes will be dead and therefore they will be free to push a lane for some time.

Late Game:

At this point, most heroes are fed, meaning that are high levels (enough to have all their spell maxed) and to have most items of their build on. At this point the only goal is to destroy the enemy base and finally win. During this period nothing new will happen, exept heroes will be stronger and more lethal. Teamwork is even more important as the danger to be ganked is even bigger.

Other Tips:

This only comes with practice unfortulately. This is the skill every good HoN or Dota player has. Because when you know what the enemy hero can do you can make plans better, for ganking or anything. If you know a hero can stun, your approach towards him will be completely different.

You must also know your hero, to know when to use your spells etc...

You must also know wich item is better for wich hero, and for your playstyle so you can be even more deadly.

Jungling or neutral creeping:
This is basically just farming and leveling up by killing neutral creeps. Useful because you avoid the look of enemy heroes. But harder because you have to get the hits. Easier after early game. This is most likely used when you need a little more gold to get an item, or when you need a little more experience to level up.

Admit you are a newbie:
Most players will not be jerks if you tell them right away you are not that much experienced and that you want tips to get better. Exept some jerks of course, but jerks are everywhere.

So this is it so far, if any other experienced player yould like to add his imput or if anyone want me to clarify some part in this guide
or to make me add something I forgot to put in, feel free to do so, I will update it as much as I can so it can be perfect.


Courtesy to VenomKing @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com

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« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2010, 12:15:05 pm »

Hello everyone i am newbie here in this community. And searching info on gaming for few days ago. Now i got it here in your forum. Thank you so much for your Post. Afro
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