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226  Archive / Server Forum / Re: Ref Abuse Leet USA on: October 26, 2008, 10:27:18 pm
I think I get the picture, I'll remember to call kick votes on anyone that 1v1 buffs another person for being disrespectful even if they are in the enemy base hitting buildings.
227  Archive / Server Forum / Re: Ref Abuse Leet USA on: October 26, 2008, 06:50:37 pm
better yet do it to WD BF Ben and Mat, did you read my post. I have no problems cycling through IP addresses, and it takes me all of 5 seconds to remove the kick. by the same token we should kick all of you for having a history of being an ass.
228  Archive / Server Forum / Ref Abuse Leet USA on: October 26, 2008, 11:38:39 am
kick from Leet, by BMF, reason: because I have a history of being disrecpectful and BMF personally didn't like being buffed by me this time as he spawned from com as I approached the lair so he kicked me without warning for being a disrespectful person any time prior to elec buffing him. awwwwwwww thanks BMF

we may also substitute elec buffing with killing but I figured the buffing is gayer.

can someone explain to me why I would be kicked for being a disrespectful person my entire life at this moment not more than 10 seconds after elec buffing BMF? though technically you need no reason to kick me and everyone knows that it won't stick you'd think this was a joke. not so. BMF thinks that it's his god given duty to kick people that have been disrespectful whenever he feels like it, even if it's right inside their base.

so taking your server rules explain to me how this is a legitamate kick, cause the way I read the reasoning anyone that has ever been disrespectful should just be kicked randomly.

so now you tell me, are you going to keep a ref that will arbitrarily kick people, without warning, due to petty personal vandettas?
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