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Title: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:48:12 am

The reason i write this is because i want to help all the new players to get a grasp of the items in HoN. I did a fast search here in the forum and i found a good starting gear guide. I will present my own take on this. However i will also do a guideline for what items are good on what heroes and which items are bad. Keep in mind, as i stated this is only a guideline based on my opinions and by no means "facts".  This is very basic stuff for the new people in here that havent played Dota.

Table of contents:

1.1 Starting gear:
1.2 Supportive
1.3 Protective
1.4 Combative
1.5 Morph attack
1.6 Random stuff.
1.7 Recommended Builds for all heroes. No fancy stuff. Just so u get an idea.

1.1 Starting Gear
There are several forms of starting gear, some are worse and some are better.

The bad ones:

( + (

Shoes and Regen is really common and really bad. You end up with no + attributes. This makes it harder for you to kill creeps and deny creeps. This also gives you low starting health and low starting mana because of the lack of + attributes. It also gives you low lane staying power since you have to little regen and to little hp. The positive side is that u are faster than ur enemies. But this doesnt do very much on most heroes in the first minutes of the game because the distance to the tower is often very short and you cant tower dive nor get a creep aggro after you while chasing a hero. Both these scenarios is likely ending up with getting you killed. However there are some exceptions: Its acceptable on Swiftblade but it still provide the same cons as above. This also an acceptable gear for
Slither and Ophelia since they are roamers and can do so from lvl 1 (Thanks to ElementalUser for bringing this up). 

( Nothing else.

The quite popular naked bottle is a bad build. It gives the same problems as the marcher build in the terms of stats. No last hit power, no + stats to boost manapool and HP. However it gives you roughly 400 hp regen and 210 mana regen + ability to runewhore. If you are laning top and bot this is 600 gold for the same effect as 4 runes of blight and 2 mana potions since runes are harder to access. In midlane you will probably get out denied and fail last hits. The rune refill is very good, but if you get denied the runes you are ruined. This build is imho surpassed by some of the other builds i will present. I want to be clear (noticed some posts). Its not a worthless build but imho there are better ones.

( / (
/ ( ( x1

Also a bad build. It gives +3 to all stats and + additional 3 to another one. The problem is that you pay 125 / 150 / 175 gold for +1 to all stats. Its better to buy the ingredients and skip the recepie to buy additional regen. Thats acceptable. The main reason you buy the recepie is to save item slots and thus getting very good stats on 1 slot. However, we do not have that problem early game. 6 slots are sufficent first minutes of the game.

There are several more bad ones but these are the most common. Now ill move on to the good starting gear:

The good ones

( (

( ( (  x2

Gives +6 to all stats and decent regen. +6 to all stats is 114 hp extra and 78 mana. Its good for heroes that doesnt need much mana regen or getting a fast bottle. My personal favourite for agility heroes since it increases their start hp with 25% and gives a chunk of regen.
There are some variants of this. 1 less Minor totem and add a Mana potion. Or one less minor totem and 1 less rune of blight to replace with a Healing potion. Another variant is to skip 2 Minor totems and add a flask. Decent if you know your facing heavy herass lane.

( ( x2

Adds +8 strength, +2 Intelligence. This increases ur basedamage alot if u are a strength hero and adds a chunk of hp, 152 hp. Good for obvious reasons. Agility variant of this is ok if you have a good support hero behind you, like demented Shaman or any healer. Makes last hitting easier. Works well for ranged agility aswell (with the agility counterpart).

( ( Any combination of the following:
( ( ( ( (1 extra minor totem if u decide to go with the 2 runes of blight).

This gives you a courier. I like to compare this to the naked bottle build wich i feel is quite similar. For instance if you get courier + 4 minor totem + 2 set of blight. You get some additional stats + the possibility to buy a bottle with the courier and bring it to you. The rune of blights give more hp so u survive until u get ur bottle. Almost anyone can farm a bottle within the first 4-5 minutes of the game.

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:50:10 am
The caster:

( ( (  x 2 of each.

Mana pool, + damage for deny and last hit, 690 Hp and 200 mana regen. You get the point.

( + ( x 1.  

Good for jungling and good if you are a ranged supporter with some kind of heal. Gives you nice mana regen in the lane +6 damage. In the jungle its gotten for the +3 armor and mana regen. If you decide to lane with it, dont forget to turn off the armor aura.

