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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Armadon [h]  (Read 66011 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 05:54:53 pm »


1) Introduction

Armadon could never forgive the humans who slaughtered his family and when peace was made between the two races, he continued a
private war of vengeance against mankind. Eventually his grief gave way to bloodlust and he fell into corruption, coming at last to serve
the Hellbourne. With his dense armored hide and great strength, he has little trouble bringing death to his hated foes.

Armadon is one of the best tanks in HoN, if not the best. With skills that give you crazy damage reduction, increased move speed and the
ability to slow your opponents he is without mistake one of the hardest heroes to kill when played properly. Therefore this guide is aimed
at playing him as a 'tank'.

2) Stats

3.) Skills

Range: 600
Mana Cost: 30
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Applies Sticky Snot to target for 5 seconds, adding one charge.

20% movement slow
3/6/9/12% movement slow per charge
-1/-1/-2/-2 armor per charge

A great all in one skill. It helps slow chasing heroes, helps slow fleeing heroes and is good at pissing your opponents off. Best of all, it's spammable
at a measly cost of 30 mana.


Radius: 650
Mana Cost: 35
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Deals 20/40/60/80 Physical damage and applies Spine Vulnerability to enemies in radius for 10 seconds. Adds one charge.

30 Physical damage per charge

The damage stacks up incredibly fast when you're continuously casting it, or if you're taking a lot of damage. It's great for getting early game kills, and
getting last hits on creeps. Again, this skill is spammable as well.


Passive effect

 Reduces damage taken from real by 10/20/30/40% and from the sides by 5/10/15/20%.
Releases an extra Spine Burst whenever 300 total damage is received

This is the ability that makes the piggy so fun to play. With this skill at your disposal, you will be able to tank insane amounts of damage. Players
who are chasing Armadon too often underestimate this skill, and it will usually lead them to their own demise.


On ability activation - Applies Restless to self for 10 seconds. Adds one charge.

 +4/5/7% Movement speed
+1/2/3% Movement speed per charge
+25/30/35 Attack speed
+5/10/15 Attack speed per charge

The IAS bonus helps with the killing capabilities of Armadon. This skill is really useful with the chasing and escaping of heroes and ganks.

3) Skill Order

1.) Snot Storm
2.) Spine Burst
3.) Spine Burst
4.) Armordillo
5.) Armordillo / Spine Burst
6.) Armordillo / Spine Burst
7.) Armordillo / Spine Burst
8.) Armordillo / Spine Burst
9.) Armordillo / Spine Burst
10.) Restless
11.) Restless
12.) Snot Storm
13.) Snot Storm
14.) Snot Storm
15.) Stats
16.) Restless
17-25.) Stats

During level 5-9 the skill build is very flexible. The player must use their own discretion in game and see whether Spine Burst or Armordillo is more beneficial:

Leveling Spine Burst will be more beneficial when:

  • You are dominating your lane
  • There are lots of ganks happening
  • You are not getting harassed that much
  • Your move speed is high enough to keep up with the opponents
  • You have mana to spare
  • The opponents are a bit careless and you can capitalize on the opportunities
  • You are up against passive players
Leveling Armordillo will be more beneficial when:

  • You are being dominated in your lane
  • You are facing heroes who have nukes/disables
  • You're low on mana
  • The opponents have a lot of regen / healing items
  • If you find yourself at low amounts of HP
  • You cannot catch up to your opponents if they run
  • You are up against aggressive players
Early game - Why only 1 level in Snot Storm?

In the early game you should only use Snot Storm when it would make a difference in getting a kill or being killed. You should not use it on the enemy until mid-game
when you have the mana to do so. You will most likely not be chasing opponents that far passed the towers early on anyway, so it isn't as beneficial as leveling
Spine Burst or Armordillo.

Why get Restless at level 10?

All in all, it doesn't make much of a difference early on when Restless is learned. If you don't need Armordillo and you are leveling Spine Bursts then learn
Restless earlier. If you need Armordillo, delay it until level 10 as the damage reduction will be more beneficial than extra move speed if you are getting
harassed a lot.

4) Item Build


Helm of the Black Legion
+300 Hit Points, 5 HP regeneration, and 65% chance to block 40 damage.
Lifetube - 875 gold
Beast Heart - 1100 gold
Iron Buckler - 300 gold
   Total Price - 2275 gold

Ring of the Teacher
+.65 Mana Regeneration Aura, +3 Armor Aura and +6 Damage.
Guardian Ring - 175 gold
Scarab - 325 gold
Total Price - 500 gold


Shield breaker will give you a nice -armor which will stack with the -armor from goo spamming. Mock of brilliance will give you damage
to the enemies when you back is turned. Therefore you can use either of these items as they are both beneficial; depends which you prefer.
Both items have +60 damage.

Shield Breaker
+60 Damage and reduces the armor of enemies you attack by 6.
Warhammer - 1610 gold
Warhammer - 1610 gold
Shield Breaker Recipe - 1200 gold
Total Price - 4420 gold


Mock of Brilliance
+60 Damage, 8% Evasion, and damages nearby units for 35 Damage a second.
Sword of the High - 3800 gold
Mock of Brilliance Recipe - 1525 gold
Total Price - 5325 gold


Steam boots will help you with farming the extra cash for your items, where as Post Haste will help you chase down heroes faster.
Once again, use your game position to determine which one will be more beneficial.

Steam Boots
+65 Movement speed, 10 Strength, and +30 attack speed. Click to toggle stats.
Marchers - 500 gold
Gloves of the Swift - 500 gold
Bolstering Armband - 450 gold
Steam Boots Recipe - 400 gold
Total Price - 1850 gold


   Post Haste
+90 Movement Speed and allows the hero to teleport to friendly non-hero unit. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Marchers - 500 gold
Post Haste Recipe - 2200 gold
Total Price - 2700 gold


Shaman's Headdress
+30% Magic Armor, and +8 HP Regeneration.
Mystic Vestments - 650 gold
Helm of the Victim - 950 gold
Trinket of Restoration - 375 gold
Trinket of Restoration - 375 gold
Total Price - 2250 gold


Abyssal Skull
+16% Lifesteal Aura (melee), +.80 Mana Regeneration Aura, +5 Armor Aura, and +15% Damage Aura.
Ring of the Teacher - 500 gold
Hungry Spirit - 900 gold
Trinket of Restoration - 375 gold
Abyssal Skull Recipe - 300 gold
Total Price - 2075

Behemoth's Heart
+35 Strength, +300 Hit Points, +1% HP Regeneration.
Axe of the Malphai - 3200 gold
Beast Heart - 1100 gold
Behemoth's Heart Recipe - 1200 gold
Total Price - 5500 gold


Daemonic Breast Plate
+10 Armor, +5 armor aura, -5 armor aura, +40 Attack Speed, and +15 Attack Speed Aura.
Plate Mail - 1400 gold
Warpcleft - 2100 gold
Ringmail - 550 gold
Daemonic Breast Plate Recipe - 2000 gold
Total Price - 6050 gold



Courtesy to h @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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