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Author Topic: Mafia 1 - Newerth - GAME OVER  (Read 325553 times)
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« Reply #1755 on: September 09, 2010, 08:47:05 pm »

Oh please don't forget, I've had a discussion of this kind before, and he's no longer with us Wink

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« Reply #1756 on: September 09, 2010, 08:49:00 pm »

Wth is going on now? Couldn't you two have had this discussion like.. 2 hours earlier?! This is just calling for snap judgements... -.-

10 minutes left...
« Reply #1757 on: September 09, 2010, 08:51:25 pm »

What Mefix is doing right now is creating a nice little thing I like to call "facisim". He's making big posts with, I have to admit, pretty smart conclusions, and then posts his judgement for everyone to read an follow. Everyone please follow your own conclusions and don't follow Mefix in his whole with-me-or-against-me ordeal.

heh, I think I will be visiting you tonight Tjens, better hide your bony blades somewhere where I cannot find them.

I thought you already visited me before, Mefix, or have you forgotten?

Tjens on night 5 - metal rods - Most likely human.

Did you go with the immobilizer story trying to gain trust and infiltrate the humans, after Shagroth told you of his little sceme using PM? Ofcourse you 2 would be communicating with eachother being evil evo buddys and all. After Shagroth's doom was iminent you went with me saying I had my metal rods laying around.

Too bad lies are forgotten so quickly..

You know that rule on the interenet when one person comes to a point where he has no more arguments so he reminds everyone of nazis? :p

I can spy on one detail every time I spy, If I spied on you every night since the beggining, I reccon, I would have your complete beastly role by now.

The PM accusation are very despirate Tjens, very low. I did not communicate with anyone playing this game in any way. Its just a game, and Im here for some good ol' point-out-the-nervous-beast fun.

Oh please don't forget, I've had a discussion of this kind before, and he's no longer with us Wink

UnSafe is well remembered Tjens, thank you for reminding us.
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« Reply #1758 on: September 09, 2010, 08:55:26 pm »

Well, Tjens, I'm sorry, but Mefix's posts aren't senseless...
What if you two are beasts, and now trying to cover each other? (Tjens and Fat-Tony)
It's a it confusing that you are suddenly on Fat-Tonys side?  Undecided
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« Reply #1759 on: September 09, 2010, 08:58:24 pm »

I think, neither Fattie or Mefix are beasts since their both posting before deadline.
A no-lynch is also a good option for beasts.

But who might be a beast then?
« Reply #1760 on: September 09, 2010, 08:59:40 pm »

He's making big posts with, I have to admit, pretty smart conclusions, and then posts his judgement for everyone to read an follow.

This. Seriosuly. You yourself admit I come to conclusive assumptions about people, but you weight all that against my innactivity at the beggining of the game (for which I appologised btw) and my writing style?

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« Reply #1761 on: September 09, 2010, 09:22:59 pm »

"Seriously. Fat-Tony must die! Well i mean, he mustn't, really... nobody dying is just as good. This is too far gone... i can't stand these freakin' human rags on my fur any longer! I must be free... free to run on all fours, free to roam the land, and hunt, and feast, and reproduce, and sleep, and reproduce, and sleep, and..." These were the thoughts going through Mefix' head while making unearthly efforts to maintain his human appearance. No one was required to remain in a human form for so long... so why would he? A week is an eternity!

As night fell over the handful of people still alive, roars and howls suddenly started to be heard. The last remaining humans gathered in the middle of the dark, large, cold, central hall. Their poor eyesight barely was enough to spot fast moving shadows circling them. Until a pair of eyes briefly appeared glowing in the dark. A deep, growling voice then broke the silence: DieOrFail, move over here. The poor mind-controlled man obeyed his puppet-masters' bidding without delay. As he was retreating towards a damp corner, the beasts unleashed the final attack. After they were done, a few indistinguishable pieces of human remains were the only things reminding that here, once, a few men bravely took it upon themselves to save Jereziah, to save the Legion, to save the human kind... but failed!

Fat-Tony, Human Field Medic, is killed by the outnumbering beasts.
Tjens, Human Fighter, is killed by the outnumbering beasts.
IgorS, Human Worker, is killed by the outnumbering beasts.
Happy, Human Chem Engineer, is killed by the outnumbering beasts.
DieOrFail, Mind-controlled Human Fighter, is allowed to live a life of shame and slavery.
Mefix, Beast Summoner, Notausgang, Beast Stalker and Faun, Beast Predator, are victorious!

Official vote count:

2 Fat-Tony: Faun, Mefix
1 Mefix: Fat-Tony


Mod's Award (traditionally goes to a winning player): Mefix
Clairvoyant Award (great vision of the battlefield): Mind
Equilibrium Award (successfully living on the edge): Pizlo
Synapse Award (most proficient scenarios imagination): IgorS
Toughness Award (hard work and more hard work): Fat-Tony

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beware, for this is the everbroken...

