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Author Topic: NSL5 News: Sign-ups finished, First matches to begin soon  (Read 2070 times)
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« on: February 01, 2013, 10:29:36 pm »


NSL5 News:
Sign-ups finished, First matches to begin soon

  The deadline for clan sign-ups has passed and from the looks of it, the minimum number of 8 registered players has been met by all the clans signed up.  Passing the requirements meant obeying what is listed in the NSL5 Rules.  

So on that note, here's what will be happening between now and the first scheduled matches.

February 1-3: Clans will be checked for meeting the NSL5 Rules sign-up requirements, which include checking that all player accounts are valid and unique.  Clans will be contacted if they have violations.

February 1-3: Clans that pass the security checks and meet all the NSL5 Rules standards will be added to the Official NSL Page.  Newerth Admins and the NSL Clans Quorum will be involved with making sure clans and players are checked and clear to participate.

February 1-3: Final map rotation will be prepared and randomized.  The method of randomizing the maps will be published with the season opening announcement.

February 1-3: Participating clans and final map rotation will be added to the NSL match generator, which will automatically generate all matches between clans and which maps will be played.  This will become the official match schedule.

February 1-3: NSL Clans Quorum will finalize and confirm the standard server settings all NSL5 match servers will use.

February 1-3: Server admins will be contacted to decide which servers will be used for hosting official NSL5 matches.  They will be informed of the official maps that need to be available and the official server settings all NSL5 matches will use.

February 3-4: An official list of match servers will be posted to the public.  These will become the official servers to organize and host NSL5 matches on.  The thread(s) will include how to book servers, and will preferably be updated regularly by the server owners on each week's upcoming bookings, similar to how the SWC 2012 event looked like (here).

February 3-4: Information threads similar to 'SWC 2012 Table', 'SWC 2012 Weekly Matches', 'SWC Teams 2012' and 'SWC 2012 Hall of Fame' will be created for the NSL5.  Credits to those thread-starters who have given something excellent to use as inspiration!  

February 3-4: An 'opening season announcement' will be posted indicating the NSL5 is officially ready to begin the first matches and to start the competition.  Details will include the official participating clans, the official map rotation, the official match schedule, the NSL5 Rules, and other important information about the NSL5 that isn't already mentioned in the rules.  Look forward to this, because it signals the beginning to start booking your first matches of the NSL5 season!

February 8: Clans have until this day to correct any violations against the NSL5 Rules.  Clans will be notified of any violations.

February 5-10: Estimated start for when first matches begin.

If you haven't already familiarized yourself with the NSL Rules, please do so, this goes for everyone; from clan leaders, to clan admins, to regular clan members.  The NSL Clans Quorum, also known as NSL CQ, or just the 'CQ' (made up of your own clan leaders/clan representatives from registered NSL clans) runs the NSL event, and these rules dictate how the NSL works.  

Don't forget that just because the clan sign-ups deadline is passed, it doesn't mean you need to stop recruiting new members to your team!  As long as you pass the minimum 8-player requirement, and aren't breaking any of the NSL5 Rules, you are free to continue adding players to your roster!

This weekend is also a great opportunity to organize unofficial matches with other clans, to practice and prepare for the real event.  This might pretty much be the last free weekend to organize any practice clanwars before the real NSL matches start!

And an early present; Shoutcasts for the NSL5 are being organized once again by Tirza, who has successfully produced over 40 shoutcasts in the past 2 years for the NSL4 and the PUG Cup 2011. More information on this will be included in the opening season announcement, but if your looking to get involved or want to learn more about shoutcasting early, head on over to the: NSL5 Shoutcaster/Producer Sign-up thread.

Expect the official season opening announcement for the NSL5 in a few days!

TNaismith, NSL5 Manager
(Who is this guy?)

Rules and Regulations: NSL5 Rules
Newerth Savage League (NSL) - Official Forum Section
NSL Clan Sign-ups Forum
NSL Clans Quorum - Only for admitted clan leaders/representatives
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