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1  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Rampage Guide [tradius] on: April 12, 2010, 01:43:06 am
Start with Boots = Bad
Elder Parasite = Bad
2  Other S2G Games / Heroes of Newerth / Re: Hello All on: February 18, 2010, 11:40:38 pm
Hello Newerth players, I have recently heard about this game around my school. I have been wanting to try it out but unfortunately there are beta keys. That is okay with me because I will get the beta key whenever the time is right. I posted this message to say hi and that I am new. Thanks

If you don't have a key already. Send me a PM i'll save one for you.  Wink

There is another open beta coming up soon.

Unless you want to give away your beta key, he should be okay with waiting a week or two for his own.
3  Other S2G Games / Ideas and suggestions / Re: Creep Spawning Animation on: February 18, 2010, 07:56:43 am
Crappy reason not to jungle.

Doesn't really matter when I have a 1700 PSR with a 3.0 KD ratio.

Why are you telling us? Go and say this to S2Games


Last time I checked, this was the Ideas and suggestions section of the HEROES OF NEWERTH forum.

P.S. Having fun, troll?
4  Other S2G Games / Heroes of Newerth / Re: graphics problem-heroes fuzzy on: February 18, 2010, 07:54:16 am
Try reducing the game or model quality one notch down.
5  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Keeper of the Forest Guide on: February 18, 2010, 07:51:39 am
I was also wondering whether you could consider purchasing Alchemist Bones for the faster cash flow during early to mid game. Since most of KotF's core items are overpriced and expensive, I have seen many players go for regular boots, alchemist bones, then straight to Mock and restoration stone. Just a possible core item to consider.
6  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Engineer Hero Guide [Pogoman] on: February 18, 2010, 07:49:26 am
I really don't know why you would get Brutalizer on Engineer, seeing how its just an overall bad item on most ranged heroes. I would recommend Savage Mace over Brutalizer because its pretty much the same % chance to stun the target (with the 25% of brutalizer being cut in half because of being ranged), and it adds a lot more dps to the Engineer and your Turret.

I would also like to point out why some Engineer players I have seen in the past tend to put down turret first, then ult, then throw keg. Wouldn't it be more effective if you caught the enemy hero if your ultimate first, then put down your turret and keg-blasting him back into your electric field? This gives you the opportunity to attack him while he is stunned and while he is trying to run out of your field once again.

So the reason I choose brutalizer is mainly its based off the guy i learned engineer from. I was playing against this guy and he got really weird stuff. He get a helm of the dominator, and would control creeps and use them to both kill stuff while laneing or fighitng at the same time for extra money. In addition, he used them to stack creeps.

He also used the brutalizer and it would rape my team. He was lvl 19 and he had his turret in a random spot and he took down our chronos from full to 20% health without even being there. How? He got one lucky stun and then damage kept coming.

Try getting brutalizer if your feeling experimental one game. You'll see it can work really well sometimes. Plus it is cheaper than savage mace.

Also, with the team fight strategy, your way works really well for ganks. stun ulti turret. However, when its 5v5 your usually in the back of the fight, so sometimes  I'll place the turret first because i can get it in range, while you have to move more to get energy shiled in a good range. But I defintely understand your concern. I just find in really games, the strategy you plan doesn't necessarily set itself up the way you'd want.

Sorry, I first meant for the ulti turret stun combo to be for ganking purposes.

Also, it would probably make more sense if the person who was playing the Engineer whom you speak of was more skilled rather than the item build. Where brutalizer only gives +30 damage, Savage Mace gives +80 damage. Where brutalizer's chances of stunning is 10% dealing 25 damage, Savage Mace's chances of stunning is 35% dealing 100 damage. The extra passive and stun damage right there makes up for the 1 second stun that, in most cases, won't land. Additional passive effects of Savage Mace is the +15 attack speed and True Strike, which allows a 100% accuracy for all autoattacks.

Though, I do understand that Brutalizer is nearly half as cheap as Savage Mace. Therefore, Brutalizer could become a core item on Engineer, while you could also save up for another item to add on to your dps.
7  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Engineer Hero Guide [Pogoman] on: February 17, 2010, 11:45:36 pm
I really don't know why you would get Brutalizer on Engineer, seeing how its just an overall bad item on most ranged heroes. I would recommend Savage Mace over Brutalizer because its pretty much the same % chance to stun the target (with the 25% of brutalizer being cut in half because of being ranged), and it adds a lot more dps to the Engineer and your Turret.

I would also like to point out why some Engineer players I have seen in the past tend to put down turret first, then ult, then throw keg. Wouldn't it be more effective if you caught the enemy hero if your ultimate first, then put down your turret and keg-blasting him back into your electric field? This gives you the opportunity to attack him while he is stunned and while he is trying to run out of your field once again.

