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Author Topic: My proposal for the next release  (Read 1522 times)
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« on: April 13, 2017, 08:52:43 am »


If I must resume some of my proposals done some years ago,
 please accept with these defines :

"spawn point" ==> auto-miner, mills (and son), flag, garrison, sublair, ...
"arround" ==> in a circle with radius 30 meters or 120 pixels (I suppose 4 pixels for 1 m)

I propose : no construction "around" a grimms and a "spawn point"
I propose : a decreasing life "around" a "spawn point"
I propose : a Z jump limited (at the top of the "spawn point" object + 2 meters) when a player exit from the "spawn point",
I propose : a virtual barrier (occluder maybe) above a grimms only for the players of course,
I propose : an automatic and random jump (with Z: + 2 meters), when a player is glued under the ground and put in this place A tombstone to indicate the location to other players

for the next release,
I propose : To allow a player to pick up not only the lost gold but also the lost weapons - except for the sieges without the possibility of reloading them
I propose : with the statistics made in the long term, for a better balanced game, to adapt the resources of gold and stone by re-evaluating the number of npc or the size of the mines near the main bases, and maybe follow one of my suggests  already done somewhere (under Name SHIELD SHIELD SHIELD see! http://www.newerth.com/smf/index.php/topic,18314.msg200077.html#msg200077)
I propose : for the nomade/scanvanger to be less visible (without buff) for an enemy, when he brings no weapon

for the next.next release (sorry Clement),
I propose : to include objects as ruined-tower and grimms, choosen by the map maker and added "randomly" (or not) every week by the server, when a map his loaded
I propose : the possibility for a player to Mark an another player under his mouse with a colored Hat or Belt, for all the running game

New! An idea possible, for a new type of game:
I propose : a player sty IMMORTAL (and sty on the field) if he never kills an another player AND never damage a building

It is clear that many errors would be preventable by map makers, but no one is perfect

it is not ?   Rolleyes

Oh! I was going to forget, which seems VERY URGENT to realize:
I propose: The ability to ignore a player under the mouse
I propose: The ability to ignore the last player who just spoke
I propose: to invalide a Kick vote when the number of YES is under 2 (Some inattentive players or when the voting panel is invisible are kicked by a single player)
I propose: An automatic Kick or a Mute when a MULTIPLE Kick or Mute requests (without success) is made by the same author against the same player

Spoiler (Mouse-Over to read)
A few years ago, I proposed setting up a daily, weekly, quota to limit the number of  Kick and Mute Vote for each player,I think, it is always not easy to re-create a new login

Try to remember English is not my native langage, so, send your tears to Google translator
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The spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law.
L'esprit de la loi, est plus important que la lettre de la loi
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« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2017, 06:20:45 pm »

Phoe, as someone has called you long time ago, you are the biggest "savage treasure" that has ever been written into savage anals, ever!
Now to your proposals: Since April Fools day is over I guess these proposals were meant to be taken seriously Cheesy

There are many "plot holes" in your colourful  stories Phoe such as:
New idea proposal called: immortal virgin (player that has never killed any enemy player or made any damage to enemy building)
Consider following situation:
After fire is constructed beasts rush directly to the Stronghold and since they are immortal  Angel they cant be killed right, so they start building sub right behind SH. But what if human notice? Well beasts just line up next to sub and assblock them preventing them to make any melee damage on sub (or burrow). Beasts probably decide to sac shield or defences (and also to become mortal  Grin). Well now beasts are mortal but as we all know how fast fire rush games end it doesn't really matter.
The purpose of this argument is that human can't counter this type of attack.
Also this immortality could be misused by trolls for instance to behe-block siege fire on buildings or blocking choke points in map (preventing any enemy or friendly unit to pass through that choke points).

Btw. Phoe, please continue writing your new proposals.
Reading your proposals gives me so much pleasure that while I'm reading them I always start laughing my ass off so hard, it's hard to stop.
Spoiler (Mouse-Over to read)
Or should I say, laughing my anal off  Herrow!!!.
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« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2017, 06:49:35 am »


thanks for this good remark, which has the great merit of advancing the discussion.

Maybe we could keep this idea of "immortal virgin" (to break the routine and the boring side of Savage), for example by making many marshlands (or poisonned air or Zeus action ... )  Smiley between the two strongholds, during the first 10 minutes (something we should practically do In all the games, because I hate the rushes above 5% of the games)

Thanks for your advices and remarks
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The spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law.
L'esprit de la loi, est plus important que la lettre de la loi
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