The main principle for starting gear is maximizing cost efficent items that give you + stats and the regen you need. Experiment. Dont get stuck in the naked bottle / boots of speed + regen dead end. Try different starting gear out. See what fits your playstyle. If you realy like boots or naked bottle go for it!

The Boots of Speed Guide (Thx ElementalUser for suggesting it)    and
the Bracelet/Talisman/Soul Scream ring guide.

The different boots are listed below. Enhanced Marchers first, Steamboots second and the last one is Post Haste. If the letters are in green its good for him. If its in yellow its ok/decent, if the boot is not mentioned its not recommended or bad for the hero! Behind the Steam Boots i will type (s/a/i). Thats if they should be Srength, agi or int. Its just recommendations! If you went for Steam Boots or Enhanced Marchers always have a homecoming stone in your inventory!

This is harder than i thought! Just recommendations! Escpecially the post haste :) they fit almost every hero.

Steam boots are good for heroes that needs increased attack speed and HP. Strength Steam boots gives 190 HP. Usually Melee agility or Ranged damage dealers wants these. They are also good very good on Strength heroes that needs increased attack speed in order to deal damage.

Enhanced Marchers are our protective boots. They are good for most casters and most tanks since they have low armor. Enhanced Marchers gives us +7 armor! They dont need increased attack speed, they need armor! Enhanced Marcher also gives 15 damage for easier last hits!

Post Haste is our farming/Pushing/ganking tool. It saves us one item slot since we dont have to carry homecoming stone all the time! Its great for gank heroes or heroes that needs to farm alot since they can catch all the farm with them by teleporting to a creep! In late game when you have almost full gear you can sell Enhanced Marchers / Steam Boots and get Post Haste so you free up 1 slot (the one you are using for Homecoming stone).

The different Bracelets/Talisman/Soulscreams are good for increasing your early game power and are often essential for a good early game / mid game. They provide a nice boost in terms of stats making you useful in earlier. General rule: The harder the game, the more important the bracelets/talisman/soulscreams are. The easier the game, the less important are they and can be skipped.

Combining Bracelets/Soulscreams and Steamboots: Generaly you dont want to make 2 Fortified bracelets and agility steam boots. Its not cost efficient since Fortified Bracelts costs more than Soulscream rings, Steamboots however, always cost the same. Its better to make it all strength if you got the Bracelets. However its a viable GOOD option to buy 2-3 soul scream rings and have strength (or agility for that matter) Steam Boots! Chose Bracelets over Soulscream rings for agility if you face mass spell damage i e 4-5 casters.

Another note is: On some Strength heroes or Intelligence heroes the following rule is applied: If you get Ring of Sorcery get Bracelets instead of Talismans of Exile. If you get Bottle, get talismans of Exile insted of Bracelets! Rule is applied on stared heroes -> ** <--

Enhanced Marchers - - - - - - - - Steam Boots - - - - - - - - - Post Haste - - - - - - - - - - - -

(      (    ( ___  
+70 Ms,_________________Steam Boots_________ +90 Ms + Teleport ____________
7 armor, ________________65 ms ______________ to a creep or structure_________
15 damage______________10 to optional attribute ____________________________
Phase Ability 10%
ms increase for 5 sec

Fortified Bracelet - _-__ - - Soulscream Ring - - - - - - Talisman of Exile
(  (  (
+6 Strength__________-_-+3 Strength_____________+3 strength
+3 agility___________.___+6 agility___________.___.+3 agility
+3 intelligence_______.__.+3 intelligence___________+6 intelligence

I hope the above pics and text look as good as they do in my Mozilla browser at 1600x1050! (Please feedback if they dont).

