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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Behemoth [Euphoria]  (Read 14594 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 05:58:51 pm »




This is you.

   Skills: Learns Fissure, Enrage, Heavyweight, Shockwave

  Activation [Q]

     Target Position
Type: Magic
  Range: 1200
Mana cost: 125/140/155/170
Cooldown: 15 seconds

     Deals 125/175/225/275 Damage to all targets in a line and stuns for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds.  Leaves an impassable mound for 8 seconds.

     This skill is one of the best in the game.  You can use this to block off lanes and cut off heroes as shown.
  This allows you to keep enemies trapped for a whole 8 seconds while they go “Oh ****” and you beat them senseless.
  Activation [W]

     Target Unit: Self
Type: Magic
Mana cost:50
Cooldown: 7 seconds

     Applies Enraged to self.  Adds 50/100/150/200% Base Damage to next attack.

     Use this as an extra quick damage/stun when you need to stop an enemy hero.  You’ll learn how to use it as you play him more and more.

  On Ability Activation
  Deals 25/45/75/115 Damage and stuns for .3/.7/1.2/1.5 seconds to all enemies in 280 Radius.
  Passive, just let it ride.
  Activation [R]
  Self Position
  Enemy Units and Corpses
  Deals 165/230/285 Magic damage to enemies in 500 Radius around self.  Deals 35/45/65 extra magic damage for each additional enemy unit in radius.

     One of the most powerful spells in the game.  Combined with a Portal Key you will rip apart entire teams with just this single spell.  With upwards of 10-15 creeps and 4-5 heroes you will be putting out 1000+ damage to all heroes, stunning and adding on fissure and enrage damage leaving the enemy team wondering why they didn’t kill you earlier.
  Item Build:
  There is only one item you will need by end game.  Portal Key.
Starting Items:
  2 x Runes of the Blight
3 x Mana Potions
  4 x Minor Totem


     2 x Mark of the Novice
  2 x Runes of Blight
  2 x Minor Totem

     These are just two options.  Bottle is viable as well.  As long as you get some regen and a bit of stats you are good to go.  If you go for mark of the novice, eventually upgrade them.
  Mid Game Items:
  1x Portal Key
  1 x Enhanced Marchers  OR 1x Post Haste

     Use your fissure to set up a few kills early game by trapping heroes and calling for a gank or two.  You will learn how to do this with time.  The general idea is fire it behind the enemy hero, but far enough back that it doesn’t push him to the wrong side.  You want to cut off his escape route along the trees so your teammate and you can begin to bust his skull.  Taunting in all chat is optional.  I suggest “OM NOM NOM”.  The faster you get your portal key the sooner you can begin making the other team cry.  There’s no way around this other than well timed last hits and a few hero kills.  You may go for a Ring of Sorcery if there is an ally on your team or 3 that can really use it, but it will slow your progression down, however it will help you farm.
  Late Game Items:
  1 x Frostfield Plate
  1 x Beastheart


     1 x Sacrificial Stone

     What better way to add damage to your portal key than a frostfield plate?  Not only is the enemy now stunned, they will wake up slowed and even worse off than before.  The beastheart is for a little extra health as Behemoth suffers from low HP if he doesn’t get something to boost it.  Your favorite HP item will do, but most of the time you can expect to die after you jump into the fight.  As long as you get your ultimate off and a few extra spells you’ve done your job.  If you want, you can go for a Stone and when you inevitably die you will return quicker and you will heal your team up very nicely upon your death.  Aren’t you a great friend?
  Skill Build:
  1.  Fissure
  2.  Heavyweight
  3.  Fissure
  4.  Enrage
  5.  Fissure
  6.  Shockwave
  7.  Fissure
  8-10. Heavyweight
  11. Shockwave
  12-15. Stats
  16. Shockwave
  17-19. Enrage
  20-25. Stats

     Fissure is your best spell, you want it maxed.  The early heavyweight/enrage is to give yourself a small extra stun early on.  You can max Enrage instead of stats, but honestly, you won’t be seeing much of a difference in damage either way since your spells should be doing the business.

Q&A: Alternatively, Why am I dying so much with Behemoth? Please, Teach me the ways!

Q1:  I keep dying before I can ultimate, what can I do?
1:The enemy team knows your power.  You need to stay behind your team and find the opportune moment blink in and ultimate.  It only takes a split second, so you may have to bait teammates, but it will pay off.

Q2: I keep trying to fissure enemies, but they go into the fog, what can I do?
2: Due to the range of the spell, you do not need to click on the enemy hero unless they are very close and you want to guarantee a hit.  You can most often guess where they will be running/positioned at and fissure at that direction.  It has a wide collision so you will most likely hit them.

Q3: What can I do with fissure besides hit enemies?
3: You can block ramps, split off enemies from allies, aggro neutrals (this is a rare one to use), and block creep waves.  You will come up with more and more inventive ways to use it as you play, remember it has many utilities and is one of the strongest spells overall in game so know when to use it and how.

Q4: Why do I need a portal key?  I can just get Assassin's Shroud and run into the fight.  It helps me escape too!
4:[  I cannot stress enough the use of this item. You can use it to teleport to a fleeing ally and fissure from an incredibly far distance (1200 for teleport + 1200 for fissure).  There is no substitute for the speed and positioning of the Portal Key.  Since most of the big fights will occur on towers, you cannot afford Assassin's Shroud and it is not very suitable for Behemoth.

Well I hope you've taken something away from this guide.  Feel free to comment, but keep it productive.  I try to keep the use of the hero and his skills brief because as much as I can write here, you will not truely know how to use him until you have practiced him yourself.  The greatest skills you can learn with Behemoth are Fissure blocking and blink initiating.


Courtesy to Euphoria @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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