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Author Topic: S26: Mana stone regeneration per second differs from weapon to weapon.  (Read 9203 times)
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« on: March 21, 2012, 07:47:25 am »

Suggested by: Renegade

My re-balancing suggestion:
Mana stone regeneration per second differs from weapon to weapon.

1. The precise change you wanna see done.
I wanna see some dev calculating mana use per second for each weapon Tongue and then for each weapon making their own mana regen rate. Wanna make surge more useful give it x5 mana regen with manastone! tempest should stay in it's own way or can be buffed with 1.5 regen to actually have a chance vs coil with 26 shots, blaze should have x2 regen, to encourage more players using it. it's a strong weapon to be used, but low mana is an easily accomplishable annoyance Undecided

this re-balance would definitely make blaze+ember+frostbolts+surge+tempest efficient if structured properly, but this is completely irrelevant of making lighting/fireball/rupture useful, because their problem is not the mana capacity

2. What triggered it.
Beast ranged weapons are barely making any effect at all, why not buffing them! so we could see what happens when more than 3-4 players use surge in a team fight Smiley

3. The predicted overall effect of your change.
Beasts are strong and beasts will be stronger  Tongue But let me remind you one thing, a beast team with more weapons have two different effects on gameplay
->gold starve humanside, win
->camp outside, lose/draw Smiley beasts have to die to win the game (organised sacs/behe trains summrushes/ all of these means inavoidable deaths Smiley ), using weapons will definitely "NOT" win the game for them if they can't goldstarve

So odds stand equal, this idea is irrelevant from game winning/losing it'll only encourage newbies/vets to play a part of beast ranged weapons more

4. What will be harder to do, and for which side.
Humans will have a hard time trying to block beast melee because of "predicted" more range weapon users on beast side.
Beast sac-rush when granted a mana crystal will be more efficient, still can't compete with flux counter though.

5. What will be easier to accomplish, and by whom.
Vice versa on upper question

6. Will it make the game harder or easier for newbies (vs. veterans), and why.
Newbies prefer range weapon over melee, playing beast means having 4-5 years experience in melee and finally making their stand against humans with easy but effective guns.Till they find out that beast weapons are more or less useless, they try them all and reach the conclusion they prefer playing siege/healer/lightning then fnally turn into a human player Cheesy Buffing beast weapons will definitely give a hand to newbie beast players over veterans. Just look at dayset with surge he's a player a couple months old in savage, he could actually play like a monster when given x5 regen with surge   Afro

7. Subsequent changes needed to tone down (compensate for) the effects of this change.
Honestly, nothing.

8.if you ask me we should rebalance all beast weapons that includes fireball/rupture ,after that then give them their own mana regeneration aswell

And dae, i'll post my other suggestion aswell till this weekend :p
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« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 07:57:46 am »

Suggestion 07 dealt with mana crystal; and it was agreed upon that it is now consumable.
Did you know that, Renegade?
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beware, for this is the everbroken...

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« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2012, 08:06:53 am »

Hi Rene.

I'd like to remind you the statistic we've recently picked up, counting the map stats accumulated on G&G since the new authentication system was installed (excepting March)
Beast wins - 427; Draws - 86; Human wins - 203.

You can see that beasts got more than 2 thirds of all the games won. So suggesting changes that simply buff beasts or nerf hums will most likely end up discarded.

Anyway, as to your suggestion goes, there have been made a couple of changes in that direction already.
1. The most important change involving beast weapons: Mana stone is now a consumable, while it still increases mana when carried. Go in an Evolution server and check it for yourself. When you throw it, it produces 2 mana crystals which refill 45% of your mana. Plus what it had already refilled while carrying it, you may get 100% mana back, or more.
2. The Rupture has been buffed, to the point that it inflicts as much as 30% more damage to groups of enemies.

Mana regeneration is an attribute of the unit, not the weapon they carry. Making every weapon throw a state on its owner, increasing or decreasing regen, may not be pretty but can be done. The problem is weapons already have different mana regens. This is done exactly by balancing the mana cost of each shot, even if the actual mana percentage gained when regenning is the same. Example:

Say mana takes 10 seconds to fully charge, and say lightning can shoot 5 times with full mana, while surge has 40 shots. Because of how the cost in mana has been set, if you wait 2 second to regen, you get 8 surge shots but only 1 lightning shots. Say lightning costed 10 mana to shoot, instead of 20. Then you would get ammo back faster.

So you see, the weapons have been balanced as far as getting ammo back was concerned.

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