Otherwise, a good guide on your part. I like how you covered most of the main points to Engineer and giving tips on Turret early-game rune scouting.
8  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Tempest Guide [Manganator] on: February 17, 2010, 11:34:05 pm
Tempest should be played as a support hero with ganking and aoe disabling capabilities. This is why you shouldn't be focusing on his health or survivability that much, rather, you should focus on ways to make yourself the top contributor to your team. This said, I somewhat disagree and agree with this guide.

Manganator suggested purchasing 1 scarab and 5 mana potions to start your initial items. I believe rushing Ring of the Teacher along with 2 mana potions will do the trick in keeping your mana pool full. If you need anymore potions, you can always send items from base using a courier, assuming that your team has one (highly recommended). This contributes to your survivability and your damage early game. Now, I also recommended not purchasing Helm of the Black Legion, as it is a useless item on Tempest if you were to purchase a portal key. Portal key should be all that you need to get out of situations you don't want to be in, gank effectively, or land a perfect ultimate catching the majority of the opposing team. Remember that Tempest is NOT a tank hero, it is merely a support hero that your team will rely on heavily for you to land those ultimates precisely. If you stay away from the action, far enough so that nothing can hurt you, and blink/ult in when you receive your chance, you can probably earn your team a genocide. Now, the second item that I would suggest on Tempest would be Shrunken Head, which grants health/survivability as well as magic immune. Your ultimate lasts for 4 seconds, and Shrunken Head's magic immune lasts for 5 seconds. This should be long enough for you to blink in, ultimate, and have no worry about being stunned in the process of casting. After your Shrunken Head, then you can focus on survivability items in case it is starting to head to late game, where carries and semis are really starting to get buff. Blood stone, Assault, or Frostguard would all be very helpful items on Tempest; though I usually like to turn my Ring of the Teacher into a Nome's Wisdom at that point of the game.

Now, I have read the guide above, and Manganator states how you should stun, convert, meteor, then ult the enemy team all at once without a portal key in a team fight. Anybody who has tried that with Tempest will tell you that the opposing team will never give you that much time to cast all of those, and it really is unnecessary when you have your team backing you up. In a team fight, all you need to land is the portal key and your ultimate. If you catch enough players in your ultimate for the opposing team to be potentially useless, it can be considered an automatic near-genocide. Your other skills are handy in some cases, but in a dramatic team fight, your team is the best dps you've got. Unless the opposing team has a global skill that disables your team for the time being (such as Dark Lady's ultimate or Tree of the Keeper's ultimate), you should be clear to aim for that genocide win. Magic immune, Portal key, Ultimate, GG.

Now, I haven't been able to play Tempest that much because he is banned 99% of all public ban games, but this would be my build on Tempest -

Initial Items -
1. Ring of the Teacher
2. 2x Mana Potions

Core Items -
1. Portal Key
2. Shrunken Head (or) Null Stone [only if they have few stuns]
3. Nome's Wisdom

Luxury Items -
1. Blood Stone
2. Demonic Breastplate
3. Frostfield Plate

P.S: Forgot about wards. Wards are important to be placed in your jungle while you are jungling because when an enemy team sees a tempest on the opposing team, they will know to check your jungle to hunt you down. Wards is a good prevention of this, and this way, you can always farm without worrying about being ganked in the woods.

Here is a map of where the wards should be placed, on the cliffs, of course.

9  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Magebane [Shixax] on: February 17, 2010, 08:35:25 pm
Sorry, I have to add something in here.

For those who have read this guide, I have found an alternate item build to be much more effective as a carry.

Initial -
1. Lodger's Hatchet
2. Runes of Blight
3. Health Potion
4. 3x Minor Totems

Core -
1. Helm of Black Legion
2. Runed Axe
4. Brutalizer
5. Butterfly
6. Symbol of Rage
7. Riftshards
8. Doombringer (haha..hahahaha..)

You can always throw in a Null Stone or Shrunken Head if the opposing team has many high dps/stun skilled heroes.

10  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Sand Wraith Strategy Guide [Tradius] on: February 17, 2010, 07:53:10 pm
Hey guys. You've probably read my rampage guide already, so I'll just throw another guide into the mix.

Well, as the title shows, this will be a guide on Sand Wraith (aka. Spectre). Though the recent nerf on Sand Wraith's deserted ability has made him a less popular hero, which no longer deals true damage but magic damage, he is still a great hero in becoming one of the most capable carry heroes in the game.


.:: Sand Wraith ::.


