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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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1  Savage XR / Mapping & Modding Forum / Re: Noobs4Boobs comeback on: September 16, 2019, 02:21:32 pm
Just randomly checked Newerth, and was wondering why this thread is still alive in 2019.

I'm still alive, can pm for e-mail exchange or something else.
2  Savage XR / Mapping & Modding Forum / Re: Noobs4Boobs comeback on: April 28, 2017, 07:37:35 am
Resurrected from the grave (my old hard drive).
Still working on Savage SFE clients - tested on a new, fresh SFE standalone client and an old one I've used years ago.

If anyone would like to play with it or is willing to adapt it to XR:

Savage N4B settings:

3  Savage XR / Mapping & Modding Forum / Re: Noobs4Boobs comeback on: April 20, 2017, 11:22:57 am

I've indeed received a message from Nanaa via forums.

Additional information in next message.

4  Newerth Hosted Competitions / Savage World Cup (SWC) / Re: Savage World Cup 2012 (SWC) on: February 02, 2012, 07:39:31 am
5  Archive / General Discussion / God referee commands guide. on: March 23, 2011, 08:43:36 pm
Was made special for N4B excessive MNI, but i think would be useful for referees on different servers too.
Sorry if posted in wrong place, move if necessary.
Original is here: http://cruleman.com/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=461

Using commands can be through chat or console.
To open console, use ~ (shift + `).
/ref cmd (in chat)
ref cmd (in console)

State list:

1: Adrenaline
2: Electrify
3: Imobilize
4: Magnetic shield
5: officer area
6: officer
7: Magnetic tower shield
8: Healing spire effect
9: Sixth Sense
10: Mist shroud
11: Fire buff effect
12: Venomous
13: Shoot block (player simply can't shoot. Exceptions: siege units, bow, crossbow, MMbow)
14: Storm shield
15: Frenzy
16: Snare
17: Sacrifice light effect
18: Rabid
19: Regeneration
20: Shaman shield
21: Infirmary effect

You can buff players with it:
/ref state (nickname) (state-number) (time)
/ref state uttar 15 -1
/ref state uttar 18 60000
, where ''-1'' means forever (until player dies, enters building or you're canceling it), ''60000'' - 60 seconds.

Same buff effects will remove the old ones.
Like... Electric, adrenaline, shield, fire cant be selected in one time.

OBJECTS LIST (which you can see also in game by typing command ''listobjects'' in console.

