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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Author Topic: The Grand Savage XR Wishlist  (Read 262339 times)
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« on: November 13, 2007, 02:15:55 pm »

Edit: Most of the stuff here is really outdated now, and there's a lot of points I would myself disagree with. However, this led to some good ideas and some things were done in XR, so that's good! The chocolate savage project takes some gameplay and balance ideas from this topic.

Savage XR Wishlist:

1. Bugs and game mechanics:

1.1. Physics, melee and items

1.1.1. Improve Melee
1.1.2. Fix climbing-between-buildings exploit
1.1.3. Fix cata exploit shooting
1.1.4. Disallow headjumping (hitbox cones?)
1.1.5. FIX HILL LEAPS! (for XR devs: launch ex2, type sv_leapadjustterrain 1, see how great leap is in ex2)
1.1.6. Shrink ballista aiming box
1.1.7. Fix building collision boxes, they're too short in bottom (sometimes you can go under the building and deal no damage)
1.1.8. Bring item drop back!
1.1.9. Make cl_useplayersoundposition use your player model's position.

1.2. Animations/Graphics

1.2.1. Add ex2 sac anim, it's easy to do and it was great... (fiery trail)
1.2.2. unlock some cheat protected cvars which are not really cheats (like gfx_fog, cl_cameradistance and cl_cameraposlerp, cl_fov, cl_offsetz) (just add some limits)
1.2.3. Fix anims when you get hit by rapid weapon (flux, surge...), they look weird
1.2.4. Fix no anim bug!
1.2.7. Incinerator flame clearer to see please, also it would be beneficial to make it less laggy and less resource hungry
1.2.8. Fix the selection circle: for a player,  the selection circle doesn't show correctly when you stand on an object. Add some kind of visual representation of selection in first person mode.
1.2.9. Fix animation items related to a fast teleport, e.g. when you spawn at flag and behemoth hits you, his animation will always play from start, even if he's almost finished hitting.

1.3. Sounds

1.3.1. Fix sacrifice sound, it's broken if sac was activated far away from you
1.3.2. Fix “being hit” sounds, they're MISSING IF YOU'RE SHOOTING and generally too silent
1.3.3. Recode the .ogg sounds to a higher bitrate and quality (from original .wav's) OR provide alternative install with .wav sounds

1.4. Server, client, clans  and netcode

1.4.1. Add commander spectating
1.4.2. Fix the buff pool double drain when you use a bind.
1.4.3. Add permament serverside recording, and put rating panel at the end of the game, if it gets a lot of positive ratings, save it and make it available on newerth.com or its replay server
1.4.4. Same for clients: make a panel that asks you whether to save the demo after the game or after the nextmap vote.
1.4.5. Fix sac blowing after death
1.4.6. Fix double gold drain from rapid request clicking
1.4.7. Add new modes to duels: 1vs many, ranged duel
1.4.8. Make pug mod and implement pug picking list for comms plx
1.4.9. Make nextmap vote show as World vote. Display a world list after /callvote nextmap so a player can choose between 10 "random popular maps" or "random other".
1.4.10. Fix transparent texture hack
1.4.11. Fix duel champ!
1.4.12. Implement chat filters (ALL, TEAM, COMM)
1.4.13. Multiple clantags and clan abbrevs for one clan ftw...
1.4.14. Compare login and password.. make sure they're different
1.4.15. Show weekly/monthly stats on stat page instead of all-time stats
1.4.17. Create serverside demo broadcasting server with easy way to choose demos
1.4.18. No interference at duels, including ghost players, sounds ONLY from your opponent, and collision only with your opponent and terrain (ignoring other players and possibly ignoring objects?)
1.4.19. Enhance officer command
1.4.20. Possibly: add coil rifle and rabid regen for duels

1.5. Other bugs

1.5.1. Fix chaplain and shaman ressurrect bugs...
1.5.2. Fix ammo pickup so that there is full ammo pick if you have ammo pack
1.5.3. Fix the FPS leak when you open the scoreboard!
1.5.4. Fix stamina drain when  you're getting fluxed
1.5.5. Delete unneeded/trash cvars...
1.5.6. Add /ask name "playernum" feature from ex2, so that ex2 spec panel would work. (and add it as well).
1.5.7. Change buff/heal requests so that they're staying as popups/icons on comms screen and he can click on them to see the situation and give buffs
1.5.9. Lose mined redstone when you die.
1.5.10. Improve “performance autoadjust” thingie, the idea is nice, but implementation sucks badly
1.5.12. Make aim in 3rd person more accurate; that is, based on your crosshair position and not affected by offset modifier and movement smoothing (basically, just make it hit where you aim……).