Now, before we get into more depth with this hero, here are a few facts that you should know about him straight off the bat.

What is his role?
Hard Carry

Not so much

What is his main stat?

Everybody knows what a carry is, correct? If you don't, today is your lucky day. A carry is a hero that is supported by his/her team in early game, but ends up carrying his/her team in late game. In some cases, when the game should have ended a while ago, your team may end up depending on the carry hero on your team to play the main role in winning the game.

In order to become an efficient carry hero, you must farm farm farm creep kills during early and mid game as much as possible. During late game, you begin to blossom as a capable carry hero and become that tiebreaker that your team needs to win the game. Some players feel that carrying is boring, since it involves diligent farming most of the game; where other players have a different perspective, thinking that playing a carry hero is entertaining since you are given the star role on your team.

So, what does this have to do with Sand Wraith again?

Everything. Sand Wraith is one of those carry heroes that require lots of farming early to mid game. Even among carry heroes, he requires a ridiculous amount of farm to actually contribute to your team, where is if he does, he can easily wipe the floor in any team battle.

Now, let's begin this guide.


.:: Skill Build ::.

1. Desert's Curse
2. Dissipation
3. Desert's Curse
4. Dissipation
5. Desert's Curse
6. Mirage
7. Desert's Curse
8. Dissipation
9. Deserted
10. Dissipation
11. Mirage
12. Deserted
13. Deserted
14. Deserted
15. Stats
16. Haunt
17 - 25: Stats

Getting Dissipation early rather than Deserted has actually proven to increase your survivability as well as ensure that you get a better farm. Because you are dealt reduced damage and that you reflect that damage right back at your enemies, you will become less likely to be killed. Deserted is only useful when you are fighting with another hero alone, which should not be happening early game when your sole purpose if to farm your lane.


.:: Item Build ::.

- Initial Items -
Lodger's Hatchet
Health Potion
Runes of Blight
3x Minor Totems

- Core Items -
Helm of Black Legion (survivability)
Mock of Brilliance

- Lategame Core Items -
Frostburn or Geometer's Bang

- Other Possible Core Items -
Shield Breaker
Nullfire Blade

- Luxury Items -
Savage Mace
Symbol of Rage
Behemoth's Heart


Alrighty, we'll start with laning as first to cover. When choosing lanes, either go top or bottom (self-explanatory). Also, try to be paired with a good babysit or support hero to help you gain control of your lane. Your goal as carry and as sand wraith is to get those last hits in while you are not in threat of your enemies. That is why laning with a hero who has good babysitting or support potential can help you by either harassing them back or preventing you from dying.

Because of your carrying capabilities, when you are laned with an opposing team that has either heavy dps or double stuns/slows, you will want to be play passive and always stay on the safe side. When the opposing lane plays aggressive, it should be obvious, as they always seize any opportunity they have to set something up on you. This may include constant lane harassment, enemy heroes hiding for an ambush, or just staying too close to you. If you are being heavily harassed, you could always use your Desert's Curse ability to deal damage to the enemy while you also ninja a few creep kills, though you should always have enough spare mana to use it again in a case of emergency (such as pathwalking through trees or cliffs to safety).

Because your sole purpose is to farm early game, you must concentrate on only that. Do not waste valuable time roaming around with other players and setting up ganks. Use your time efficiently and make sure that you are capable of carrying your team when the time comes for you to shine.

Once you reach level 6, your usefulness opens up. One of Sand Wraith's strongest features is that he can continue farming while a gank or team fight is being set up; then he can use his ultimate and manifest in to clean things up for his team. This way, he does not lose any time for senseless roaming and being just as efficient by helping his teammates. This is also important, however, that you do not spam your ultimate whenever it is up, or draining yourself of all your mana so that you cannot use mirage when in need.

Now, I may have touched this subject before, but I will clarify it once again. Your Desert's Curse ability is an amazing ability, allowing Sand Wraith to gank effectively as well as escaping unwanted scenarios. Whenever you notice that you may be in a bad place, you can use Desert's Curse on an enemy and turn the other way and run through the trees or cliffs so that the enemy cannot get you. This is also why you should always have a teleport scroll on you at all times, in case you get in a sticky situation and become stuck. Now, the third component to Desert's Curse is that you don't have to only hit one person each time you cast it. When you cast it, you can either select an enemy to ensure that the Desert's Curse hits him, or you can send the Desert's Curse in a specific direction, whereas the heroes that get caught in the Desert's Curse will be damaged and slowed, including creeps.