BLD: human_stronghold
BLD: human_stronghold2
BLD: human_stronghold3
BLD: human_garrison
BLD: human_arsenal
BLD: human_research_center
BLD: human_chemical_factory
BLD: human_electric_factory
BLD: human_magnetic_factory
BLD: human_monastery
BLD: human_arrow_tower
BLD: human_chemical_tower
BLD: human_magnetic_tower
BLD: human_electric_tower
BLD: human_siege
WPN: arrow_tower_weapon
WPN: elec_tower_weapon
WPN: chem_tower_weapon
ITEM: human_medkit
ITEM: human_motion_sensor
ITEM: human_disruptor
ITEM: human_demo_pack
ITEM: human_ammo_pack
ITEM: human_imobilizer
ITEM: human_relocater
ITEM: human_relocater_trigger
ITEM: human_landmine
NPC: human_worker
UNIT: human_nomad
UNIT: human_savage
UNIT: human_legionnaire
UNIT: human_medic
UNIT: human_ballista
UNIT: human_catapult
WPN: catapult_weapon
WPN: ballista_weapon
BUFF: human_adrenaline
BUFF: human_magnetic_shield
BUFF: human_electrify
WPN: human_bow
WPN: human_scattergun
WPN: human_discharger
WPN: human_incinerator
WPN: human_crossbow
WPN: human_repeater
WPN: human_fluxgun
WPN: human_mortar
WPN: human_sniperbow
WPN: human_coilrifle
WPN: human_pulsegun
WPN: human_launcher
WPN: human_heal
WPN: human_potion
MEL: human_revive
MEL: human_nomad_melee
MEL: human_savage_melee
MEL: human_legionnaire_melee
MEL: human_medic_melee
BLD: beast_lair
BLD: beast_lair2
BLD: beast_lair3
BLD: beast_sublair
BLD: beast_nexus
BLD: beast_arcana
BLD: beast_entropy_shrine
BLD: beast_strata_shrine
BLD: beast_fire_shrine
BLD: beast_sanctuary
BLD: beast_spire
WPN: spire_weapon
BLD: beast_entropy_spire
BLD: beast_strata_spire
BLD: beast_fire_spire
WPN: beast_fire_spire_weapon
BLD: beast_charmshrine
ITEM: beast_mana_stone
ITEM: beast_tracking_sense
ITEM: beast_protect
ITEM: beast_immolate
ITEM: beast_stamina_boost
ITEM: beast_snare
ITEM: beast_camouflage
ITEM: beast_fire_trap
NPC: beast_worker
UNIT: beast_scavenger
UNIT: beast_stalker
UNIT: beast_predator
UNIT: beast_medic
UNIT: beast_summoner
UNIT: beast_behemoth
BUFF: beast_fire_shield
BLD: beast_gateway
BUFF: beast_recharge
MEL: beast_poison
WPN: beast_entropy1
WPN: beast_entropy1b
WPN: beast_strata1
WPN: beast_fire1
MEL: beast_rabid
WPN: beast_entropy2
WPN: beast_strata2
WPN: beast_fire2
MEL: beast_vampire
WPN: beast_entropy3
WPN: beast_strata3
WPN: beast_fire3
WPN: beast_summoner_weapon
WPN: beast_heal
WPN: beast_shield
MEL: beast_revive
MEL: beast_scavenger_melee
MEL: beast_stalker_melee
MEL: beast_predator_melee
MEL: beast_medic_melee
MEL: beast_behemoth_melee
BLD: gold_mine
BLD: redstone_mine
NPC: npc_kongor
NPC: npc_hornman
NPC: npc_hunchedbeast
NPC: npc_chiprel
NPC: npc_monkit
NPC: npc_mudent
NPC: npc_oschore
NPC: npc_gerkat
NPC: npc_bearloth
NPC: npc_zizard
WPN: npc_boulder
BLD: spawnflag
BLD: pot_explode
BLD: pot_tumble
BLD: ruins_frontgate
BLD: wall_prop
ITEM: goodiebag
ITEM: ammo_box
ITEM: mana_stone
__________TS (will work only on Ts_(maps)__________
BLD: barrel_explode
BLD: lumber_pile_2500
BLD: lumber_pile_2500_stand
NPC: npc_buffalo_plains
NPC: npc_buffalo_snow
BLD: npc_buffalo_waypoint
BLD: stables
BLD: foundry
BLD: infirmary
BLD: sawmill
BLD: sawmill_small
BLD: whiskeygulch_bridge
NPC: npc_terror
NPC: npc_mercenary
NPC: npc_berserker
NPC: npc_skeleton_guard
NPC: npc_skeleton_worker

There is no Image or a model file of the Hornman but it is in the code. It is a NPC that was never used in Savage and its only in the code and if you'll get changed from an admin to a npc_hornman you're just a shadow.

Hunched Beast
Just like the Hornman, there is no image or model file of the Hunched Beast, but it exists in the code and if you get changed to a npc_hunchedbeast you will be a shadow only, too.

If you change players unit to Hornman or Hunched Beast, you'll see this:

Working with items.

If you want to give some item to player, use:
/ref give (nickname) (item-name) (slot) (ammount)

/ref give 123 human_medkit 3 100
/ref give 123 beast_fire3 2 100
/ref give 123 human_discharger 2 100
Before - http://ompldr.org/vN3gxaA
After - http://ompldr.org/vN3gxaQ

(Ammout can be different, but I just prefer it for safety.
Max is 30000.)

Changes players unit:
/ref unit (nickname) (unit-name)

/ref unit 123 npc_chiprel
/ref unit 123 npc_kongor
/ref unit 123 human_nomad
/ref unit 123 beast_scavenger
/ref unit 123 beast_gateway
/ref unit 123 human_stronghold

Spawning stuff.

If you want to spawn redstone mine, stronghold, lair or some other buildings and items.
/ref add (item-name) (team-number)

/ref add beast_lair3 2
/ref add human_legionnaire 1
/ref add npc_chiprel

Main and special god-referee commands (some can be used by the guest referees too).

