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1  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Pestilence (Spearwolf/Avalon`) on: June 12, 2010, 10:53:55 pm
Great guide.

I tend to get PK first, if im able to farm 2150 gold.  Then thats why i get steamboots then BKB.

I tend to get behemoths heart right after, because of the time limit for BKB.  as it allows you enough time to blink in and stun and probably attack a few times before running out.  This is really where your team work comes in.

Before the Behemoths Heart, if your team is underfarmed, i find that my death rate seems to be wee bit higher then usual. though i dont die much with your build.

I also get abyssal skull to allow for smoother farming.  You get a base dmg increase, mana regen.  life steal.  

I skip the shield breaker and get rift shards.  and basically spend the rest of the game (if it lasts that long) getting the shards to lvl 4.

after that, i decided to sell my skull and trade it for a shield breaker.
I found this to be really effective, as once everyone is farmed late game, its just helpful in most ways. since everyone is mostly farmed, and your attact speed isnt as great as some agi's and possibly str's as you're sacrificing atk speed for dmg, shield breaker allows you to deal the most damage with the least hits possible.

insanitarius is too much based on the other team's characters to even consider as an item that pesti can use.

though you might ask why get an abyssul skull if im going to end up selling it after.
im not quite sure.  its somethign about life steal that gives me a better sense of security. however behemoths heart health regen for str will end up replacing it in the end. but its a costly item.

2  Other S2G Games / Ideas and suggestions / Other possible forms of HON games? (custom) on: June 07, 2010, 07:42:12 am
For example.   Like how star craft has Lurker Defense or Canon Defense.

 Would it be fun to have like Creep(enemy and neutral)  defense?
Like a form of that.
Just an idea.
3  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: [Guide Request] Witch Slayer on: May 28, 2010, 02:01:15 am
I have taken Novi's guide into my extensive testing of the witch.

Through an expensive but satisfying build, you can turn witch into a carry.
Only through easy mode though.
In non easy mode, its rather hard, but witch being an early ganker, you shouldnt have a problem in non easy mode.

Witch's problem is lasting through the late game of most easy mode games, when most str's and agi's become well fed.

This is probably an unlikely build that many of you might disagree with, but its still being tested.

Now one main item i usually get is portal key.

Which allows Witch to be a good initiator early game and mid game. However around mid game and late game, he tends to die from initiating due to lack of being tanked compared to the enemies agi's and strengths.

Now, if you're not initiating, such as, you have a chronos or a predator on your team, its fine, you wont have to tank up.  But usually you might have to.

Another problem with Witch is that he cant last till late game.

This is where Novi's restoration stone build comes handy.  However, by lvl 16 your ult will cost a total of 600 mana.  two ults will be 1200 plus the mana needed to activated your refresher.  Thats more mana then you have at lvl 16.  

So my recommendation is to build up your other items first.  Such as staff of masters and portal key.  Along with your Sheep stick.  Sheep stick is a biggy since it gives you a kickass mana regeneration and a good mana boost.

As for tanking up?
I found two items that really help out the Witch.  It's up to you to choose as both have attributes that are appealing.

Sacrificial Stone and Behemoths Heart.

Sacrificial gives you a good boost in haelth and mana, along with great regen, plus the effects you get when you stack up the kills and die.

Behemoths gives you a great deal of health. At lvl 25 your health will be in the 3k range.  And you get a 15% cool down on your skills.

Another thing people might wonder.

What if Witch ISNT initiating, then do we get the tank items then?
Well, i personally wouldnt since there is another item that i would get that really would help witch so that he can target characters in team fights.

Codex.  (maxed).
I usually get this as a last item.  
With 800 magic damage. and if you get this as a last item, you will be able to cast your double ult and this.
Assuming there will be a lot of str. characters that survive your double ult.
This will come in handy.

It really comes down between the tank item and the codex.
How do you choose?
Are you initiating or no? Do you want to initiate?

I personally wouldnt go tank, since it helps to be smart about how you initiate.
Dont hastefully blink in to enemy and stun. You'll probably die.  Blink in while another teammate initiates with you.

