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1  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Soul Reaper [Michael`] on: June 12, 2010, 11:42:02 am
I also agree about SR should not be a healer. 100hp/5 sec means nothing in the game, not to mention the high mana cost, however, rather than a codex I prefer a Mock of Brilliance, both MoB and Withering Presence could deal a large amount AoE damage, nevertheless your guide is great

I also prefer using Shrunken Head as well
2  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Soul Reaper [Michael`] on: June 12, 2010, 11:36:19 am
I think it's interesting that there is a prevailing view that the soul reaper should be using his aoe in a healing/detriment capacity in the middle of a fight, and also that this makes Soul Reaper the primary target in a group battle.

While I agree that SR is the primary target, I disagree it's because of his healing/aoe.  It's because a) the hero has no evacuation ability, b) a joke of a stun, and c) that joke of a stun will kill you if you dip below half hp.

If SR is ever in the middle of hte fight, he's stunned and dead well before he has the chance to pop off his aoe more than once.  If he is actually able to cycle his aoe, this necessitates that there are sufficient stunners and cc'ers present, which further implies that the fight doesn't need his 100 hp heal every five seconds.

Instead, at least I find it is the case that SR's real value is in creating a minus one matchup.  Codex + Nuke effectively takes one player out of the fight, which changes the mechanics of the battle.  And he can do this to almost any hero, and especially most tanks.  This then allows for the aoe healing/dps/withering you mention to sustain teammates while they finish.

If you're looking for SR as a heal/aoe support first and a finisher second, I think you'll find your death column a bit more inflated.

wow, On what newb server do u play on? without hp(which i  assume u wont have since u spend all money on a stupid codex) hewill drop in tb  in 1 behe ulti or 2 hits by a carry

hello? did you even read the rest of his guide? he clearly stated that Behemoth Hearth is a must item, read first before commenting moron and fyi it needs a behemoth combo to actually kill SR not 1 ulti
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