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196  Announcements / Main Page News / Re: We are looking for help! on: March 15, 2007, 02:00:15 am
If you still require any assistance with this I'm willing to help out.  I'd be willing to help out with any of the coding or, if that's not available, with the Wiki.  Since this is my first post here, I'll post a profile of myself so you know what to expect.

I've been coding websites for almost 6 years now.  I started coding with legacy ASP before moving to PHP4/5 last year; coinciding with my move to OOP in C++.  I also have experience working with MySQL database servers, though I have been working with SQL for slightly over 2 years.  As far as client-side scripting goes, I'm fluent in JavaScript, CSS1/2, XML (as well as XSLT, XPATH, and DTD files), DHTML, Ajax, XHTML 1.0, and HTML 4.01 Strict.  If need be, I can also code in VBScript or create ActiveX controls.  I'm also very security aware -- I build all of my applications from the ground up with security in mind, and always test my own code with typical hacks.

Current Projects:
Right now, I'm working to develop a PHP5/MySQL web framework, which includes provisions for sustainable and expansible development techniques.  When complete (estimated to take several years), it will include Wiki and Forum plug-ins, as well as other typically performed tasks (guestbooks, blogs, etc.).  This is a culmination of several years of framework development; constantly limited by legacy ASP's restrictive syntax.

Web design is another issue entirely.  If I was to point out my greatest weakness, it would be design and everything related.  That includes Flash.  Since I've taken a course on it, I'm able to navigate my way around Photoshop CS2 if required.

Awards / Education:
I've worked on 7 websites in my history, with several of them being for profit.  I often take on technology related challenges in my area.  Last year, I was judged best high-school web developer in Southern Ontario by Skills Canada.  I've also won an award for my coding from FIRST Robotics in this year's Great Lakes Regional (regarded as one of the most difficult in the world).  As far as formal training, I've taken both Technology: Media and Technology: Graphics courses at the high-school level.

As far as Savage goes; I've been playing for several months.  I play on most of your servers and, this being March break at the time of this posting, spend several hours a day on them.  I always use "Senthryl" as my alias in Savage.  My XFire account says I've been playing for almost 50 hours, but my in-game account says 80.  Since I've come from a Quake engine background, I feel that I can navigate the console and common cvars with relative ease.  I'd describe myself as an addicted casual gamer (I own and frequently play N64, XBox, Wii, and PC [obviously]).  As you can tell by my avatar, I'm also a fan of the Zelda series. Smiley

If you're interested, you can always contact me by e-mail (my response time is usually several hours), or by PM on this forum.  Whether you managed to read through all of that or not Rolleyes, thanks for your time. Smiley
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