Witch with a bottle.
I personally find a witch that starts off with a bottle extremely stupid.
1- You have mana drain.  Health pots all you need. so regen can be better used on other teammates
2- Your attack speed is too slow the entire game to be able to put use to the double damage.
3-  Illusions, can be useful in baiting enemy characters, but thats only 1 out of 4 runes that pop up.
4- Invisibilty.  Unless you think portal key is useless for witch, think about your movement speed.  You cant use push on your boots while invis, so you'll be stuck at that slow speed.  It's better used for a tank or someone with a AOE ulti such as zeph or tempest.

Items to get while you're building up.

Before they added the marchers into the outpost, i usually just farm up my portal key first.  
However, its either one. Marcher and portal key should be your first two items.
Then its finishing your ghost marchers and get a talisman of exile.  The Talisman will help a great deal since the money that could of been spend on getting items such as a glowstone or such. is going towards your blink.

Witch is a superior character early game.  With aoe stun, a disable, and the ability to mana drain. PLus a nuke ult.

You're heavy reliant on your teammates however.  So be smart if you're planning on killing alone.  

As you can see me and Novis have similar ideas about witch.

He recommends Hellflower, it being easy to build since all the parts are low costing.
I think its great.  Adds another disable. Great attack speed boost and 225% increase in mana regen.
I tried this out and it works great.
But this also goes to show that there isnt one single build that a witch slayer must follow.

Be smart and analyze the enemy characters you are against and who your teammates are
5 second silence is great, but if you have a vindi or a defiler on your team. Or scout or night hound. or just other characters that have an AOE silence, dont bother.
Sheepstick is a perfect great disable as well.

If you're dying a lot and cant farm about 2700 for a Acolytes staff, go hellflower as the parts are cheaper.

Also there is one thing that im not sure about.  The effects of being under the cast of hellflower is that the damage "taken is increased by 20%"  but it also says "+20% damage taken"

Magic damage? or physical damage? or both? or is it stacked. +20% damage, then add another 20% of that total damage?

4  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide - Fayde [Tyrael] on: May 26, 2010, 02:33:40 am
I like your build.

But, Fayde is open to interpretation, though Geo is a must.

I personally get Abyssull Skull after steamboots which allows for quicker and an extended farming time with the life steal and mana regen. PLus its not an attack modifier.

You'll also find that there will be a time around mid game where fayde just cant really do much.  FARM
5  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Rampage [Damage] v1.2 on: April 12, 2010, 11:03:26 pm
Damage, no offense, Rampage is _still_ a joke in every form of public game above 1600 and outside of em. He's a trash hero, and is only good at getting lucky stuns off on one hero. The one time i can see him being useful is if you have jareziah, and even then he's really not good at all.

Please just stop. Undecided

None taken. I understand your point.

Ive played in 1600+ games. Actually all i play now are those games.

Im actually just touching up on this guild so i can finish and start other ones that are more useful.
6  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Rampage [Damage] v1.2 on: April 12, 2010, 10:39:55 pm
I touched up on some stuff. 
Im still editing the build.

Shrunken head seems to be much more of a need atm.

only when heavy disables...

Still editing :[
7  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Rampage [Damage] v1.2 on: April 12, 2010, 10:34:51 pm
I touched up on some stuff. 
Im still editing the build.

Shrunken head seems to be much more of a need atm.
8  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Scout? on: April 10, 2010, 05:19:42 pm
I would start off (after finishing steamboots)

finish a runed axe and just solo push lanes.

unless they have an eye/wards. you can easily escape obvious ganks. (unless you get into caught into a hold by ex. Electrician)

This ensures that you're being a bit useful. plus you're getting farmed.

Besides putting eyes at runes. put a 3rd eye at Kong on the cliff to the right. ensures you know when the other team is Konging and you can gank them.

What i hate most about scouts.  is that they ulti while Vanish is still activated.

Hide.  ulti.  vanish. attack.

silencing is a biggie since its one of your most useful skills.
Ive met many scouts who dont know how to do that.

Other tactics.

When you get 'spidered' by arach.
Go invis and attack the spider. you can kill it faster.