2. Balance

2.1. Items/Weapons/Buffs

2.1.1. Fix mine/ward activation time
2.1.2. Slightly increase demo pack's size, allow demo deflection by ranged weapons.
2.1.3. Improve tier 3 beast weapons
2.1.4. Remove those sucky/ugly indicators of mines/wards...
2.1.5. Make sensors stack in 1 inventory slot
2.1.6. Make sensor, mine and ward quantity depend on map size + 5 items per tech building
2.1.7. Make snare more useful (like, debuff or something)
2.1.8. Boost mmbow and lightning a bit
2.1.9. Improve speed buff
2.1.10. Make frenzy, meds and relos cost more OR make other items cost less. There's a clear imbalance in item cost/benefit ratio.
2.1.11. Possibly swap rabid and carn tiers.
2.1.12. Make mines/wards deal more damage but have lesser range
2.1.13. Nerf ember building damage
2.1.14. Boost rupture

2.2. Units

2.2.1. Fix chaplain and shaman balance (make them either cheaper or more effective, maybe some comm upgrades...)
2.2.2. Boost cata a bit
2.2.3. Add 5 seconds of spawn time when you enter the building
2.2.4. Behes+gate... illogical and overpowered
2.2.5. Make gates passable for humans
2.2.6. Possibly: add ability to choose what to improve instead of fixed buffs at levelup?
2.2.7. Full stam at levelup?
2.2.8. Behe: 15-20% health decrease and 10% speed increase?
2.2.9. Make healers available as soon as their building had been constructed (500rs - building, 400rs - healer; make it cost 800, like siege?)
2.2.10. Make healer heal weapons have slight autoaim
2.2.11. Someone suggested that healer beams (heal for hum, shield for beast) should damage enemy. IMO they should decrease enemy movement speed by 30%-50%, so it's 1) useful for everyone 2) understandable and clear for noobs

2.3. Buildings/Buffs/Other

2.3.1. Introduce 5-10 seconds buffing cooldown
2.3.2. Leave comm buffs instant, but delay autobuffs by 2-3 seconds
2.3.3. Break spawn invulnerability if player moves or attacks.
2.3.4. Don't let comms with less than 5 wins command on a servers larger than 20 players, with a popup which explains why (YOU'RE A NUB, THAT'S WHY)
2.3.5. Improve entropy tech in general (and buff 6th sense to heavens)
2.3.6. Afk player auto-move to specs
2.3.7. Possibly make healing spires “absorb” the damage, so you can survive a small balli rush by sacrificing spires?
2.3.8. Make some/all of beast buildings work as sensors (wind spires?)
2.3.9. Nerf spire and arrow tower projectile speed and prediction
2.3.10. Add wait time for commanders after they resign, which would be same as for players who just died.
2.3.12. Make gate available at 200 points, and leave the max pool size at 300.

3. Interface/Usability/Graphics/Other

3.1. GUI

3.1.1. Add multilanguage support for interface and chat
3.1.2. Add “who's on the field” panel (from ex2) for both players and comms and make comms able to select players from it
3.1.3. Fix accuracy panel position at the end of the game and automatically show it.
3.1.4. Create a "task list" for comms, which would be separate from chat box and would be shown in the place of "current task" for players.

3.2. Graphics

3.2.1. Include cl_fov, cl_cameradistance, cl_offsetz and cl_cameraposlerp in options, they're really fun to play with (that's 3rd person view distance, view height  and camera reactivity)
3.2.2. Add Mefix's sun
3.2.3. Remove cursor being shown in demos and allow hotkeys in demos
3.2.4. Throw out glow filter
3.2.5. Bring time of day back, the night was really cool back in ex2 times!
3.2.6. Real widescreen support plx
3.2.7. Bring back original video on startup
3.2.8. Semi-transparent officer flag option please
3.2.9. Make visual officer aura representation
3.2.10. Get better visual indication of being hit (CoD style?)
3.2.11. Give eyes to pred!
3.2.12. Add bubbles when typing on the field, lol
3.2.13. Add an option to have gui hidden when making a screenshot

3.3. Usability/Other

3.3.1. Make 4 official, well-written tutorials: Player Tutorial, Commander Tutorial, Modding tutorial, Mapping tutorial. They should be enough to get players started.
3.3.2. Make a gameplay demo, we can simply record a demo on a real server with /ignoreall and explain the basics in chat.
3.3.3. Create “Welcome to Savage!” popup on first start. It should have player and commander tutorial and gameplay demo.
3.3.4. Add ability to select nick on the login screen, so we won't have so much UnnamedNewbies around....
3.3.5. Add ability to view serverside demos for client
3.3.6. Add teamspeak support
3.3.7. Add possibility of savage launching from savage:// addresses, so you can join a server directly from newerth.com
3.3.9. Get mouseover popups with description for items in menu
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2007, 02:17:00 pm »

 Shocked thats a long list
1.52) Footstep sound plx

There is already a sound for them  Tongue


1.79) Implement chat filters (ALL, TEAM, COMM)
Is already ask Sweet! or Cola (Fr)

2.14) Afk player auto-move to specs
How could that be possible? :-/

2.42) Make gates passable for humans
Would be funny Cheesy

3.11) Add SKOPE's mod (it need to be fixed first tho, it's too dark atm)
Not everyone wants it Tongue

3.13) Add movies from filefront.com and own-age.com to newerth.com collection
And see them ingame? (Is possible ask me for it Tongue)

3.32) Add a banner “download and play savage XR completely for free forever here!” at the top of newerth.com
 3.33) notforidiots.com/sep -> newerth.com/savage

I think there is already one

3.36) Make some anti-noob system for duels

And i like all the popup things (mostly for Demos), too.
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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2007, 02:29:36 pm »

I agree with almost everything listed, but I don't see them actually adding and changing that much.. that seems like it would take a year to do.