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« Reply #1762 on: September 09, 2010, 09:37:02 pm »

1. UnSaFe - You are a human field commander. Your DNA was genetically engineered by human scientists for boasting better decision making capabilities and a greater awareness of the battlefield, than normal humans would. Before leaving for Deekta’s Redoubt, you packed a portable energy generator that works even outside of your stronghold. It has enough fuel for 3 buffs: 1 magnetic shield, 1 adrenaline and 1 electric buff. When you decide to use any of the 3 buffs (one per night, making it a total of 3 nights), you e-mail me the name of the person you picked that night and the buff you wanna give him. Mag: renders the target immune to night time attacks for one night. Speed: allows the target to perform its night time abilities without being subjected to any restrictions from other roles. Elec: if anyone tries to kill him that night, even if it won’t save its life, elec will make your target able to retaliate, killing its attacker in return.

2. Mind - You are a human scout. You are specialized in reconnaisance and surveillance, and you have a sensor which you can use on somebeody every night, allowing you to track his movements. Each night you use it by e-mailing me the name of your target, and you will find out the name of who your target “visited” or if he slept all throughout the night.
3. Tjens - You are a human fighter. You absolutely hate those fanatical saccers, so you never go anywhere without a healthy supply of immobilizers. You can use them, in the nights of your choosing, one per night, on any person you pick. You do that by e-mailing me the name of the target you picked, and that person will be unable to move and perform his night-time abilities, if they are supposed to target anybody else except himself.

4. Fat-Tony - You are a human field medic. You’ve filled the syringes in your medikit with a psychotropic drug that only works on individuals that don’t have normal human DNA. Every night you can go and inject someone, and if your target does not have pure human DNA, the shot will cause him terrible head-aches and confusion and he will be unable to vote during the next day. Each night you want to inject somebody, you e-mail me the name of your target.

5. Happy - You are a human Chem engineer. You like working with hazardous, radioactive substances, explosives, bio weapons and such, not caring about the fact that they’re dangerous and prolongued exposure have damaging effects on your health and even your DNA. The bigger the bang, the cooler the job! You packed 1 demo charge before you left. During the night of your choosing, you can go and place it inside someone’s room. The powerful blast will kill your target even if it’s healed or protected. But remember: there is a 50% chance you won’t make it away in time, and you will die right along. In the night you decide to use it, you e-mail me the name of your target.

6. Winterfresh - You are human officer. Your authority allows you command how others vote, but can’t order the same person for 2 times in a row (no restrictions repeating the “voted” name). Each night you want to issue an order, you e-mail me, during the night, the name of your target and the name of the person that your target has to vote during the next day.

7. Lucky - You are human warrior. When you were a little boy, you got lost in the woods, and a venomous baby stalker bit you. The venom altered your DNA and took over your immune system to the point where, unfortunately, it became impossible to be fully removed from your body or risk being left defenseless even against a common cold. So you’ve vowed never to let something like that happen again, and you’ve perfected your fighting skills to great results. They allow you to face any foe, and win! So you decided that if you think the others are again failing at defending against the beasts, you will take things into your own hands, and kill 1 person you think it’s actually a beast in disguise. When you decide to attack someone during the night of your choosing, you e-mail me his name.

8. Feathers - You are a human fighter. You have a relocator. You can use it in 2 steps: 1) In the night of your choosing, you e-mail me the name of the player in whose room you want to go and drop the relocator device. 2) In a following night, when you decide to teleport, you e-mail me your decision, and you will reloc to the location where you dropped it. If that player is still alive, you will suffer the effects of whatever he may be targeted with by other players, during THIS specific night. But by reloccing, you escape the effects of any night time abilities targeting directly you that night.

9. IgorS - You are a human worker. As usual, you have to do boring stuff like carrying food and ammo for the others to use. And this time you have a backpack full of unfinished land mine prototypes, which, by the looks of it, don’t even have their explosive charges installed yet. Oh well, they may prove useful after all, because once placed and primed, even if they don’t do any damage, they are supposed to go off if they detect beings who don’t have normal human DNA. Each night, you can use a mine by e-mailing me the name of the person in whose room you wanna go and place it. This way, later in the morning, when you check the mine, you find out whether it was triggered or not. HE DOES NOT KNOW THE MINES ARE ALL NOT WORKING THEREFORE THEY NEVER GET TRIGGERED.

10. Mchief - You are a human worker. Since you’re assigned to an arsenal, it’s obvious you’re dragged along for repairing swords and sabers and xbows and such. While that is all you do in normal situations, you’ve decided now to take a more active role trying to defeat the beasts. So under the pretext of having to make sure all weapons are in perfect condition, each night you go to someone’s room, trying to figure out what kind of weapons is he using. To do that, you e-mail me the name of who you wanna investigate.

