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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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1  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Re: Hello from the past on: April 21, 2019, 08:07:55 am
paci!!! I love you. Can you share the demos with me? I will find a way lambda_5730lambda_5155lambda_21869lambda_18198lambda_20558 PM me
Here is the .demo file from the NWGL game2 of the finals along with the shoutcast from Daolin and Goatman.


If you get the demo working, maybe you can sync up the shoutcast with the demo and then export it as one video.

I also have about 30 demo files in total, so if you get this one working, I'll upload some other ones.
2  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Re: Hello from the past on: February 05, 2019, 06:33:52 pm
I have many old demos.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to play the demos now, since EX2 does not run on current versions of windows and XR does not play the old demo files.

I also have shoutcast that Daolin and Gaotman did of the season 1 finals, but it isn't too interesting to listen to by itself without the demo also playing.
3  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Re: Hello from the past on: February 05, 2019, 08:16:44 am
Hi Skye.  Long time to talk.  I only check this site like once every few months, but I guess I got lucky since I see that you just posted a few hours ago.  I hope you are doing well.

You missed the Savage Resurrection bandwagon Sad.  We had a lot of old veterans from the NA 2.0e/EX2 scene playing, and we had a blast for all of 3 weeks until the game died.  Some that came to mind included: ChiefCorn (Tree Thugs), Helios and Zelek (TFU), Wardragon (Demons), Niche (Blood Tribe), and many more who are not coming to mind right now.

Here is some nostalgia for you: http://web.archive.org/web/20041026215818/http://clansavage.com/clans/-a-
4  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Re: Why Nobody Don't Play This Game? on: February 07, 2018, 01:10:03 am
Yes there are no longer any standard mode servers available to join.  However, you still are required to play some (10?) standard games before you can join an advanced server.  Thus there is actually no way for a new player to play Savage Resurrection right now even if they wanted to (besides practice mode).
5  Archive / General Discussion / Re: Savage Resurrection NOW FREE on: March 01, 2017, 01:32:24 pm
Savage Resurrection is exactly the same game. But the graphics better.
Actually the two games are very different.

In fact, I believe (as do many others) that if S2games would have just done a strict clone of Savage1 (with the only changes being modernized graphics and interface), then Savage Res would have actually been successful.  The fact that people enjoy playing Savage XR more than Savage Res (excepting nostalgia) just shows how much S2games screwed up.
6  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Re: Savage Resurrection is free to play on: January 15, 2017, 02:07:47 am
If it was "fun" as you claim, then people would stick around and actually play it don't you think?
I guess I could clarify and say that it is fun for me (fun is subjective).  But I also accept that there are many reasons why others would not find the game fun.
7  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Re: Savage Resurrection is free to play on: January 12, 2017, 06:27:00 am
Nope, it is unfortunately the same unfinished game as it was before, filled with the same bugs.  Its still savage though, so its still fun.
8  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Savage Resurrection is free to play on: January 10, 2017, 12:13:29 am
Today the game became free to play.  So come by and check it out if you didn't want to drop $20 on it before or if you just want some fresh people to play with.  I mean its free, you got nothing to lose  Grin.
9  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Re: Any chance that SR can still be saved? on: October 26, 2016, 11:45:53 am
The reason is that the because of the game's skill linearity, players have to be good at a game with no real alternatives other than becoming a good pred or a good lego or both. Imagine a MOBA game where's only 2 heroes: the most minute difference in skills will make the better player win every time. Now factor in that total noobs are, well, total noobs, and there you go, insta quit after 2h of not killing anyone.

And it's not something that can be fixed. Making noob-only servers, even admitting vets can be kept out, would either be:
1. Using the standard settings but low skilled enemies, which will not prepare you to move to the regular skill games. At all!
2. Using noob settings where even if you get good, you're getting good at a totally different game than the regular one.
You are right.  Back when I played Savage 1, it was either improve or get crushed over and over again.  However, I do somewhat disagree with the idea that noobs will never improve.   Although I did observe many Savage Resurrection players just quit rather than put in the time to get better, I also watched several players start out as noobs but improve to the point that they can compete with the vets.