Regardless of what people think.  You shouldnt be going back to pond as often as other heroes.

Once you finish your sustainer ( which should be the first thing you finish)

You're goal in this whole game is to stay out there, either pushing or farming neutrals.  You'll be creating a flow of money.

Though i would suggest just constantly pushing.
If you really need to go back to the pond to heal. then so be it. but be sure you have enough money to at least buy something. other wise the time spent running back to heal ,could be spent pushing for a few mins without using any skills while letting your sustainer do its job.

Another thing i hate about scouts.

When the opposing team has an eye. The scout gets extremely chicken and will become totally useless.

If you've been farming and doing your job. You should be well leveled. assuming the opponent team gets an eye mid game.

In the end. Unless they have a hold or a stun.  It wont matter if they can see you or not.

Scout is one of the easiest to play characters yet also the easiest to mess up.


I guess it depends, again, your oppsing teammates and such.
i would never get elder parasite. so it comes down between the last two. abyssal skull or whispering helm.
being a scout. i would suggest getting whispering helm.  take control of neutral creeps and use them as 'eyes' also.
but abyssal skull is just as good.  elder is wasted on scout.

9  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: how to counter ultimates of chronos and keeper of the forest on: March 23, 2010, 06:33:53 am
There's a reason why it's called a Ultimate.

You can't fully negate it most ultis, however you can reduce it.

With Chronos, usually it has to do with team work.

Making sure your team isn't clumped together.  

You can't stop Chronos from activating unless you disable him before he's able to do it.  But with Time Leap, he'll usually catch you off guard.  The trick is to reduce the amount of damage he can do to you while you're in the bubble.

having certain things like Barbed Armor or Assassins Shroud activated before Chronos can activate his ulti.

Basically it require's good reflex and quick button psuhing.

With Keeper of the Forest.

Typically, having a gem usually gives you the advantage in making sure Tree doesn't utli.

His ulti has a greater range then Chronos.  
However, it's basically the same as Chronos.
Find ways to reduce the damage.

As for reducing the damage from the enemy teamates.
The usual thing for them to do is to cast their skills since they want to do the most damage as possible while you're stuck in that area.

Shamans Headdress can reduce a lot of the damage given by nukes.
if you're an Int or Agi, you're pretty much the target of these attacks.
So expect to die if Chronos/Tree executes his ulti correctly and his teammates follow suit.
Tanks usually survive due to the high HP.

If you have Jeri on your team. have him cast his utli when chronos ultis.
10  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Rampage [Damage] v1.0 on: January 27, 2010, 04:23:49 am
Nice guide, similar to the one I had wrote on Rampage, though if I may ask, if you are going for maximum attack speed, wouldn't it make more sense to go steam boots rather than ghost marchers for that +30% attack speed, early survivability, and stat gain?

Though it may prevent you from maxing out your attack speed, I do not see a reason why you should have to spend another 2100 gold for a second warpcleft when you already attack at near-maximum with steam boots. Otherwise, the 2100 gold that you could have saved can be invested into getting riftshards faster and even maybe grabbing a conditional item that you had listed.

hmm. i'll take that into consideration. as im still updating.
11  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Hero Guide: Rampage [Damage] v1.2 on: January 25, 2010, 07:43:15 pm
-I found a build that works for me. I've gotten great results with it. So i decided to share it with you guys-

Skill leveled required:  Intermediate +

Rampage the Destroyer:
 An in depth item/build guide on a strength character into an agility tank character.

ďIgnore all defenses and concentrate all on destroying the enemyĒ

With my build, we literally invest all your gold into attack speed items.  You'll be fast, powerful and you can literally take on 3 heroes and win.

I've field tested this build many times. It works.


starting off is a slow character in general.  He starts off with slow attack speed and slow movement speed.
Why?  Because he starts off with these two skills:

Might of the Herd

Horned Strike

Both are movement speed and attack speed based. Therefore they need to start out low.

-Might of the Herd
 increased your damage based on a percentage of your speed.  So basically put, more speed equals more damage

-Horned Strike
 is basically a passive stun skill that deals damage.  The stun it delivers pushes the enemy back and locks him down for the duration of that movement.  This item guide is built around this skill mostly.