11. Trigardon - You are a human cleric. Even if your methods of mending people’s wounds are more spiritual than physical, you can  protect a player at night by healing him in case he becomes the target of a night attack. You do that by e-mailing me each night the name of your target. You cannot heal yourself.
12. Bierfroind Dervun - You are a human healer in training and the Chieftain’s son. Even though he believed you’re not prepared yet for taking on the beasts, your father took you along for this journey, hoping it will help with your coming of age. He was right, you are now ready for taking your place among the defenders of the Legion, as soon as you’re needed. You will become a full-fledged healer, and replace a fallen comrade healer by taking over his task, should he perish before you. If that happens, you will be informed of your newly acquired abilities. In the meanwhile, by accident, you become aware of the fact that someone is trying to kill your father and take his place as chieftain of your clan. You can prove your worth by unfolding this plot before your father meets his end.

13. Moxy - You are a human chieftain. You command great respect and people follow your lead. Unfortunately, this situation is something completely new to you too, so you don’t know the best way to deal with it. Be that as it may, you have the power to turn a vote around. As such, at the time of your choosing, DURING THE DAY, you can e-mail me the name of the person you wish to save from being lynched, in case that person, at the end of the day or following an instant lynch vote, is the one that has to die. Once used, the ability expires even if your target did not end up being the one supposed to be lynched anyway.

14. DieOrFail - You are a human fighter, but a mind controlled one. The beasts are telepathically controlling you, forcing you to do their bidding. Thank god you don’t have any weapons on you, or who knows what they might have put you up to! Even if you don’t know who the beasts are, and they do know who you are, and even if you count as human, your goal is to help the beasts win, and if you’re still alive, you will win along with them. You can do that more effectively at night, by watching a player you choose, to see if he has left his room or not. Each night, you e-mail me the name of your target, so that you can find out if it had night time abilities that required him to leave his room.

15. $hacar - You are a human worker, but a disgruntled one. You were brought along to do every tedious job there is, in case something needs fixing, building, mining etc. Does that seem fair to you? No, of course not, especially when the others are spending their time drinking and polishing their swords all day long. Sick with being the lowest of the low in your tribe, you seek power which a simple worker would not get a chance to obtain: you wanna be a chieftain!  And the situation presented itself, it’s your chance to kill  the current chieftain and all his loyal people, and then take over the tribe by going back and lying about the fact that he appointed you the new leader! But since the infiltrated beasts are also a threat to your plans, it’s safer to just make sure everybody’s dead! Each of the 2 hammers you carry can be used to kill a person, one per night. When you decide to attack someone, you email me the name of your target. And remember, use your hammers wisely!
16. Pizlo - You are a filthy whore, and you go wherever you feel you get the chance to have an easy and decadent life. The “wannabe chieftain” picked you up on the road, and you decided to join him and help him in his quest to become ruler of his tribe. Which makes you the chieftain’s wh… erm, wife . You can go prostitute yourself for free each night in the room of a player you pick, and while being there, you can observe anyone that comes in. You do that by e-mailing me, each night, the name you picked and you will find out the names of everyone that targeted him that night.

15 & 16. You win by being the last men standing. You are allowed to communicate only using e-mail and only during the nights, using REPLY ALL function and including me in the the recipients list. Hint: try to look unimportant for the beasts but at the same time try to look useful for the humans. Use your roles both to construct ingame credibility and to suit your real goals. You have a difficult task ahead but very rewarding in the end, if you manage to pull it off.

17. Beard - You are a beast commander. You have left the safe surroundings of your lair to control this important mission on the ground. You have a veto in regard to the beasts’ regular night time attack, so until you die, you are the one e-mailing me, each night, the final candidate’s name for the killing.

Ophelia has given you 3 magic stones, each able to store energy for a one-time use of a buff. You can only use one per night, on any of your beast minions, by e-mailing me the name of your target.

- Fire shield: Usage 1: if your target (beast player A) is targeting another player (human player B) with his nocturnal abilities, the fire shield will drive away anybody that is trying to help his target (player B), making it impossible for any protective skills of others to be used on that person (player B), in that night. Usage 2: if the player you’re buffing performs no night time actions, the firebuff will repell anyone trying to target him during that specific night.
- Rejuvenate: Usage 1: if your target has a night target, it will allow him to perform his action twice, which means he has to pick 2 targets that night. This applies to any skill except for the beasts regular nightly attack. Usage 2: if your target has no activity during that night, it will save his life in case of an attack.
- Gate: this allows you to create a portal between the rooms of any 2 beast players, which will then travel through it, effectively trading places, so that any night time abilities directed at one will have their effects on the other.