- Steam boots (s) - 3 Soulscream Ring
Moon Queen - Steam Boots (s) -  3 Soulscream Ring
Nighthound - Steam Boots (s/a) - 3 Soulscream Ring
Swiftblade - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s/a) - Post Haste - _3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Scout - Steam Boots (s/a) - 3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Valkyrie - Steam Boots (s/a) - Post Haste - 3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Wildsoul - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s/a) -
2 Fortified Bracelets can be a good idea.
Arachna - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s/a) - 3 Soulscream Rings
Chronos - Steam boots (s/a) -  3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Slither -  Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s) - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Bloodseeker  -
Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s/a) - Post Haste - 3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Madman - Steam Boots (s/a) - 3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Soul stealer - Steam Boots (s) - Post Haste -
2 Fortified Bracelets
Dark Lady - Steam Boots (s/i) -
3 Soulscream Ring OR - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Blacksmith - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste-
2 Fortified Bracelets OR - 2-3 Talisman of Exile **
Nymphora - Enhanced Marchers  
- 2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2-3 Talisman of Exile
Thunderbringer -
Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2-3 Talisman of Exile
Ophelia -
Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Pollywog Priest - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Pyromancer - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2-3 Talisman of Exile
Tempest Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:50:26 am
Zephyr Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s) - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Defiler - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Glacius -
Enhanced Marchers - 2-4 Fortified Bracelets
Hellbringer - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2- Talisman of Exile
Puppet Master - Steam Boots (S) - Enhanced Marchers - Post haste - [/U]2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2- Talisman of Exile
Demented Shaman -
Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2-3 Talisman of Exile
Voodoo Jester - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets  OR
Torturer - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-4 Fortified Bracelets
Armaddon - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Behemoth - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste -
2  Fortified Bracelets OR - 2 - Talisman of Exile**
Hammerstorm - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (S) - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Jereziah - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s) - Post Haste - 2- Fortified Bracelets
Legionnare - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Predator - Post Haste - 2-Fortified Bracelets
Pebbles - Enhanced Marchers - 2 Talisman of Exile
** (no need for bracelets here, he has enough HP)
Keeper of the Forest -
Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - Usually none needed in early game.

Accursed - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2 Fortified Bracelets  OR- 2 Talisman of Exile
Devourer - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Electrician - Enhanced Marchers - Post Haste  - 2 Fortified Bracelets or - 2 Talisman of Exile
Kraken - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s) - 2 Fortified Bracelets or - 2 Talisman of Exile **
Pharaoh - Enhanced Marchers - 2-3 Fortified Bracelets
Pestilence - Enhanced Marchers - Steam Boots (s) - 2 Fortified Bracelets
Warbeast - Steam Boots (S) - Enhanced Marchers  - 2 Fortified Bracelets

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:51:34 am
1.2 Supportive Items

Now we move on to the supportive items. They are suitable for different types of heroes and brings more power to your team. Support items are not to be underestimted. If the hero name is in green its awesome on him. If in yellow its good/acceptable and if in red its really bad. I only mention if its bad if its necessary. I e i wont say that runed axe is bad on ranged heroes!

Astrolabe 2356 $


Heals all units for 250 hp in aoe. Good only if getten fast, before 20 minutes Very good item versus area of effect damage such as slither, behemoth or thungerbringer. Suitable item for the following heroes:

Nymphora: Possible first item.
Ophelia: Possible First item.
Demented Shaman: Possible First item.
Hellbringer: Possible first item.
Accursed: Possible first item
Jereziah: Good on him as a healer build/supporter build. Gotten after ring of sorcery if going for supporter build.
Electrician: Can be built if needed.

Not suitable for:

The rest.

Totem of Kuldra 5675 $


Gives the ability to disable a hero for 3.5 seconds. Very good against agility heroes that gets beefy in late game and other heroes main targets. Storm spirit (Euls staff) can be made if ur having crappy farm and your team are in great need of a disable.

Blacksmith: Main Item
Nymphora: Main Item
Thunderbringer: Main Item
Ophelia: Main item
Pyromancer: Main item
Hellbringer: Main item
Demented Shaman: Main item
Puppetmaster: Possible main item
Accursed: Possible main item:

Pollywog Priest: Double hex is good if facing alot of late game hero.
Defiler: Possible but there are better.
Voodoo Jester: Possible if facing alot of late game heroes.
Torturer: Possible as a supporter build.
Behemoth: Can be gotten after portal key.
Jereziah: Possible if facing alot of late game heroes.
Pebbles: Possible if facing alot of late game heroes.
Electrician: Possible item.

Ring of Sorcery 1700 $


Gives 300 mana and 135 mana in a aoe. Good support item:

Jereziah: Possible first item
Thunderbringer: Possible first item
Behemoth: Possible first item
Pyromancer: Possible first item (if to many bottles on team)
Blacksmith: Possible first item
Pebbles: Possible first item

Accursed: May be built as support, but not really nessesary
Kraken: Has a really constrained mana pool, can be useful.

Valkyrie: Very bad. Delays your damage items. Your manapool is sufficent with a bottle
Torturer: Very bad. Has alot better routes.
Devourer: Bad. Bottle is sufficent.

Restoration Stone 5300 $


Resets ur cooldowns. Good for heroes with a big ultimate. Beware of the big cooldown.

