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1  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Scout [thryll] on: December 15, 2009, 03:53:02 am
just get all the damage that you need and life steal Cheesy i would somehow agree with Tradius.. for me this hero is really unique and woudn't have a counter part in dota..  Wink o yeah, if you think you can't beat the enemy..e.g. over farmed magbane..try buying bashers..lol
2  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Mini Guide: Maliken [Igneo] on: December 15, 2009, 03:47:51 am
i totally agree with Lyrius

if you will study maliken's stats, it's very similar to huskar..so if you're playing dota, you may simply 'copy' the items used in huskar. Smiley

when i use insanitarius as one of my early items, i use the green sword in clashes.it's really amazing that your life won't go down..lol
3  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Arachna [haxxelhoff] (INSANE) on: December 15, 2009, 03:37:17 am
the thing with arachna is that she's very similar to viper..there are lot's of builds for viper...
as for arachna, if there are lots of casters and disablers, i would choose to have the second skill over stat..

my usual build: vanguard,hood,phase boots/treads, then after that covert to damage..like lothars/radiance/mkb..etc
the advantage of this one is that ur like the secondary hitter..you can tank damage and slow the enemies that your primary end gamer is hitting..sounds easy huh?

if you i'm the only farmer in the game then go for assassin's shroud first(lothars).then manta so i could have a higher hp and wouldn't be an easy target..your aura also applies to your illusions so i would also say that it would be considered as a damage item..then you can do any damage item that you want...well of course you could use wingbow and thunderclaw etc etc

i will write 'premium' guides in my blogs http://fallenpaladin.wordpress.com/ and http://championofnewerth.wordpress.com/ soon. so i hope you guys check it out next year..

4  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: General: The Big Item Guide on: December 15, 2009, 03:28:48 am
me too i can't view the images  Angry but the guide is quite good for starters Smiley most of the noob players don't buy any consumables in the start of the game..that's why they can't get much xp that they need..
i will also try to write more about HoN in my blogs:
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