Main point of this is to completely lockdown the character.  Constantly pushed back/stunned with horned strike.  With the high concentration of hits the amount of strikes that will hit is undeniable, especially with it at level 4.


-Might of the Herd
-Horned Strike
-Might of the Herd
-Horned Strike
-Favor of Sol
-Horned Strike
-Might of the Herd
-Horned Strike
-Might of the Herd
-Favor of Sol
-Favor of Sol
-Rest into Stats

Game Style:

Youíre going to be targeting stray enemy characters that are innocently farming creeps to the side as a form of money from time to time. Either that or youíre going to be initiating a gank when the opponent is pushing.  Either way, this guide requires you to not be greedy, but play smart and for the team.  The kills will come to you.  If you go looking for it, you will die.
You must rely on your team to make sure the enemy team does not only target you in team fights.  Itís best that youíre not the only strength character on your team. Predator or Pestilence is a nice tank combo for Rampage.

Using your skills wisely:

Stampede and Favor of Sol.  Both are stun skills.  Use them like stun skills.  When in group ganks, donít stampede and ulti the same character.  Ulti some other character that might be dangerous. By then your teammates just be in already to cause havoc.  If done correctly, you should have your enemy running.  By now with Elder Parasite activated, you should have 522 speed.  Thatís the fastest speed possible.  You should easily be able to chase down any character youíre attacking.  Donít be greedy.  Youíll end up dying in ganks if you do. Youíll get your teammates killed or even worse. Genocide.


Note:  This build requires the player to be at least moderately good. Being able to deny and last hit is a biggy.
This build concentrates almost completely on attack speed.  Rampage really shines with it.  You will rake in the kills and carry the team.
Though might I add that this build is quite expensive and if you die more then three times before you finish your FrostBurn. Stop doing this build.  Switch off and tank up cause by then youíll be underleveled and already fed the enemy team 3 times.  With this build ignoring defense and concentrating soley on attackspeed and damage.  You wont benefit from it anymore.

Starting off:

2 Red potion. Ė if played correctly, that will be all you will need until you reach level 6 and have enough for a  Hungry Parasite.  Runes of Blight might be more appealing but the healing rate is too slow for you to farm efficiently beginning game.

Logger's Hatchet
With your slow attack speed, you'll need that extra damage.  Rampage is blessed with having a nice heavy start off damage. It makes last hitting a whole lot easier

Optional: Mana potion
I personally usually get 1 out of habit.  if you do ever find the need to have to charge an enemy in your lane. you'll need this later on.


Hungry spirit- If youíre really low on health, this will help, however I usually go back to pond after I get HP or reach level 6. Which ever first.

Steamboots (str)-  simple.  you'll notice a slight increase in your attack speed.  your horn strick will proc more, but dont expect it to lock down any characters yet

Elder Parasite Recipe- You should start neutraling at this moment. You're not useful enough at this moment.  either push a lane or farm.  you need the money

FrostBurn. Ė Enough said.  This gives Attack Speed, Movement Speed and it has Chilled Effects, which slow the enemy down when struck.  Itís cheap for what it does and its separated into small parts.  Once stacked with activated elder and steamboots, you'll have speed.  good for running away from getting ganked

Warp Cleft x2 Ė Get one, farm/gank, till the other.  Youíll notice a great increase in your Horned Strike actually striking for your first one.   Once you get your second WC. You can easily solo Kongor since youíll have him on lockdown around 75% of the time.

Charge Hammer x2:  +70 attack speed.  Its just an upgrade from 55.  Do not get this before your second warcleft. Youíll regret it.  The lightning is just a nice touch.  Donít rely on the lightning.  Up grade both.  Thatís 140 atk speed guaranteed when Elder Parasite is activated.

Last Item:

Rift Shards: At level 4, itíll do 2.4x critical damage. That is a lot of damage when youíre at lvl 20s.  At such a late level however, it really wont matter since your attack speed makes up for the loss of damage.

