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Author Topic: Classic DeathMatch Revival  (Read 9838 times)
XR Coder
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« on: June 10, 2018, 11:27:27 pm »

Hello fellow Newerthian Savages.

As some may have noticed, the classic DM mod has stopped working a long time ago, and I've been attempting to fix it.
Since I've only taken a gander at it back in the day, my knowledge of this mode is limited.
Fortunately, I've been pointed at Deathmatch Mapping and DM Cup Info and Rules threads to read up on at least parts of the DM gamemode. I've tried to recreate it accordingly, with minor adjustments.

Classic DM will be entering the testing phase soon, before hitting the servers officially.
During said testing phase, and even after, I'd welcome feedback and veteran DM players' help in adjusting/fixing anything that is too different to the original.

Thereafter, we can even consider making an entirely new DM mode according to the community's ideas and wishes, unrelated to this one.

Current rules of the classic DM mode:
  • Only one Team, but both Races.
  • Free-For-All, no allies
  • You gain points for killing other players
    • 1 point for being two tiers higher (e.g. Predator vs Nomad)
    • 2 points for being one tier higher (e.g. Savage vs Nomad)
    • 3 points for being the same tier (e.g. Savage vs Stalker)
    • 4 points for being one tier lower (e.g. Scavenger vs Stalker)
    • 5 points for being two tiers lower (e.g. Scavenger vs Legionnaire)
  • The Match ends when someone has reached 30 points
  • You spawn as Scavenger
  • To change Unit, kill an idle NPC around the map corresponding to the Unit you wish to be
    • Available Units are: Nomad (Tier1), Scavenger (Tier1), Savage (Tier2), Stalker (Tier2), Legionnaire (Tier3), Predator (Tier3), Chaplain (Tier1), Shaman (Tier1)
    • Killing normal creep NPCs (like monkits) does not change you into a monkit
  • Every Unit has an own automatic Loadout
    • Scavenger - Rabid, Frenzy, Snare
    • Stalker - Rabid, Frenzy, Mist Shroud
    • Predator - Rabid
    • Shaman - Frostbolts, Frenzy, Snare
    • Nomad - Scattergun, Medkit, Disruptor
    • Savage - Discharger, Medkit, Imobilizer
    • Legionnaire - Fluxgun, Medkit
    • Chaplain - Mortar, Potion, Imobilizer
  • Items and Buffs gained in empty slots are kept even after changing to a new Unit or Race
  • Creep NPCs are also available for slaughter arond the map, however instead of turning you into those creatures, they grant special items and buffs instead
    • Chiprel - heal 50, and grants Human Units a 2 second Adrenaline buff, while Beast Units gain the opportunity of killing them with Melee
    • Oschore - grants Human Units a Fluxgun with 250 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Frenzy item
    • Monkit - grants Human Units a Pulsegun with 25 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Storm Shield item
    • Bearloth - grants Human Units a Coilrifle with 11 ammo, while granting Beast Units a Tempest Weapon with full Mana
    • Mudent - grants Human Units a Launcher with 10 ammo, while granting Beast Units Carnivorous Melee
    • Zizard - grants Human Units a Crossbow with 15 ammo, while granting Beast Units Venomous Melee
    • Gerkat - grants Human Units an Electrify buff for 30 seconds, while granting Beast Units Mist Shroud for 20 seconds
  • Goodies drop as well
    • Health Vials - heal 50
    • Mana Crystals - replenish mana & ammo
  • Maps must contain a single spawnflag, and random spawns are created in an area around the flag's position for the match
  • Maps contain no Buildings, but Items and Units are encouraged

// physics
set p_speed 2.8
set p_groundfriction 10
set p_friction 1
set p_gravity 1

// DM rules
set sv_fraglimit 30
set sv_fragRule 1
set sv_DMflagspawnarea 1000
set sv_teamDamage 1
set sv_teamDamagePercent 100
set sv_goodieAmmoChance 2
set sv_respawnNPCInterval 1000

// other server settings
set sv_team1race beast
set sv_team2race beast
set sv_team3race beast
set sv_team4race beast
set sv_team5race beast
set sv_team6race beast
set sv_team7race beast
set sv_team8race beast
set sv_allowEnemySameIP 1
set sv_balanceLenience 100

Valid Maps (at this point):
  • dm_skull
  • dm_spero
  • dm_coliseum
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XR Coder
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« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2018, 11:20:10 pm »

Newest patch (25-06-18) now includes a first testing draft of the dm_ remake.
Try out one of the maps (download INGAME via mapcheckversion in console). Afro

Valid Maps (at this point):
  • dm_skull
  • dm_spero
  • dm_coliseum

Anyone willing, leave me some feedback so I can shape the mode accordingly.
XR Coder
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« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2018, 11:30:17 am »

Good ol' Linux.
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« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2020, 12:44:25 pm »

Hello. And Bye.
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