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Author Topic: Mafia 2 - Healers' War - GAME OVER  (Read 205879 times)
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« Reply #1455 on: April 06, 2012, 03:29:04 pm »

Beast Villagers:

1.   Sasuke - <<<Phoenix-shaman>>> – You are a respected figure, and you can persuade the other healers to cancel their decision to banish someone. During the day of your choosing, BEFORE the vote ends, you can e-mail me the name of the person you want to keep in the camp (the game), in case he is going to be banished. You only lose your ability when you have actually saved someone.

2.   Faun - Shaman – Your are a eager disciple of the magic of Fire. You possess 3 spell scrolls: a Flame Shield spell, which, when cast on someone, kills all of your target's night attackers; a Blazing Barrier spell, which creates a wall of fire in front of your target’s house door; who passes through it is injured and can’t use his skill the next night; and a Sacrifice spell, which you can cast to create an unstoppable burst of flames that kills you along with your target and anyone in his house that night. (Magic)

3.   Skuggi - Shaman – Your admiration for the magical attributes of Water, which can be fluid or strong as steel, have allowed you to create a magical staff imbued with the power of Ice  It allows you to cast Frost Bolts spells each night, freezing your target and preventing him from performing his night time abilities. (M)

4.   Lucky - Shaman – Harnessing the powers of the Air, so each night, you can cast Mist Shield on yourself, thus becoming invisible. You can then enter another players’ house undetected, to find out details about him. (M)

5.   Feathers - Shaman – You are a dedicated healer, drawing your mana from the magic of Nature all around you. Your Healing Staff can slowly heal other people. If you target a person at night, you have a 50% chance that your magic is enough to heal it in case of a night attack. But you know there is one more Shaman studying Nature, just like you. If both of you target the same person in the same night, your combined magic will be 100% enough to heal it.  (M)

6.   Arjey - Shaman - SAME DESCRIPTION  (M) *They begin their ritual by filling their Healing Staff with nature energy in their house, then moving to their target to discharge it.

7.   Mind - Shaman – Your studies of the Spirit have made you a keen observer of particularities that the different races’ spirituality exhibit. Each night you can go to someone’s house and perform a magic chant that will reveal the true nature (race) of your target. (M)

8.   Moxy - Converted Stalker – Since you’ve entered in contact with the teachings of the peaceful Shamans, you have decided to leave your violent ways behind. However, your training as a stalker may be of use in this predicament: each night, your evolved Sixth Sense allows you to follow someone, watching where your target goes at night.

9.   Pizlo – Arcana Keeper - You are a Beast librarian that guards the knowledge of the powerful Arcana Magic. However, the current situation requires more than dusting off old scrolls; you decided you need to intervene. You have 2 magical crystals which you can use, one per night. You can pick someone to give them either: 1. a Frenzy Crystal that speeds up the user, allows him to perform his abilities twice, if those are physical in nature; 2. a Mana Crystal, allowing magic users to cast their spells twice in that particular night. The sooner in the night you e-mail the moderator, the more the chances your target receives the notification in time, actually managing to send in a 2nd target.
-As an expert in all areas of magic himself, the Arcana Keeper is immune to magic. He can’t be blocked by physical means either (that would create a game paradox), therefore the way he operates is by teleporting the stones in the rooms of his target, without leaving his home. However, when the user of the stones is blocked or the wrong kind of stone is given, that stone ends up being wasted. (M)

10.   Valli - Shaman – Living inside a Charm shrine for a long time, you have developed a magical stone which resonates in the presence of the subtle vibes that occur each time magic is used. You can wait in front of a person’s house each night, using the stone to see if magic is used inside. (M)

11.   Robin5Hood - Spire Gardener – You are a Scavenger, hired to take care of the Spires that the Shamans have seeded around the camp, for protection against raiders. You can climb on top of a Spire, each night, and start watching the village, looking for large gatherings. You find out the names of who went to a certain house, if there are at least 3 visitors.

Human Villagers:

12.   Dervun - Human Monk – You are very devoted to the cause of Peace, and you have developped a special awareness for the use of peaceful, defensive skills or charms, and in turn, finding traces of damaging, offensive spells. You can investigate one person each night, and find out their alignment. (M)

13.   Tinki - Human Hermit – You live in a shack among a flock of oschores. They are a bunch of stupid birds but at night, when they feel someone else around, they become agitated and they wake you up. This way, you can observe who came to you and targetted you with his night time abilities.