Shrunken Head:  I feel this is more useful in team ganks as there will be times when you will get stunned or get caught in a hold. With this, your goal is to target stunners, disablers, nukers.

Conditional Items:

Demonic Breastplate:  I wouldnít get this unless they have a tank that really tanked up.  Even then, you should be ignoring the tank and targeting the squishy ones.  By leaving the tank as last, your whole team can concentrate on it.   Demonic will lower his def points and attack speed.  Itís up to you if you want this.  I personally wouldnít get it.

What not to get:

Staff of Masters: DO NOT GET THIS.  For its price and what it will do for your ulti, it is completely useless.  Youíre better off buying something else.  Do not get this.

Doombringer: Some people would rather get this then RiftShards.  I donít see why.  Itís expensive for what it does and it drops when you die.  Not worth it.

Runed Axe:  Itís a good item to mob, however your attack speed will make up for it.  Getting this item will put you behind on your build since it does not increase attack speed. And youíre only sparing yourself a more seconds.

Plated Greaves:   When you finally finish your build, you should be upgrading your ghost marchers to post haste for that extra movement speed. Plated greaves pointless for Rampage for this build.  Its armor given is negligible when you actually do start ganking.

Skill use Suggestions:

 Can target any character on the map as long as he stays in sight long enough for your rhino to call the sound of charge.  Sadly it cant target a character once it goes into stealth even if you do have the bound eye.

Favor Of Sol.
What I love about this skill is that itís a blink skill.  The moment you hear that targeting sound, you are locked on.  The enemy can blink away or go stealth, you will blink to them and cast this ulti on them.  In group ganks, after you stampede on enemy, ulti someone else to ensure two guys are locked down for a short amount of time.  By doing this, you're allowing your teammates to have a even better chance at taking down the enemy team.

Might of the Herd
When running away from a losing fight. Run with your team. Do not leave them behind.  This will ensure them to have an increase speed boost.  This is a usefull skill in the beginning of the game. Which is why it is the 2nd skill to max out.  Itíll increase your speed and attack early game so you can deny and last hit easier.

Horned Strike
Not much to say. Just since it pushes back the opponent, I would suggest you attack the opponent in the direction you want him to be pushed back.  Away from the group.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why no tanking items?
A: This build is designed to focus everything on attack/attacks peed.  In group ganks, you should always have a teammate initiate with you.  If youíre targeted by all 5 characters, youíre gone.  This is not a tank character.

Q: Couldnít I ensure successful solo ganks with Token of Life by sacrificing my last item?
A: Yes.  You can but the chances of that happening are all conditional upon the characters and players on each lane and where everyone is.  If its just two characters one lane alone, and the 3 other teammates are far away. You can go for it. Most likely you can kill them both.

Q: Why not items shield breaker?
A:: with the 2.4X critical damage along with the high chance of stun the need for sb is uneeded since the tank on your team should have a demonic anyway.  however if you're the one tanking then sb is still out of the question.
Also broken armor doesnt stack with your frost burn

Q: Can I finish my Charge Hammer before my second warpcleft?
A:  No. As I have said the lightning damage is a nice touch, but its just a luxary that you can live with out. Attack speed is the main key here. Youíre going to pay 3400 gold to increase your attack speed by 15 if you do this. I would just rather pay 2100 for  the 2nd warpcleft.

Q: Can I buy a third warpcleft to increase my attack speed even more?
A: I wouldnít recommend it anymore.  The 30 attacks speed you get from frostburn and the 30 extra attack speed from both charge hammers is basically like another warpcleft by itself.  I would recommend getting Riftshards and upgrading it to level 4.  By doing so youíre increasing your damage by a great deal and your criticals will be amazing with your current attack speed.  A third warpcleft wouldnít be able to match up. Even if you upgrade it to a Charge Hammer, the money could be better used for the RiftShards

Notes:  Many of you might criticize this build.  However rampage is a 1 on 1character.  with no AOE you need to be able to take out the characters as fast as possible.  With this amazing attack speed and movement speed, you'll ensure your opponent will be on 90% if not, permanent stunlock once elder is activated.
With this build, you're making the most use out of your passive skills.

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