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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Pestilence [FuriousPeon]  (Read 62517 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 07:55:20 pm »

Pestilence- The answer to late-game carries.


Pestilence is a mid-late game hero. His role in the game is to gank, and carry as much as humanly possible,. He has a few abilities that allow him to stun, as well as chase others. Being a strength hero gives him the advantage of being able to take a considerate more amount of punishment than agility heroes.


-Should I play Pestilence?
That depends. Can you last hit mildly-well? Do you realize that not all strength heroes can take a LOT of damage and do you have a good sense of teamwork?

-Why should I play Pestilence?
Scout, Night hunter, and Madman are infamous for their ability to go invisible. The ability swarm makes it so not only does it deduct 5/10/15 armor, but makes them visible for 30 seconds (with a 10 second cooldown.) Pestilence is also a hero that does not require much to carry mid-game.

-Is Pestilence a team player?
He is THE team carry in my opinion. You will not find any other hero who can support his team with abilities such as stun, and armor reducing with the sole exception being Defiller.

-Why not just play Warbeast? He can run real fast, and I get brutalizer on him anyway!
Does Warbeast have an AOE 2.5 second stun with a 2 sec slow? Does Warbeast have a passive stun so he can focus on other items? Warbeast can't reveal invisible units. Also, I think 40% increased movespeed is more than enough to catch almost every hero. Electrician beats the hell out of warbeast too. An ult that can take away his ult? Are you serious?



Level 1- 10% increased movement speed, 20% increased damage taken.
(Lasts 25 seconds, 45 sec CD, cost 50 mana.)
Level 2- 20% increased movement speed, 20% increased damage taken.
Level 3- 30% increased movement speed, 20% increased damage taken.
Level 4- 40% increased movement speed, 20% increased damage taken.

This is going to be your second most leveled ability early game. I see many people go gore for the sake of the bash, but you just don't need it over flight this early. The movement speed allows for Pestilence to gank other lanes easily, run away, and initialize a stun for his team.

Level 1- 350 radius AOE Stun for 1.0 Seconds, 50 damage. 80 mana(2 second 20% slow afterwards)
Level 2- 350 radius AOE stun for 1.5 Seconds, 100 damage. 95 mana.
Level 3- 350 radius AOE Stun for 2.0 seconds, 150 damage. 105 mana
Level 4- 350 radius AOE Stun for 2.5 seconds,  200 damage. 115 mana

an AOE stun that can slow afterwards. This skill in conjunction with flight will net you more than a few hits on your enemy. This ability is also taken early to help gank. 200 damage will also help put the edge on your casters nukes to get that "little bit more damage needed" to kill the enemy. This is NOT a skill that is used to harrass heroes however, unless creeps will help do the damage, or you have another stun in your lane to follow with.  It also has a low mana cost for what it does.

Level 1- 10% chance to bash for 1 second. 25 magic damage (2 second CD Passive)
Level 2- 15% chance to bash for 1 second.
Level 3- 20% chance to bash for 1 second
Level 4- 25% chance to bash for 1 second.

Gore is a mini-disable. As if being chased down at almost max move speed wasn't enough, now you're being bashed every few hits until impale cools down. Gore is that oh so fun brutalizer some heroes just love to abuse. As nice as it is though, you won't be needing it til later on, considering that you won't have the attack speed to utilize it properly.

Level 1- 5 armor reduction. (Lasts 30 seconds, 10 second cooldown. Reveals invisibility on target. 25 mana.)
Level 2- 10 armor reduction.
Level 3- 15 armor reduction.

Night Hunter, Scout, and Madman, Tree be prepared to be ticked off. This is the ability that allows you to see invisible units, and reduces their armor. It also allows you to see where and what a unit is doing PERIOD. So for 30 seconds, you have full sight of the hero you used this on, and trust me this is invaluable for ganking. It makes juking, using fog, going invisible a thing of imagination. There's no escape. Use this ability to keep tabs on an enemy hero, or use it to help your team have increased damage against a focused hero. That 16% armor reduction quickly turns into -5% armor reduction, and that HURTS.

Items.  Do's And Dont's

Please take into strong consideration that most builds in guides are not universally 100% correct all the time, and there are variations. However, there are items that are n ot as efficient on certain heroes, given the nature of the hero's chemistry to the item listed. Green will be listed as suggested, and red will be listed as not reccommended. Anything not listed is free game, but not included in this guide.