Pollywog priest: Very good. Double wards is strong
Keeper of the Forest: Very good. Double ulti is strong.
Hellbringer: Double Malphas is very good.
Behemoth: (im unsure of mechanics, but if it works as in dota, its very good) 

Pyromancer: Double ulti hurts.
Thunderbringer: 1000 global damage is ok, better than staff of the master.
Tempest: Good but u need alot of other gear. Portal key and Shrunken Head.

Abyssal skull 2025 $


Gives aura that grants lifesteal. Good if u need lifesteal but i want to mention some unorthodox heroes that can get this if you have a strong carry on ur team. Since its an aura ranged can carry it but they dont benefit from it. However, their melee team mates benefit from it. As an example: If you are chen, and have a ring of the teacher, dont be shy to build thisone so u can save madman 2k gold. He can then build other items instead.

Ophelia: She gets ring of the teacher for jungle, nice buildup.
Demented Shaman: Can get it to help the carry out.
Accursed: He benefits from it, and can get it to support.
Nymphora: She has monster farm and can get it.
Hellbringer: Can get it aswell.
War Beast: Core item (for faster jungeling)

General rule: Life steal is better in lategame and weaker in early game. It is good if u decied to farm in the jungle. Check lower in my post for in depth description of life steal.

Puzzlebox 5350 $


Great support item. Good for pushing. Currently a bit bugged but it will be solved. LvL 3 Puzzlebox minions can se invisiable units and wards.
Good if gotten fast. Get it directly as ur first big item if u chose this route.

Ophelia: Great as a first item if u skip Astrolabe route.
Pollywog priest: Can be good if u skip Staff of the master / Restoration uild.
Hellbringer: Always a good build.
Demented Shaman: A good build.
Puppet Master: A good build.
Electrician: A good build if u can farm it fast. (you gank alot)

Jereziah: Not as good as in dota due to his new slow.
Keeper of the Forest: Good route.
Pharaoh: Good if u can farm it.

1.3 Protective:

Barbed Armor 2700 $


Gives damage return active ability. Good on, no heroes, not even Legionarre. Its worthless, stay away from this at all costs.

Helm of the Black Legion 2275 $


Gives 300 hp, 5 hp regen, and on averege 26 damage block (0.65x40), all this in one itemslot. Im going to be honest with you, i never build this. As a general rule for this item: 26 damage block is very good vs creeps and jungle and heroes in early game / early mid. But later in mid game and lategame the block does not do much. 26 damage block vs 250 damage hero is as u know not much. Its also quite expensive, you pay alot for the block. Never the less, its good if you have a hard time surviving or is in desperate need of survival dont hesitate, get it. I personally prefer 2 or 3 bracers for 1000/1500 gold for 228 / 334 HP if im in desperate need of hp. Two different routes, you chose!

Legionnaire - Good if you face alot of physical damage. 3-5 heroes with no nukes and only physical attacks.

Good when ur doing really bad and facing alot of physical damage.

Magebane - This guy needs all the HP he can get and needs item slot.
Defilier - If you have done really bad and desperatly need some hp.
Armaddon - Works with his hard back. Quite good.

Bad when you are doing really well and surviving fine. If you do really well and want HP/Survival use that beast heart for a Behemoths Heart instead.

*Helm of the Black Legion is really a question about personal preferance and i wont debate it!

Shaman Headress 2350 $


Grants 10 magic armor which translates to 30 % additional reduce of magic damage. Good on tanks if facing casters 3-5. If you face 4-5 nukers, its always good. But i will list some heroes its bad on because there are better routes. Use ur own mind on this one. Never get it if you dont face any casters. General rule: High HP headdress is good. Low HP Headress isnt so good.

Devourer - Reduces rot damage taken

Legionnaire - Tank.
Armaddon - Tank.
Accursed - Tank supporter
Jereziah - Tank supporter, tends to get fokused and you want to support with repel
Pharaoh - roamer, usefull.
Electrician - Roamer, later tank
Kraken - Tank
Pebbeles - Tank
Wildsoul - Tankish
Zephyr - Semi Tankish.

Magebane - Its ok stacks with his spellshield. But he has a bit to low hp to get the full use of it.
Defiler - Useful if they have alot of spell damage (you usually stack HP so headress is good).

