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Author Topic: Rules & Regulations  (Read 2932 times)
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« on: October 27, 2012, 10:54:29 am »

Newerth Instagib Competition (NIC)
Rules & Regulations

#1. Rosters:
  • Rosters must contain the name of the players (see also rule #2) and for each player a link to the Newerth account, used to play in the competition, is required.
  • Each team's roster must contain a minimum of 3 players, furthermore up to 5 players can register as one team.
  • Rosters must provide a link to the icon which be used by the team members to participate in the NIC.
  • Rosters can be updated with new players that have never played in the current NIC with any other team.
  • So, a player that played in a team during the current NIC can't play for another team, even if their original team quits the NIC.
  • A new Player must be registered in his team's Roster 24 hours prior to a NIC match, to be legible to take part in it.

#2. You have to use the icon/account you signed up for the NIC with at the forum.

#3. The number of players a team has to field each match: 3.
  • A team can still field 2 players, but the other team is still entitled to field a full complement of 3 players.
  • Fielding less than 2 players results in a forfeit.

#4. Teams may replace a player in a match with another player from their roster.
  • Any player can be replaced by another player at any time, regardless the reason. Once a player got replaced, it is forbidden for that player to return, for the entire remaining match duration.

#5. Scheduling Rules:
  • Everything must be officially scheduled on the Newerth page assigned.
  • In case of a dispute about "who arranged and who didn't" (see below), the forum entry will be used as evidence/reference.
  • If no team schedules by Friday, 23:59 GMT, both teams lose automatically.
  • If only one team hasn't even replied/posted by that time, it is considered to have "not scheduled" and gets an instant loss, while the other one gets an instant win.
  • If neither team can agree on a time and date until Saturday, 23:59 GMT, both teams have to play on a fixed default date: Sunday, 18:00 GMT.

#6. 2 games per map.(one round as team 1, one round as team 2)
  • A map pool will be setup. For each week a map, picked out of the map pool, will be assigned for the matches.

#7. Each of the 2 games has a maximum game time of 20 minutes.
  • If no winner can be determined within the 20 minutes, the game counts as draw.

#8. No tiebreakers during the season.

#9. Grace Period (Match Time):
  • Teams are allowed an extra 10 minutes after the agreed match time for late players to show up to the server.

#10. Grace Period (Match Start):
  • At the beginning of a match, both teams are allowed a single restart ONLY due in the case of a false start with missing players.
  • This restart (if desired) must be requested within 30 seconds of the start of the game - otherwise the match is live, with no turning back.
  • Every team is allowed one restart per round.

#11. Wins score 3 points, draws 1 point, and losses 0 points.
  • A results table will be drawn up and updated weekly.

#12. Total points will take priority in determining league position.
  • If say the 4th spot had 2 teams with equal points, both teams will fight out for 4th place.
  • If they draw, the team with the better team score (K/D ratio), is determined as the winner.

#13. If a team quits the NIC, their NIC record will not be wiped clean.
  • Previous results will not be deleted. All future games of the quiting team will result in a win for the opponent team.

#14. No spectators are allowed, with the two following exceptions:
  • Shoutcasters may join ONLY if they have been given permission by BOTH teams to enter and shout-cast the game. Any shoutcasters MUST be muted.
  • An admin may enter the game ONLY if requested by a team. And must be unrelated to either team

#15. If the server admin or referee abuses their powers, the abusing team shall be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Kicking or muting a player who was not invited does not constitute abuse.

#16. If there are disputes, make a topic under the Disputes child board. Dervun, the NIC dispute admin, will deal with it.
  • Please make sure you add evidence to support your argument - i.e. a screenshot/demo.

#17. Exploiting is strictly forbidden.
  • Exploiting in this manner is defined as moving over terrain glitches to reach areas that were clearly designed to be inaccessible.
  • If a exploit occured, it is required to file a dispute. (see rule #16)

#18. All hacks and cheats are banned.
  • If a player/ team is found guilty of using hacks and/ or cheats the whole team is disqualified from the NIC. All previous match results will be changed to a forfeit for the disqualified team.

#19. Any kind of team sovereignty does not exist.
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