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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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1  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Savage REBOOT? on: January 17, 2021, 09:01:39 am
I'm looking for ideas on how to reboot the popularity of this game??? Maybe we take an ad out on steam? (If that is a thing?)
We used to have a pretty big following, just need to let more, younger people know about the game? I played Savage Resurrection on steam and there was quite a few on there, part of the reason I spent money on it, but it was pretty horrible. Anyways, any ideas are appreciated!
2  Archive / Server Forum / Re: Ref on Ref abuse on: December 01, 2013, 07:40:41 am
and kicked again by Jackal....just trying to get back on and play....
3  Archive / Server Forum / Ref on Ref abuse on: December 01, 2013, 07:26:31 am
Normally, most refs can sort out most differences or disagreements...but i guess ill have to get a lil more insight on this from the community. Long story short, Jackal has made up a "new unspoken rule" that he enforces where he ref stops any concede vote unless he considers the other team as being farmed. While i chatted w/ Jackal about this and stated that there was no written rule about this he said that he was still going to enforce it. Now while i may not be the best ref on the server, i try to enforce all written/stated rules and leave little to be interpreted. I feel that this can and does kill the server when he does this, and thats exactly what i do not like to see...REFS killing the server for needless non-written rules. After playing a few more games, i went off in my self buffing nonsense mode that i usually go off in getting sadist, unbreak, homewreck, outpost and of course buffy w/ 59 buffs 72 kills etc etc....next map after a few exchange of loving words from jackal in myself i put him back on ignore and started trying to play the next map only to get ref kicked. After last install i forgot to go back and check auto record demos, but i can round up quite a few witnesses. I feel that Jackal is a good ref, but the stopping of the concede votes either stops or they remove the concede vote off of the server? That is all  Smiley
4  Savage XR / Support Forum / Re: fps/turning problem on: May 27, 2013, 06:52:33 am

most times it seem to be in the middle of serveral fights/battles going on around me at the same time, but last night there was plenty of 1v1 fights i got and and couldnt turn at all, both pred and lego. If i re-installed sep, would it work on xr servers lol?
5  Savage XR / Support Forum / fps/turning problem on: May 26, 2013, 07:34:44 am
gradually more and more there has been an issue w/ my fps sticking at 32 and 64 (weird how there is a similairity between the numbers) on most maps it seems to just be right after the map loads, but tonight after this latest update, it is constantly throughout the whole damn game  Cry i cannot turn my pred or lego, only way i seem to be able to free up the pred/lego, is toggling my dpi switch on my mouse off and on. If this can't be fixed i say we revert back to SEP because this is totally ruining the game for me and many others.....
6  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / Re: The US server is horrible on: April 23, 2013, 04:26:10 am
As a current ref and person that enjoys commanding quite a bit, i (as well as many others) know that if you have 1 and/or 2 noobs commanding it pretty much ruins the game, now if no one else steps up to command then so be it but if the teams are more than 6v6 i would venture to say that the game will pretty much be done before it starts. So if there is capable commanders that are willing to command then yes im going to restart the match and get them in com. "Noobies" really should take to the tutorial on commanding and practice on empty servers before jumping in comm fresh after downloading the game. Now w/ that being said im always down for helping out/explaining the comm process and the ideas behind each side, but if the teams are larger than 6v6 there is no time for that. *my 2 cents*
7  Newerth Hosted Competitions / Season Five / Re: Sign Up Thread US on: April 21, 2013, 03:10:22 pm
8  Newerth Hosted Competitions / Season Five / Re: Sign Up Thread! on: April 17, 2013, 03:51:49 am
i'm in, hopefully we can field enough to host a U.S. division so we dont have to duel w/ 150 pings Smiley
9  Archive / Server Forum / Re: Refs can do more! on: March 04, 2013, 02:46:51 pm
i agree that we as refs should try to get the teams more even in the beginning, and if we or any other players join a team in the middle of the game try to ask or join the team that is losing. Now with that being said, alot of non-US players have commented about refs stopping even team votes, to that i say please read the rules as they clearly state that even team votes are not allowed after the first 5 minutes of the game. A rule i fully support, if we just evened the teams over and over then more and more stalemates would occur.
10  Savage XR / Support Forum / Re: Savage fps drop on: February 14, 2013, 03:11:03 pm
yes i've been complaining about this ingame for sometime also. Same story, and it happens on all types of random maps, it also happens on leets usa duels. fps drops to 64 (exactly) and after about 20-30 seconds most times it goes back up, i usually remedy it by spinning my mouse over and over and/or hitting my dpi switch on my mouse, although  i dont really know that, that helps at all. It is really frustrating when it happens in game, hope someone fixes this, never has happened on any other version of savage and ive tried running my sep version only to be kicked  Cry
11  Announcements / Main Page News / Re: Newerth Savage League 5 on: January 14, 2013, 05:16:10 pm
i remember my early days of savage, and just getting totally coil farmed by the affliction members lol  Afro
12  Savage XR / Mapping & Modding Forum / Re: Bunker - why isnt it concidered removed? on: December 21, 2012, 03:50:14 pm
Bunker was a part of the original map pack, just like eden and crossroads. Mad disrespect if its removed!  Afro
13  Savage XR / General Savage XR Discussion / TRIBUTE: RIP Luciano on: December 12, 2012, 07:30:33 am
I was just informed that Luciano a long time savage great, has past away recently  Cry He was a great player, and one that i have learned a great deal of my own commanding skills from. He enjoyed this game a great deal, and will definitely be missed! If there is any screen shots or stories anyone would like to share, it would be really cool to include them on this post  Smiley