1 (or )




Bottle(Only if mid.)


1 runes of Blight.


Bottle (Top or Bottom lane.)

The suggested items are there as mini boosts to stats, and enough regen to survive your lane while getting in a good amount of last hits (Granted you have a babysit or another stunner.) The regen is meant to hold off until you can afford Helm of the victim, which will serve as your regen for the rest of early game. MARCHERS However, helps you not. Not only do you not have enough regen, but you've lost out on the extra hp. Marchers aren't going to help you this early. The purpose of Bottle mid is that you can rune hunt and help  gank other lanes. The problem with doing it anywhere else is that you'll end up having to go too far away from your lane to get a bottle charge, and lose valuable exp/gold.


Full Carry/Tank

Steam Boots

Whispering Helm.



Abyssmal Skull

Steam Boots




Support Tank

Post Haste

Shruken Head



^-Often not used. Not nearly as effective as prior two.

-Runed Axe
-Savage Mace
-Elder Parasite

First and foremost, you do not need Runed Axe. As nice as the cleave sounds with the mana and hp regen, 4300 gold is 2/3rds  the cost of your base build, and steam boots +Runed Axe alone can not help you own mid game. Runed axe contribute nothing to your ultimate, considering that I do believe cleave ignores armor on cleaved units. Savage mace has a bash in it, and it will counterflick with your original bash. Brutalizer, the percentage boost isn't worth the gold, and 25% is more than enough. Uncertain of HOD's engine, I cannot be sure to say that Elder parasite will override Flight or not, but I will say that even if it does not, 35% increaed damage to ones self, still hurts like hell. Activating Sanitarius will give you more than enough damage and attack speed to get the deed done, and the lifesteal will help alleviate the drain, plus steam is needed for the increased attack speed and bonus strength. Abyssmal skull and warpcleft is for those planning on going in a *different* direction from the first build. The lifesteal helps your team, and warpcleft is for a different item later on. Although you won't be doing as much damage as you would be doing with the first build mid game, This build is ultimately made to go into late.
The Support tank build is there for you to teleport, chase, and stay alive as you disable, bash, and swarm. You won't be dishing out carry-worthy damage, but there's little to nothing a team can do against a magic immune bug come up to them to stun while your team beats away at them. The Warpcleft is so your attack speed isn't pathetic so you can bash.

Late game.
Symbol of Rage


Steam Boots

Shrunken Head


(The alternative)
Whispering helm

Steam Boots

Daemonic Breastplate

Shield Breaker

( cost is 13875)

2x Fortified Bracelets

Behemoth Heart

Steam boots

Shaman Headdress

For more of a tanky feel

The Former focuses on if you went with the first build, an did dwell mid game. This makes you a realistic carry, because doing well mid and getting kills, means it's very likely you can afford these items. Having Shrunken head makes it so that the team can do nothing to stop your onslaught short of running away for 10 seconds, or somehow outdamaging you. Insanitaruis loses some of it's worth, but with Symbol of rage in play, it makes you fall in love with it all over again. Rift Shards is just for that damage boost. The Alternative build. Alright, so you and this other carry on the opposing team have been faming most of the game. You get a kill here and there, but his potential as a carry rivals yours, and you know with the first build, you can't take him alone. Let's say your team an dhis team have the same amount of disables and such. This is where this build is useful. -abysmal skull removes the need to waste an attack modifier on lifesteal,-  ( No longer true, Whispering Helm by itself serves the purpose.)and give it to shieldbreaker. Daemonic breastplate increases your already devastating armor reduction. 25% armor reduction is a lot, but the reason it really shines is because realistically most agility carries will have 16+ armor by now, so it's nice to keep them humble and bring them down to negative or low. Shieldbreaker also gives you a decent damage boost, and daemonic breastplate helps you have more chances to stun, plus better tanking ability (and more opportunities to lifesteal.) Take into consideration these are NOT the only two builds this hero has. Some would refer hack and slash (though I disagree...) but there's much to be experimented with this hero. Edit: It's been brought to my attention that Behemoth Heart with 2 Fortified bracelets, Shaman's headdress  and streamboots is also a good mid-late game. It gives you great survivability and decent damage, and best of all, is not farm intensive! Credit to Hiro and Euphoria for pointing this out.

Skill Build

12. Flight


Courtesy to FuriousPeon @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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