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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Nymphora [Inconmon]  (Read 35696 times)
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« on: July 15, 2009, 02:04:06 am »

I. Introduction
II. Abilities
III. Tactics
IV. Variations

I. Introduction
Nymphora is a tricky hero which may be played in different ways. If you need a DotA-Reference it would be a crossover between Furion (Prophet) and Ezalor (Keeper of the Light), but without summons. I think Nymphora is by far the best and most balanced new hero in HoN.
And if she is idling for a second flowers will grow all around her. Awesome, isn't it?

The little fairy is a ranged intelligence-based hero. That means that she gains additional damage when increasing the attribut intelligence.

And thats what she looks like:

II. Abilities
Volatile Pod

You put down a glowing seed at target location. After 3 seconds the seed will deal damage to enemies in range and heal all allies in range. This is pretty much your primary skill and you will use it from level 7 on to farm every creep wave, as long as you have mana.

Grace of the Nymph

Underpowered skill that will get buffed soon. Until then you will take the spell on level 9 so you can keep spamming Volatile Pod and get rich.
This spell allows you to cast your next spell for no manacost. If you dont have enough mana to cast the free spell it will be "greyed out", but you can still cast it. If you cast the spell on allies you need to tell them "as long as the cute butterfly is over your heroes head you can still cast a spell even with 0 mana".
Its greatest weakness is that long cooldown of still 60 seconds once you get it to level 4. Good thing is that it also works on items and some of them have very high mana costs for usage.

Nymphora's Zeal

Thats the core skill of your combat prowress. Imagine the spell like a boomerang. You target a location and a white light will fly out to that location and then return to you. Both times it will stun targets and "charge" you. You can have up to 10 charges and each charge increases movement speed abit and attack speed by 20%. Means a good stun that hits 5 creeps/heroes at the same time will give you 10 charges and freaking 200% attackspeed. If Volatile Pod is on cooldown and you need to farm a creepwave use this spell. The 10 seconds are enough to auto attack a whole wave down and get every last hit.
Most obviously your basic combo is to put down a Volatile Pod next to an unsuspecting enemy, then stun them and autoattack them down because they will have low health and you deal more damage and move faster for 10 seconds.


Good name. I request that the spell is renamed to something less stupid. Anyway, it is your ultimate which means you can take the skill on 6, 11 and 16 and yes you will take it. Teleport is the main reason Nymphora can fulfill her role as pusher, gank and support hero.
On level 2 and level 3 you can take additional players with you. That way you can bring your allies faster into battle, gank players easily and even save allies from certain death.
It does not share cooldown with Post Haste Boots.

My suggestion on levelups is the following:

1. Volatile Pod
2. Nymphora's Zeal
3. Volatile Pod
4. Nymphora's Zeal
5. Volatile Pod
6. Teleport
7. Volatile Pod
8. Nymphora's Zeal
9. Nymphora's Zeal
10. Grace of the Nymph
11. Teleport
12-14. Grace of the Nymph
15. Attributes
16. Teleport
17+. Attributes

III. Tactics
Early on you will focus on lasthitting and denying and only use your Volatile Pod to heal in emergency situations. Do not rely on Volatile Pod as healing. This only leads to a quick death against many heroes. Play like you do not have a heal and only use it to counter heavy harassment.
Once you hit level 4-5 you can start bursting a hero down by droping a pod followed by stun. Together with a partner this will kill most heroes and you shouldn't be solo mid anyway.
To buy items you will use Teleport and an Orb from the outpost. Teleport to the base or secret shop, get your items and back to the lane with the Orb.

Personally I start out with Fortified Bracelets (more hitpoints) and Runes of Blight for healing, but I am sure many pro players will disagree about building braclets because you can get more stats if you dont build a recipe. But you want that bracelet anyway later on.
Your next items are Lifetube, Manatube and Marchers. I suggest getting Lifetube first against harassment, followed by Manatube to start farming mobs and Marchers late because you don't leave your lane beside teleporting back and forth.

Once you hit level 7 and Volatile Pod is level 4 the farming begins. Walk up to a creepwave, drop the pod so that it will also hit the ranged creep and then hit every melee creep twice with your auto attack. In most cases you end up getting all last hits. Try to stay on your lane and only gank if necessary or someone is on your lane and keeps you from farming. If required teleport to another lane and farm there.

Your next goal are Post Haste Boots. With item and ability teleport you can switch lanes every 30 seconds and it only takes you a few seconds to shop, regenerate and get back to farming. This also helps you push lanes. You will constantly switch between lanes. Kill 1-2 creep waves and teleport to the next lane before they gank you and laugh like a fairy as they waste time trying to hunt you down. This is basicly part of what you will doing until the game is over. Teleport all over the place and get rich. And yes, you will be one rich fairy.

Keep up the farming until you can buy Codex (Dagon). This little item allows you to instantly fire a ray of death at your target dealing 400 magical damage. If you buy the recipe (not the item itself!) again, you can upgrade Codex. On level 5 it will deal 800 damage.
Once you have codex the fun begins. You start ganking and farming heroes. It's still your basic combo: Drop pod, stun and autoattack. Difference is that you use Codex when the target is low to finish it off. It will kill most agility and intelligence heroes easily.
But be careful, in group fights you stun first and then drop the pod. This will allows some targets to avoid the pod's damage but stunning is far more imporant to avoid a first strike by the enemy. Also you are not an initiator. If you run in first, drop the pod and stun ... they will most likely stun and kill you.

Once you have  Codex your K:D ratio will explode. But remember to keep pushing all lanes. In the end you are still a pusher. And you want more items. While your pushing your Codex you should turn your Sustainer into a Sacrifical Stone. The additional hitpoints will keep you alive and the regeneration speeds up your farming.
After this I suggest going for Hellflower, Astrolabe or Frostwulf's Skull. Hellflower and Frostwolf's Skull help your ganking and Astrolabe makes you a better supporter with even more healing.

IV. Variations
My way of playing Nymphora is not the only way of playing the little fairy. You might want to level your stun as primary ability in more competitive gameplay. In this case you will farm creep waves with the stun.

Also you might want to go for damage items instead of Codex. You get 200% increased attack speed, so some powerful damage items will deal massive damage for short time and save you mana that can be used to farm creep waves. In this case you can skip Grace of the Nymph and get attributes.

Competitive gameplay will also push Nymphora into the roll of a supporter: Buy wards, more deny and less last hits (your carry heroes want the last hits), Astrolabe instead of Codex.


Courtesy to Inconmon @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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