IMO, the issue could have all be solved with a well thought out, skill based matchmaking system.  The main way to find a match should be to hit the “find match” button.  Then have it automatic put you in a fresh game, where everyone on the server is of roughly equal skills, and with balanced teams.  Then as your skill rating improves, you progressively get placed into to higher skill games.   In fact, the whole concept of opening the server list and finding a game to join is an archaic in modern games.

The problem is that the "find match" was one of the features that S2 left unfinished.  In fact, it is so messed up that it does things like put you on a EU server if you are a US player (and vice versa).  I would manually join a US server from the server list and see that over 80% of players were clearly not US based on their ping.  Most new players don’t realize that they are on the wrong server and have a 200 ping, which is a big part of what makes the game feel "clunky" for them.

Also a big issue is that to have a working matchmaking system, you obviously need players, or else you just sit in the queue the whole time.  It might have worked if it was there on release when we had over 1000 players, but there is no way to implement something like that now with no players.
10  Other S2G Games / General Discussion / Re: Any chance that SR can still be saved? on: October 26, 2016, 11:13:26 am
Yes like others have said, S2 is the reason why Savage Resurrection failed.  The game was released when it was overall just unfinished; it was not optimized, had lots of bugs, was missing features, etc.  Still despite all that, it was savage, so it was still fun to play, and we had a solid population playing.  However, then it slowly became apparent to all the players that S2 had abandoned the game.  Once everyone realized that the game was never going to be fixed/finished, there wasn’t really any reason to continue playing and everyone left.
11  Archive / General Discussion / Is there anyway to view old demo files that were created in 2.0e and/or EX2? on: October 06, 2016, 12:27:44 pm
The demo files do not play in XR.  I installed savage 2.0e, but silverback.exe crashes right when I start it.  Some research on your webpage says that no version of savage will run (besides XR) since a 2010 OS update.

Just wondering if there is anyway to view these old demo files?  Thanks.
12  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Re: Some ideas on Savage or why it isn't so popular now on: August 14, 2009, 08:21:46 pm
So I have been playing a bit of savage1 lately (who can guess my alias???)

I think what is disappointing about the game now is that every game plays out exactly the same, due to the maps and server setting.

Both teams power mine for five minutes, while the commander goes right to tier3.
Everyone starts fighting fully leveled up due to the XP gained from 5 minutes of power mining.
Everyone always has unlimited gold due to the gold server gold settings and maps that have tons of NPCs to kill.
With all the team gold from 30 players and extra gold settings, the commanders build Sim-City like bases.
The game turns into a 2 hour stalemate of Lego vs Pred along with a lot of siege spamming.

For an analogy, it is like Starcraft where everyone is playing Big Game Hunters instead of a ladder map.  It takes a lot of the strategy (fun) out of the game.

I think there would get a lot more interested in savage if there was a new server up that has:

24 players max
Classic maps
Classic server settings (Standard gold, XP, Towers, etc) like the old 2.0e settings

And yes for the people who remember it, this is the classic Squadgames vs. normal server argument.
13  Off Topic / Hi! My name is .. / Re: Greetings from a former affliction! on: July 21, 2009, 06:49:06 am
Here are two movies of Nuke showing off his skills:

Nuke Tempest vs Simple
Nuke Summoner vs Wardragon

Here is the Sleepwalker getting owned video as promised:
Sleepwalker Pred vs Daolin Nomad

I also have a bunch of .demo files of a lot of our matches.  Does the current savage1 play these still?

I also have the shoutcast recording (by Daolin & Goatman) of the Demons vs Affliction NWGL finals which I can upload if anyone is interested.
14  Off Topic / Hi! My name is .. / Re: Greetings from a former affliction! on: July 21, 2009, 03:57:39 am
I'm playing mostly starcraft.  Waiting for starcraft2.  I also got married  Smiley, which means I have considerable less time to play games than I used to.
15  Off Topic / Hi! My name is .. / Re: Greetings from a former affliction! on: July 16, 2009, 09:43:38 pm
Whats going on in this thread?  Shocked

I was just bored too and decided to check out what was going on with savage.  Good to see Skye and Sleep again Smiley.

I think that I still have old savage replays/screenshots/videos on my old computer at home.  I'll check this weekend and see what I can find.  I know for a fact I still have the Sleepwalker Pred losing to Daolin's Crossbow/Nomad video from the Affliction vs Invictus match.
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