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Author Topic: Hero Guide: Keeper of the Forest [Hucklecat]  (Read 42779 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 05:52:16 pm »

Keeper of the Forest


Skills: learns Camouflage, Tree Sight, Nature's Vengeance, and Root

Activation [Q]

Target Unit: Ally Units
Type: Magic
Range: 300
Mana cost: 90/80/70/60
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Applies Camouflage to target for 15/30/45/60 seconds.

Camouflage Effects
Stealth with 0 second fade tim invisibility. Camouflage is dispelled if unit moves too far away from a tree.

(This is a key spell that is part of keepers arsenal, use it offensively and defensively. Stealth your teammates for a surprise gank. Also stealth yourself or teammates in trouble.)

Activation [W]

Target Unit: Trees
Range: 2000
Mana cost: 100/75/50/25
Cooldown: 300/225/150/75 seconds

Places a gadget on target tree that gives vision. The gadget has an unlimited life time and a vision range of 600/630/660/690. The vision granted by the gadget is not obstructed by obstacles. The gadget is destroyed if the tree it was places on is destroyed.

(Tree sight is a great early game team spell. Place the eye on trees in the river to reveal if a rune has spawn. This realy helps your team, especially the person soloing middle. Also place it in key spots in the woods to avoid getting ganked. Remember Runes of Blight can cut down your eyes so becareful not to eat the tree or destroy it with Nature's Vengeance. There are numerous other spells that can knock down trees, and once that tree sight gadget is destroyed, it is gone! Also by standing next to an Tree with the gadget on it you will recieve minor health regeneration. Also remember that the gadget cannot see invisibile heroes.)

Activation [E]

Target Unit: Trees
Type: Magic
Range: 50
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Grants 15/30/45/60 bonus damage for 5/6/7/8 attacks.

Status Effect
+15/30/45/60 damage

(A great new spell that was not part of Rooftrellen's arsenal is Nature's Vengeance. It allows for your hero to dish out damage all game long. Use this spell inconjunction with Roots. Also this is a great last hit ability. Use it for denying your opponents creeps and for lasting hitting creeps. With the +60 damage there is no hero that can out last hit you.)

Activation [R]

Self Position: Enemy Units
Radius: 700
Mana cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 160 seconds

Applies Root to enemies in radius around self for 3/4/5 seconds. Interrupts channeling spells.

Root Effects
85 Magic damage per second.

(Roots is an old school crowd control ability. In a 700 radius around your hero, you will demobolize all enemy units. I say demobolize instead of stun because heroes are still capable of casting spells, so for heroes like Kraken who have charge, can escape from your Roots. Remember early on to use Nature's Vengeance for that extra +60 damage to your attacks while they are rooted in place.)

Item Build

There are several different ways you can build Keeper of the Forest and with his new spell Nature's Vengeance, other strategies are now more viable than they used to be. I am going to tell you a few different ways to build Keeper.

Here is what all the different items look like for the two different builds. (Images are currently down, they will be up soon.)


Starting Items:

1x runes of the blight
1x healing potion
2x pretenders crown

Alternative Route

1x Gloves of the Swift
1x Runes of the Blight
(This alternative Route is for a more experiened player, the Gloves of the Swift will be turned into Alchemist's Bones, which has an ability that turns any enemy creep into gold, which should be used on high level neutral creeps. However keep in mind if you do not have enough gold to buy Alchemist's Bones before 10 minutes, do not buy it, instead use the Gloves of the Swift in another recipe, such as, Steamboots or Insanitarius.)

Mid Game Items: The item path is going to diverge even more depending on what your team is expecting from you or what you would like your roll to be as the keeper. You can build him more offensive or you can build him as a heavy support hero. Most likely you will want a bit of both but all depending on the circumstances of that said game.

1x Sustainer
1x Marchers

Now depending on which route you will take your inventory should look like this

Offensive Path:
1x Sustainer
1x Steamboots
1x Insanitarius or Elder Parasite
2x Fortified Bracelet

1x Alchemist's Bones (Depending if you went that route)

Supportive Path:
1x Sustainer
1x Marchers
2x Talisman of Exile
1x Great Arcana

1x Astrolabe (Depending if you have enough money or if you want to be even more support)

Late Game Items:

Offensive Path:
1x Runed Axe (I prefer the Runed Axe over the Mock of Brilliance because it is much cheaper, great early game components, and it synergizes well with Nature's Vengeance.)
1x Steamboots
1x Insanitarius
1x Elder Parasite (You can also get a Warpcleft which can be used in the Daemonic Breastplate Recipe.)
2x Fortified Bracelet

1x Behemoth's Heart (Replaces a Fortified Bracelet)

1x Alchemist's Bones (Depending if you went that route will also replace the other Fortified Bracelet)

Supportive Path:
1x Restoration Stone (To use this, first use your Roots ability, than use the Restoration Stone to refresh your cooldown and use your Roots ability again.)
1x Steamboots (Needs to be toggled on Intelligence until you get enough mana to toggle it back to strength.)
2x Talisman of Exile

1x Frostfield Plate (A good support item and its cooldown will also be refreshed when you use Restoration Stone. It is also a good item to be able use all your spells and abilities.)

1x Astrolabe (Depending if you went down this path and if the circumstances were right for you.)

Skill Build: Although there is different paths you can take with item builds you should pretty much stick to this skill build.

1. Tree Sight (Place this on a tree in the river and make sure it can see runes. A quick side note, Runes spawn every 2 minutes.)
2-3. Nature's Vengeance
4. Camouflage
5. Nature's Vengeance
6. Roots
7. Nature's Vengeance
8-10. Camouflage
11. Roots
12-15. Stats
16. Roots
17-19. Tree Sight
20-25. Stats


Courtesy to Hucklecat @ forums.heroesofnewerth.com
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