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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Night Hound [Hucklecat]  (Read 20915 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 06:18:58 pm »

Night Hound
The Night Hound is one of the most powerful agility heroes in the game. For every point of agility you have, add +1 to damage if you attack your opponents from behind. When you hit level 6, you gain permanent invisibility, and then its good game.
Smoke Bomb:
Target Position: Enemy Units
Type: Magic
Range: 350
Radius: 250/275/300/325
Mana cost: 75/80/85/90
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Smoke Bomb Effects
25% Movement Slow
-25 Attack Speed
40/50/60/70% Miss Chance
Note: This is what you want to open with when you are ganking your opponents.
Target Unit: All Other Units
Type: Physical
Range: 700
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 30/20/10/5 seconds
Pounce Effects
Teleport self to target and attack with 30/60/90/120 bonus damage.
Note: If possible, you do not want to open with Pounce, you want to save it for chasing. However this does not apply to all situations.
On Attack: When behind target, adds 0.25/0.5/0.75/1.0x Night Hounds Agility as bonus attack damage.
Note: Remember, the spell is called Backstab, hit your opponent from behind!
Stealth with 3/2.25/1.5 second fade time.
Item Build
Starting items:
3 Duck Boots
1 Runes of the Blight
Unlike for some low hp heroes, you will not get +str items, instead you want to increase your damage output as much as possible early on because your hero has a distinct advantage over other heroes and that is at level 6 you gain a passive permanent invisibility.
Middle game items:
1 Steam Boots (Agility)
1 NullFire Blade
1 Slash
3 Soulscream Rings
By this point in the game you should have your Steam Boots, which you should get before you get your Nullfire Blade. The Steam Boots will give you 40% increased attack speed plus 20 damage, if you include the backstab. The Nullfire Blade is another essential item for NightHound. The Nullfire Blade grants you 10 charges of a purge ability, this ability takes away negative buffs off any unit and hero, and also slows your opponents tremendously. It gives you 22 Agility which is essentially 44 damage, and it destroys your opponents mana by 26. Take 75% of 26, which is about 20 damage, I believe itís something like 19.5. After you get your Nullfire Blade, you are going to want to get a Slash. It is a cheap +16 agility and it increases your movement speed. In total these items will give your hero +151.5 extra damage (if backstabbing) and 111 increased attack speed. A good strategy for ganking with these items is to come up on an opponent from behind, smoke bomb, then use a charge on your nullfire blade, this will slow your opponents movement speed down tremendously till the point where you can probably kill him before he leaves the cloud. If he does get away, use your Pounce and continue to use it until he is dead.
End game items:
1 Steam Boots (Agility)
1 Geometerís bane
1 WingBlade
1 Slash
3 Soulscream Rings
By this point in the game you should be totally destroying your opponents. To further add injury to insult, get a Wingblade, this is for NightHound, 60 extra damage, 60 Increased Attack Speed, and 30% evasion. After you have used all your charges on Nullfire Blade, you want to upgrade it into a Geometerís Bane. The upgrade to Nullfire Blade is not really necessary, and if you still have charges on it, wait on the upgrade. If you are needing the extra HP, you can go ahead and buy the BeastHeart for 250HP.
Skill Build Order
1 Pounce
2 Smoke Bomb
3 Backstab
4 Pounce
5 Pounce
6 Invisibility
7 Pounce
8 Backstab
9 Backstab
10 Backstab
11 Invisibility
12 Stats
13 Stats
14 Stats
15 Stats
16 Invisibility
17 Smoke Bomb
18 Smoke Bomb
19 Smoke Bomb
20-25 Stats


Courtesy to Hucklecat @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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