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Author Topic: info and Rulez  (Read 2728 times)
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« on: January 03, 2014, 01:06:55 pm »

 I'd like to introduce an idea for a new competition. It will be played on DeathMatch mode. and the plan is that it will be played after the DeMo cup. DeathMatch is a PvP FFA mode, and was released some years ago, sadly people have forgotten about this fun mod and i would like to revive it a bit, and make a little fun switch on the game.
Every match will be played by 5 players

About the Mod:
You are playing all vs all without a team. You start the game as scavenger and you get a new unit by killing other units which are placed around the map. You will change your unit even if you got a higher tier than the killed unit (this doesn't count for the units of other players). NPC's are dropping gold that is healing you and mana crystals which gives you ammo for your weapons. Aswell you randomly are getting weapons by killing NPC's. Each NPC is giving an other sort of weapons. The game ends as soon as someone got 30points.

Killing a unit that is 2tiers higher than yours = 5 points
Killing a unit that is 1tier higher than yours = 4 points
Killing a unit with the same tier = 3 points
Killing a unit that is 1tier lower than yours = 2 points
Killing a unit that is 2tiers lower than yours = 1 points


Sign-ups must contain a name and a link to their account.
You have to use the icon/account you signed up for the DM Comp with at the forum.

Scheduling Rules:
Everything must be officially scheduled on the Newerth/White Wolve page assigned.
In case of a dispute about "who arranged and who didn't" (see below), the forum entry will be used as evidence/reference.
If a Player doesn't schedule by Friday, 23:59 GMT, they lose automatically.

2 games per map.
A map pool will be setup. For each week a map, picked out of the map pool, will be assigned for the matches.

Each of the 2 games has no time limit.

Grace Period (Match Time):
Players are allowed an extra 15 minutes after the agreed match time to show up to the server otherwise you are only allowed to join the 2nd match.

Being the 1st with 30 points scores 2 points, 2nd in the scores get's 1 point.
A results table will be drawn up and updated weekly.
If 2 or more Players are 2nd, they have to play a third match on their own on the same map.

Total points will take priority in determining league position.
If say the 4th spot had 2 Players with equal points, both Players will fight out for 4th place.

If a Player quits the DM Comp, their DM Comp record will not be wiped clean.
Previous results will not be deleted. All future games of the quiting Player will result in a win for the opponent Players.

No spectators are allowed.

If the server admin or referee abuses their powers, the abusing Player shall be disqualified from the tournament.
Kicking or muting a player who was not invited does not constitute abuse.

If there are disputes, make a topic under the Disputes child board. ______, the DM Comp dispute admin, will deal with it.
Please make sure you add evidence to support your argument - i.e. a screenshot/demo.

Exploiting is strictly forbidden.
Exploiting in this manner is defined as moving over terrain glitches to reach areas that were clearly designed to be inaccessible.
If a exploit occured, it is required to file a dispute.

All hacks and cheats are banned
If a player is found guilty of using hacks and/ or cheats he is disqualified from the DM Comp. All previous match results will be changed to a forfeit for the disqualified Player.

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