This tribute is via m4ter, exporta, and ganjafarmer, who are great friends with Luci in real life. May he rest in peace1  Afro
14  Archive / Server Forum / Re: BREW ref abuse 30-11-12 on: December 10, 2012, 05:30:58 pm
ok ok so yeah i may not be the most favored people's choice for ref, and yes as i admitted in the last post i dont always enforce the rules as they are written. As Nightmare mentioned earlier, the "Unwritten Don't be a douchebag rule" is one that i enforce a little too often and thats what lead us to here. FOR ALL OF THOSE INSTANCES I AM SINCERELY SORRY!!! I get bent out of shape when people jump ship and bail to spec when and if there is still a remote chance we might win, while this is not a rule i still consider it pretty lame. If you need to go or leave then do so (which i have to do pretty frequently here lately) but if your gonna start a game and play all match just to bail at the end and trash talk the team you were playing on, complaining about the team or its commander then there is the door and i will help you out, no questions asked  Afro

As for the last part of the Nightfox reply, the part where i was speaking of trying to keep the server going at all cost (jumping in comm etc) was not to try to justify what i did for toxic. I was just simply saying that as a ref (or not) i try to keep the server going in other ways. Not for sure if i did say i was sorry for breaking the rule in slaying toxic, but again the buffing nomad instance happened more than once and was no where near a shield.
15  Archive / Server Forum / Re: BREW ref abuse 30-11-12 on: December 04, 2012, 03:30:12 am
Well i better chime in here and somewhat defend myself. I agree there is no rule that says multibuffing against a player in a match isnt against the rules, on 3-4 different occassions that same match toxic had buffed multiple times (twice that i remember pred vs nomad). So yeah, i did it ill admit it. As far as active/fair refs i think i'm one of the more active ones and will do my best to not only enforce the rules, again while there is no rule stating "Don't be a douchebag and multibuff a nomad with a predator" as long as i have ref and you continuously do this to me, you will possibly get a /slay outta the deal. NOW with that being said, as far as me keeping ref, i am always doing what i can to try to keep the server populated and as friendly as possible for example,  i will often command when there are no odds in my favor to keep the server from dying. If the above instance proves to me losing my ref then so be it, but honestly i enjoy playing savage a great deal, and it will not stop me from trying to keep L33T's populated well into the early (U.S.) morning Smiley
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