More so, Sand Wraith's deserted and dissipation abilities are outstanding for his survivability and damage. His Deserted ability is a passive one that allows Sand Wraith to deal additional magic damage to his regular attack if the enemy being attacked has no other heroes around him to help. This is why if you meet with an enemy Sand Wraith in the forest by yourself, it is just best to turn around and run. Deserted adds damage to those who are alone and can easily overpower any enemy early game. His Dissipation ability is also a passive one that allows Sand Wraith to reflect a % of damage back at all enemies in a radius of 1000. This just contributes to Sand Wraith's survivability early and late game, as well as being able to deal damage back to all enemies.

Once you purchase your Helm of Black Legion, you should be a far less squishy hero. Great, now farm more. To be honest, even after you purchase your Helm of Black Legion, you are still potentially useless in most cases. Only until you purchase your Mock of Brilliance (or even Sword of the High), is when you can really begin to shift the outcomes of team battles. At this point, it should be around 35 minutes in, assuming that you have had a constant farm going on as well as 200 gold per minute.

As your domination just begins, you should be able to move more freely after you have received your Mock. This means that you can gank and roam around, but do not forget that you are still a carry hero. Whenever you see that a lane needs to be pushed, harvest those creeps kills and push it back. Whenever you find that you have nothing to do except walk around, give the neutral creeps a visit. As you grow to become stronger and stronger, with your Frostburn (or Geometer's Bang) along with your Wingbow, you will become a monster. At that point, you should take advantage of your wondrous farm and how well your team has carried you throughout the game, by pushing towers.

Though you are strong, you should never overexert yourself. I have seen too many carry players think that they are absolutely invincible, running into a 1vs5 situation and being pounded into a sand castle. Remember that you are only powerful when you have your team backing you up. That is why you should never initiate into a battle by yourself unless you are sure that you can take them.


Alright, that looks like it pretty much sums up Sand Wraith.
If you would like more guides from me, stay tuned for more!

Credit: Tradius
Submission: 2/17/10
11  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Soul Reaper [Michael`] on: February 17, 2010, 08:07:12 am
Agreed. In late game and usually in mid game, your team needs you be pumping that aoe heal for them and aoe nuke as well. You aren't a hero to pick other heroes off by yourself, you have a team to help you do that dps leading to your ultimate. Additionally, the reason why Soul reaper is one of the main support team contributors in the game is his effectiveness in any team battle with aoe skills, aoe buffs (nome's) and debuffs (withering presence), and his oh-so-useful ultimate of his to finish a hero off or just for the periodic stun. This is why Soul Reaper is usually the #1 targeted hero in a team battle, which is why blood stone is crucial for survivability and mana as well as aoe buffs such as nome's wisdom.

In short, I agree the people who replied before me with the blood stone / nome's item build, except I believe that even after blood stone, you should not even think about a codex yet. Remember your role as a hero! You are support, and nothing else. That is why I suggest either more aoe or things that can keep you and your teammates alive such as barrier idol or demonic breastplate. Otherwise, instead of codex, it would probably be smarter to grab Staff of the Masters for the stat boost as well as ultimate enhancement.
12  Other S2G Games / Heroes of Newerth / Re: I need advice (from the better players) on: February 14, 2010, 12:15:09 am
Stop playing pubs if this is what you think. Get some friends and play inhouse or scrimmages.

Otherwise, join a clan.
13  Other S2G Games / Ideas and suggestions / Creep Spawning Animation on: February 14, 2010, 12:13:39 am
Creep Spawning Animation should be added into the game. When creeps spawn from the base and into lanes, they shouldn't just randomly pop out of nowhere and start marching forward. For example, the Hellbourne creep animation should have the creeps crawl out of the ground, where the Legion creep animation should have creeps entering through miniature gateways of light. The current pop-out-of-nowhere animation is absolutely boring and unrealistic.

This goes the same for neutral creeps, such that the creeps could fade into existence or from the trees.

Please consider this, I would probably consider jungling more if this was put into play. Smiley
14  Other S2G Games / Strategies / Re: Hero Guide: Slither [Trainingsday] on: February 14, 2010, 12:07:12 am
I highly disagree with getting level 1 toxic ward at level 10. Toxic ward is a great skill to harass players, farm faster and more effectively, and slowing enemies. If laning in middle, toxic ward should either nearly or completely replace Toxicity.

Additionally, Assassin's Shroud is a core item that is almost always required on him. Even if you get Staff of the Masters to improve your ultimate, it won't make a difference if you don't land an ultimate that hits at least 3 players. I also disagree that Slither should be played as a support hero since he has many skills that center on slowing enemies or dealing massive amounts of DOT damage.
15  Other S2G Games / Heroes of Newerth / Re: HoN fansite on: February 12, 2010, 03:20:38 am
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