Use to enter referee status:
/refpwd (password)

/refpwd password

If you want to fly (melee attack cancels the effect):
/ref fly (nickname)

Aggravates npc's from the whole map on chosen player (works only on on-line gamers. You cannot do this on, for example, beats lair):
/ref mob (nickname)

Builds bridge right from your character:
/ref bridge (ammount of stairs).
1 stair = 1 grimms wall.

You will ride chosen player (Jump (space) cancels effect):
/ref ride (nickname)

You will teleport chosen player with every your attack (works only with ranged weapon. If you want to cancel this cmd - type ''/ref tele'' again):
/ref tele (nickname)

You will heal all health of chosen player:
/ref heal (nickname)

Giving the chosen player 1 or 2 mist shrouds which will add 1 or 2 additional attacks (/ref rdrone - cancels effect)
/ref drone (nickname)

You can use this command to color players name, or change it at all:
/ref name (nickname) (newname)
Example in one picture:
To make icons in name use: ''^clan (clan-number-here)^'', i.e. ''ref name 123 ^clan 76481^''

This cmd will move you to team that not really exists (race0). If you spawn stuff for team3, those will be ally to you):
/ref spec (nickname)

Mutes all players on the server except referee that called it:
/ref muteall

Cancels the effect of ''/muteall'':
/ref unmuteall

Moves all on-line players in team0 (spectators)
/ref specall

Starts public organised game. Teams commanders should tell name of the player to chat to move him to his team:
/ref pog
Using ''/ref pog'' again cancels the effect.

Restarts the match:
/ref restartmatch

Cancels ''setup mode'' (which you can see before warmup starts):
/ref startmatch

You can load any map that exists on the servers map-list:
/ref world (map-name)
Example: /ref world ts_farwest2

Loads the next map:
/ref nextmap

Impeaches commander of chosen team:
/ref impeach (team-number)
Example: /ref impeach 1 (will impeach team 1 commander)
P.S.: Impeached this way commander cant go in comm again in 300 seconds.

Selects chosen player to commander in team he exists:
/ref setcmdr (player-name)
Example: /ref setcmdr 123

Kicks player from a server for time that selected in server options (our is 1 hour)
/ref kick (player-name)

TIP and example:
If you want to kick a player, first of all - check nicknames of all players currently online!
So. Example: 4 UnnamedNewbies online (UnnamedNewbie, UnnamedNewbie(5), UnnamedNewbie (2), UnnamedNewbie(7)).
UnnamedNewbie(2) is a waller and you want to kick him. If you type just ''/ref kick UnnamedNewbie'', it can kick randomly any of those 4.
USE ''/ref kick UnnamedNewbie(2)'' or ''/ref kick (2)'' to kick him.

/ref kicknum (number). Go to console, type "listclients". Pick the correct client and its number, and then do whatever you wish to him. eg. /ref kicknum 2 kicks the player who joined second, therefore being the second client.

Mutes chosen player:
/ref mute (nickname)

Unmutes chosen player:
/ref unmute (nickname)

Pauses the game (you cannot move and do something. You can use chat only):
/ref pause
pause causes lag.

Unpauses the game:
/ref unpause

Switches chosen player to chosen team
/ref switchteam (team-number) (player-name)

Example: /ref switchteam 2 123

Stops the vote that has been called:
/ref stopvote

Adds the chosen ammount of time:
/ref time
Example: /ref time 3600000 (will add 1 hour).

Sets the chosen ammount of time:
/ref settime
Example: /ref settime 3600000 (will set match time to 1 hour)

P.S.: The difference:
(For example): 5 minutes left.
If you use /ref add 3600000 - there will be 65 minutes until the end.
If you use /ref settime 3600000 - there will be 60 minutes.

Cancels your ref status:
/ref unref

Shuffles the teams:
/ref shuffle

Slays chosen person:
/ref slay (nickname)

Tips for guest refs:
If you see a rule breaker, for example - waller.
Use /ref switchteam (his team or team 0) to move him to stronghold/lair or spectators.

If you want to mute a player, you need to cancel your referee status!
Use /ref unref, only then you get access to /callvote mute (nickname).
Thanks to:
Special thanks to !!!123!!! for help with screenshots and ideas.
If I forgot someone for something, please - pm me.

Tip: never abuse your powers. This will result problems.

Have fun. (:
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