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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Guest 10:01:42 pm Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 10:01:52 pm Viewing the topic The gayest clan ? Why?.
Guest 10:01:56 pm Viewing the map xr_trolls.
Guest 10:02:21 pm Viewing the topic savage crash reports.
Guest 10:02:21 pm Viewing the map xr_mmo.
Guest 10:03:27 pm Viewing the map xr_bunkerr.
Guest 10:06:03 pm Viewing the board Gameplay.
Guest 10:06:04 pm Viewing the map eden2_fixed.
Guest 09:58:51 pm Viewing the map plateau.
Guest 09:58:51 pm Viewing the topic The Ultimate List of Clan Names.
Guest 09:53:43 pm Viewing the map open2.
Guest 09:55:04 pm Viewing the map xr_stormykini.
Guest 09:55:42 pm Searching for a Savage 1 player's statistics.
Guest 09:55:20 pm Viewing the map rocky_death.
Guest 09:55:34 pm Viewing "Contact".
Guest 09:55:46 pm Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 09:59:12 pm Viewing the topic Duel Competition Information Season VII.
Guest 09:58:02 pm Viewing the board Main Page News.
Guest 09:58:25 pm Viewing the map xr_howl.
Guest 09:56:13 pm Viewing the board index of Newerth Forums.
Guest 10:01:01 pm Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 09:52:46 pm Viewing the topic Command And Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath.
Guest 09:53:26 pm Viewing Savage 1 Downloads.
Guest 09:53:03 pm Viewing the map 2facesb.
Guest 10:01:03 pm Viewing the topic SWC 09 - Lets get it started.
Guest 10:01:26 pm Viewing Savage 1 Demos.
Guest 10:06:34 pm Viewing the map ufo_beta2.
Guest 10:01:42 pm Searching the Maps Section.
Guest 09:57:22 pm Viewing the topic SUPPORT: Ask for mapping help here!.
Guest 10:02:09 pm Viewing the topic Can't join teams due to update.
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