" 2.41) Behes+gate... illogical and overpowered"

Perhaps even a 10 second cooldown between Behe's going in? Like one goes it, and if another wants to it has to wait 10 seconds.

samething with flags.. if humans capture a flag, and a beast hits it, spawns with a behe its a instant flag win for behes.. seen it all to many times and seems very unfair. ( if your going to tell me to pulse well.. any good beast team will spawn with MORE then a behe and I wouldn't imgaine you being able to pulse a behe while a predator is tearing you apart, and even if its only a behe, its a good 20-30 seconds until it would actually die and by that time.. their entire team is in the flag.)

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« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2007, 02:33:17 pm »

you'd need a full blown full time army of developers for that list :/ there are a hand full of people working on XR part time

progress is slow considering we have had to start from scratch with no documentation and with the current state the code base is in, hacks on hacks on hacks Sad
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« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2007, 02:50:59 pm »


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« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2007, 02:53:31 pm »

Great list, Enliven!

A few of those have been done already (very few though), and we won't be able (and some maybe not want) to do fulfill all of them, ofc. Anyhow, thanks for compiling that Wink
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2007, 03:13:20 pm »

2.42) Make gates passable for humans

haha yea this 1 is good

how about making sheald for beasts then?!
« Last Edit: November 13, 2007, 03:18:15 pm by thrill » Logged
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« Reply #7 on: November 13, 2007, 03:19:39 pm »

I'd like to get a lot of the things fixed in the 1st list too. Although a lot of the things on the 2nd and 3rd list are not nearly as important imo. For all the ex2 things, it's not really possible unless you can find Jebus and get the netcode for EX2. Since Uttar wasn't even able to do it a year or so ago, I doubt anyone can today.
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« Reply #8 on: November 13, 2007, 03:24:46 pm »

2.28) Make snare more useful (like, debuff or something)

Change snare so that humans are completly immobilized for a few seconds instead of just slowing them down. Tongue

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« Reply #9 on: November 13, 2007, 03:43:05 pm »

Thats quite a short list  Cheesy

Well, if you need coding help... I prefer Python above everything else, but I do know some C/C++ as well. Not enough to code an own mod, but maybe it would help too. Some things from the first list (skipped 2 and 3) would be great to see...

Regards, Bigfoot29
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« Reply #10 on: November 13, 2007, 04:11:15 pm »

2.44) Full health, stam and mana at levelup?

lawl fired pred vs 20 legos---> preds owns 3 in row lvl up --> full hp and stam---> owns some more --> lvl up--->full hp and satm

--> would be cool for pred farming bad for game overall

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« Reply #11 on: November 13, 2007, 05:47:45 pm »

i agree with most points in the first list, Bugs and game mechanics are imo by far the most important issues...
i disagree with a lot of points in list #2 Smiley
list 3 has some interesting points (and some points i couldnt care less about!), but, as i said: IMO list #1 should have the priority

that list, how long did it take you to make that :p?

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« Reply #12 on: November 13, 2007, 07:12:28 pm »

I've said my wishlist for ballista, but here goes again:
- make it non-lethal to preds, just pushes them away across the map, but still giving them a chance to defend themselfs
- delay between mouse click and actual shooting, like catas

Besides ballista:

- GUID/IP/MAC address/ based ban. Also i got a new method: each time a client get banned, it has in-memory record that it must not reconnect to that server for 5min. Only way around is to restart game, but that takes some minuts, so assholes like razer cant rejoin 10x per minute.
- some way to tell if a pred has carn. Different armour, claws, i dont know, i just hate to swing 3x  and die. Makes me mad! MAD! Angry Angry Angry  Makes me go ballista!!  Evil
- make some human counter part of the sub+fire+sac all in level 1. maybe shield tower level 1, with less damage protection, but that can be upgradable or just becomes stronger with lvl2

« Reply #13 on: November 13, 2007, 08:55:19 pm »

Alls fine and -dandy-
1.53) Fix headjumping (hitbox cones?) <- you suck, you know we need that
1.56) Use .dds? <- cheating methods remain/there are better ways to store stuff
1.62) Exploit-free maps plx <- Want to help out nota out on checking everymap for exploits?
1.73) Make rain and snow serverside, and make groud slippery if it rains or snows! <- Didnt the slipery ice skating events tought you anything?
2.41) Behes+gate... illogical and overpowered <- ... think this one over
3.31) Video on startup back plx <- no thanks. It sucks.
3.46) Create “Welcome to Savage:XR!” popup with useful info on first start (With “don't show at next launch” tickbox) <- Yes. What for?
3.47) <- huhu, should be in the tutorial.

nice list, thats how I see it beeing released and more, too bad it wont.
« Reply #14 on: November 13, 2007, 09:47:42 pm »

Of the ones i read... I disagree with boosting lightning and mmbow  Angry
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