14.   Winterfresh - Human Master Chaplain – You have 6 healing potions, which can be used one per night. If your night target is attacked at night, your potions will heal it, thus escaping death. If the Master dies, the Student inherits his potions. (M)

15.   Phoenix - Human Chaplain Student – You are just learning the art of healing magic from you Master. If and when he dies, you take over his healing duties from him. (M)

Psychos (not in a team):

16.   Mopok - Baby Behemoth – You have been found crying amidst a pack of hungry Gerkats. The Shamans took you in and nurtured you, unaware that your mother was searching for you. Your special link to her makes you both feel each other, and you can sense that she is getting closer and closer to you, and she’s going to find you in a week’s time. Until she comes, you decide to help your saviours by protecting one of them each night. Even though you’re young, your massive size allows you to sit in front of the door of your target’s house, completely blocking the way, in or out.
AFTER 7 DAYS: A week has passed, and your mother has arrived. She is all huge and angry, looking for her baby - you! She spotted humans around the camp and she became enraged, not believing you trying to explain to her that you were rescued, not kidnapped. She just wouldn't have it! Furious, she gives you an ultimatum: either make sure every single one of those that kidnapped you is dead, or she will abandon you for ever, as the sorry excuse of a Behemoth that you are! You give up trying to convince her and you accept her command. With the small tree trunk your mother gave you, you are able to kill 1 person, breaking it in the process. From this moment on, you do not count as a villager anymore. Your new goal is to eliminate everyone, therefore you will only be able to use your tree to kill when you are left alone in the game with 1 (one) other player, whose killing (without being killed as well) will win you the game. You still retain your normal ability and you can use it just like before.

17.   Clemens - Glider Patrol – You believes you are being marginalized by the other Beasts, who don’t allow you access to their sacred books and magical scrolls. You were only allowed to join the convent to guard the camp, like a dog. Disappointment turned to hate, hate turned to revenge, and you vowed to kill every single living soul in the Monastery encampment.
-You have 2 poisonous attacks; once per night, you can go to someone’s house and shoot him. The person you shot has a slow, agonizing death, living for 1 more day (24h) after being hit. In addition, for one time only, so you don’t raise suspicions, you can fly away, leaving the camp for one night, being immune to any actions targetting you directly. You can only perform one action / night, for a total of 3 actions.
-If you run out of venom, as a last resort to keep on killing, you can use your twin blades. They allow you to kill any unarmed foes, but you will only reveal your true vengeful nature in a do-or-die situation; that translates into a one-time choice of using your claws to attack somebody in the night you are left with only 2 other persons, thus creating the premises required for you to win.
-So you win the game when you remain alone with one other townie, OR an unarmed BBB (if he’s armed, it’s a draw!). It is very important for you to try and maintain a balance between the healers and the BBB assassins (not allowing them to obtain majority, yet not eradicating them, so that the town does not run out of targets).

BBB Mafia:

18.   Envious - Master Assassin – You are the leader of this BBB cell. You decide the name of the teammate that’s going to carry out the night assassination. You are a master of disguise, therefore being immune to racial investigations. If you decide to perform the night attack yourself, you would not be immune to activity investigations.

19.   Leodasvacas - Demo Runner – You have a Demo Charge that you can use once per game, in addition to BBB’s normal attack, to kill a person. In the night you decide to do so, you cannot be the one designated to do the regular night kill.

20.   Happy - Fanatical Preacher – Your charisma allows you to convince one player, each night, to change his vote. The next day he will have to vote as you dictate. You can’t target the same person twice in a row.

21.   IgorS - Warrior Monk – Your special training and dedication to the cause have enabled you to enter a state of trance that makes you perceive the world in slow motion. Your movements become accelerated and very precise, to the point where you are impossible to stop and your target beyond recovery. If you are designated to perform the night attack, nobody will be able to protect or heal your target. However, this is a very consuming action, deteriorating your body as well, so you can only do it once. After that, you grow so weak that you’re unable even to carry out another special night attack for a week.

22.   UnSaFe - Field Healer – Each night, you can pick the name of another BBB member which you can heal with your Healing Staff in case he is subjected to a night attack. (M)

23.   Tjens - Nomad Scout – With the help of the stealth techniques you’ve been trained in, you can choose to follow one  person each night, and observe his activity, if it has any.

24.   Metjm - Hateful Chaplain – Your potions are not what everyone would expect – medicine bringing relief to the sick and the injured. Instead, you have concocted 6 potions that induce a temporary paralysis to the person you decide to use them on. In the nights you want to, you can pick a target that won’t be able to use its abilities during that particular night. You cannot target the same person twice in a row. (M)

You are the Beast Blood Band. You have infiltrated this peaceful settlement in an attempt to wipe out every living Beast and all the Human traitors that have joined your eternal enemies. Each night you attempt to perform the killing of an enemy, by designating the teammate that will do it. But mind you, the night any of you carries out the attack, he will be unable to use his own role’s night time special actions (the “one action/night” rule). You are allowed to communicate to each other only using e-mail and only during the nights, using REPLY ALL function, and including me, in the the recipients list.
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