18. Notausgang - You are a beast stalker. Your acute sense of smell allows you to track a target during each night, pin-pointing its location at all times. To use it, you e-mail me the name of your target, and you will find out the name of whoever it visited at night, if it performed a night time action which required your target to go to someone else’s room).

19. Faun - You are a beast predator. Your unmatched fighting prowess makes you a prime candidate for carrying out beasts’ night time attacks. The rabid that enrages you when you slash your victims replenishes your stamina with each kill you make. Once you’ve made 6 successful kills, you would have enough stamina to perform a one-time supplemental night attack the next night. When that happens, someone else would have to perform the regular beasts’ night attack.

20. Mischoko Mefix - You are a beast summoner. Using elemental magic, you are able to control small tiny flying creatures which can enter anyone’s rooms undetected. Through their eyes, you are able to find out details about the room’s inhabitant. To do it, e-mail me, each night, the name of the player you wish to investigate.

21. Hakugei - You are a beast shaman. Ophelia has blessed you with the ability to perfectly control the new morphing magic. As such, you cannot be distinguished from a real human even at a microscopic level. You also wield healing magic, which is a great way to counter night time attacks attempted on your beast teammates. You have enough mana for 6 healing spells. In the nights you decide to perform them, you e-mail me the name of your target. Also, once per game, you can engage in performing a ressurection ritual which can revive a beast player that was lynched during the day, by e-mailing me the name of your teammate BEFORE the day ends with him being lynched by the angry mob. Once you do that, you will lose this skill even if the player does not end up being the one killed by deadline or instant lynch.

22. Shagroth - You are a beast scavenger. You have no fancy magic skills but you do have your pockets full of snare seeds. And damn things would grow anywhere! You can snare a person each night, making it sure they are unable to leave their room. You e-mail me the name of the player you wish to snare, and he will not be able to perform his night time skills if they require leaving his room.

17-22. You are the infiltrated beasts. Manipulating living cells using Ophelia’s new powerfull morphing spells, you’re able to take the shape of any dead human you feast from. Your purpose is to infiltrate the Great Assembly that Jereziah summoned, and report back to Ophelia with what you find out there, and even try to kill Jereziah, if a favorable situation presents itself. But right now you find yourselves outnumbered by vengeful humans, and your mission depends on your ability to escape this situation, by killing everyone inside the deserted village hall you have been trapped into. Being primarily melee fighters and not magic users, your skill at rearanging human molecules into a perfect clone of the original is not flawless, unlike your shaman’s. Each night you attempt to perform the killing of an enemy, by designating the teammate that will do it. But mind you, the night any of you carries out the attack, he will be unable to use his own role’s night time special abilities (one action/night). You are allowed to communicate only using e-mail and only during the nights, using REPLY ALL function and including me in the the recipients list.

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« Reply #1763 on: September 09, 2010, 09:56:22 pm »

List of key events in the game, that played a big part pushing the game towards the current outcome.

- Hakugei responding yes, i'm a beast to Lucky's question. This is a kind of cockiness only a beast would indulge in, which triggered his own death.

- IgorS suspecting Moxy of being a beast after realizing he did quote the message from the mod, which he wouldn't even need to ask in the first place, if he was a beast, knowing his teammates.

- Shacar posting 2 vote posts in 3 days, probably not understanding his role but not even asking about clarifications.

- Feathers quitting the game most likely robbed the humans of 1 day, even without his involvement in possibly lynching another beast during the day. But RL takes priority, thanks for participating, Feathers! Good Luck with school!

- Fat-Tony deleting and not reading properly his role, which would have enabled him to identify and question people unable to vote, thus narrowing down the list of possible mafia, even if not 100% accurately pin-pointing them.

- Pizlo not using any of his 2 hammers to kill someone during the nights, which should have been beasts in order to build an aliby for when the time came to answer for his actions, pushing the game in overtime.

- Humans repeatedly allowing Shagroth to live, in a situation where he had a surrogate of a role claim and unclear abilities plus a very suspicious and inactive play.

- Dervun giving away too much free info and hints regarding the unquestionable idea of still having a replacement healer.

- Tjens believing Shagroth's role claim: a similar name, with a similar item, but with different usage, to the point where he was actually helping him be accepted by the others.

- IgorS crediting Fat-Tony for bringing a never-heard before piece of info, the DNA criteria for NTA effects, which he could confirm, yet believe him to be beast, despite the complete uselessness for this role as a beast NTA, since beasts do know who are the humans already.

- Faun simply being forgotten as having cast the decisive vote in Unsafe's case, a situation very unlikely in an end-game situations when townies have no business risking unclear lynches based on supposedly inconsistent role claims but actually verified to some extent (by Mefix).
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