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Author Topic: S25: Storm shield blocks 40/50/60% of flux damage.  (Read 6933 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2012, 07:09:20 pm »

short off-topic Smiley about Human/Beast win:

Quote from the map stats accumulated on G&G since the new authentication system was installed:
Beast wins - 427; Draws - 86; Human wins - 203.

Think about it.

Yes that indeed is significant statistic but I'm not convinced as long as I see similar statistics from NSL season.

There are several points which make beast win more games, and I'm sure you all know these too:
1st Highly skilled players love playing beast because of the melee - it's more interesting. At the same time these highly skilled players get buffed a lot.
2nd Human garrison is way too weak and hard to defend compared to beast sublair - reason is shaman shield and behemoth.
3rd Commanding beast is easier than commanding human
4th It's expensive to get shield up fast for human team
5th Big teams favor beasts because saccing and teamworking is more effective
6th Human won't sacrifice himself on field because they have relocator and their equipment is expensive
7th Today's human commanders prefer playing safe in fear of sac rush instead of going aggressively forward.

8th Disabled shimming between human tech- so humans cannot repair freely their base anymore.
First Savage from beta2003

 a.- almost impossible to build tech close each other-as result
           -passable gaps between tech,
              - easy to demorun beast towers
              - easy to repair human base
          - at same time not easy to sac shield, because humans was able to build some not passable buildings combinations    (for example some garrison edges-workshop, some arsenal edges- SH) .It was an art to build human base, which is good  and passable for humans and hardly passable for beasts.
 b. - Catapult was fatal for units

Savage SEP,SFE,EX2

major balance changes:
a.  possible to build buildings close to each other, same for beast as for humans-> beasts become stronger
b. catapult almost useless vs units (stronger vs tech but anyway not stronger as ballista vs tech) so almost useless for same money -> beast become stronger
c. alot melee improvements, block and leap changes, lags fixing. as a result->  beasts become much better at melee
d. for using item  is necessary to choose item and and use it, before items was using only by pressing number keys. as a result harder to use meds, relocs , distruptors! and immobilazers!!. as a result -> beasts become stronger( their item only 1 at slot and mainly used few meters off battle )

last SavageXR groentjuh pub and match servers settings

 major balance change
a. disabled shimming, so human commander need to build special garrison ...or healers for repairing shield/towers -> dramatically better for beasts, especially at small and low red stone maps;  and long hours draw matches reversed to beasts wins
(disabled shimmyng it is not just a hard rebalance.... mainly it is much less possibilities for commanders and for units-> much poorer gameplay)
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