Nighthound - Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Swiftblade -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Moon Queen - Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Scout -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Valkyrie -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Arachna -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Blood Hunter -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Madman -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Soul stealer - Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Dark Lady -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Hammerstorm -
Shrunken Head better in this scenario
Pestilence -
Shrunken Head is better in this scenario

I think you get the point! Look at ur hero, is he a dps:er?
Shrunken head is the way. Is he a tank? Shaman Headress is the way. For the casters, chose either one. 

Shrunken Head 3910 $


Givies magic immunity that gets shorter for every time u use it. Use this on most agility heroes so that they cannot be stunned or disabled so they can dish out their damage. There is nothing more dangerous than a BKB:ed agility hero and nothing easier to kill than an agility hero without it. Its crap on tankers because it hinders them from fullfilling their role. If Legionnare uses Shrunken Head, opponent team are forced to fokus other heroes since they cant target him (which they are supposed to do). This item is generally what differs a new player from a experienced one. New players never get it, experienced do.

Soulstealer - Might be gotten portal key and post haste
Tempest - Note can be got after portal key
Voodoo Jester - So he can pull of full ulti if you go for Staff of the master route.
Glacius - Needs it for his ultimate.
Hammerstorm - Core item.
War Beast - Core item.
Blood hunter - Get it either as first item or after damage item.
Swiftblade - Get it after damage items.
Moon Queen - Core item
Scout - Get it after damage items.
Madman - Core item, possible first.
Dark Lady - Useful
Pestilence - Core item, possible first or second.

Arachna - If you get disabled or fokused alot, not core.
Valkyrie - If you get disabled or fokused alot, not core.
Night Hound - If you tend to die to fast from spells, not core.
Thunderbringer - If you are in a team where you tend to get fokused first or silenced Shrunken head is very useful.
Defiler - Can be useful, but generally she doesent need it since she deals damage even if hexed or disabeld, usually Shaman headdress is more usable since Defilers stack HP.
Torturer - Useful as a last item.

Jereziah - can use it if he gets disabled alot.
Keeper of the Forest - Can use it if he gets silenced and disabled alot.

Bad for:

Legionnaire - Tank, wants to be fokused
Accursed - Tank / support, also got his ultimate.
Armaddon - Tank, wants to be fokused.
Pebbeles - Tank, wants to be fokused
Electrician - Tank, wants to befokused
Kraken - Tank, wants to be fokused
Devourer - Tank, wants to be fokused.

Frostified Plate 4700 $


Grants a -25 ias aura for enemy team. Active ability that deals 200 damage and slows. Great supporter item but rarely gotten as first item. Its best to get as your second big item on following heroes:

Good for Tanks and Supporters

Thunderbringer - Can be got after first big item
Pyromancer - Can be got after first big item
Blacksmith -
Can be got after first big item
Nymphora - Can be got after first big item
Defiler - Can be got after Sacrifical Stone
Hellbringer -
Can be got after first big item
Zephyr -
Can be got for armor boost in lategame.
Torturer -
Can be got after Sacrifical Stone
Behemoth - Can be got after Portal Key
Pebbeles - Can be got after Portal Key and for armor.
Accursed - Can be got after first big item or as first big item.
Electrician - Can be got after first big item or as first big item.
Legionnare - For armor in lategame, after portal key and behemoths heart.
Keeper of the Forest - Can be gotten for mana in the restoration stone build

Bad for:

Agility heroes and damage per second heroes.

Sacrifical Stone 5050 $


Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:51:54 am
Grants HP bonus and MP bonus, and 200% mana regen and 6hp regen. Whenever you net a frag, you get a charge that adds 2 mp/hp regen. Its only good if you get it pretty fast. General rule, if ur hero is a intelligence carry or needs massive manapool / regen its good. Good for:

Defiler - Core item
Torturer - Can be a core item if you go that route
Thunderbringer - He nets frags and needs mana and hp bad. Imho Kuldra build is better.
Pollywog Priest - It can be dissembled for restoration / staff of the master build
Blacksmith - Benefits well, needs mana aswell.

Electrician: Benefits well, but he has a hard time netting frags
Axe: It can be useful.

Pyromancer: Should get other items, posted above.
Nymphora: Should get other items, posted above.
Voodoo Jester: Should get other items.
Demented Shaman: Should get other items.
Zephyr: Should get other items.
All Agility heroes: BAD
Behemoths heart 5550 $


Adds a around 1000 hp and massive hp regen. Good for all heroes sooner or later. Get it sooner or later if you want survival. Its rarely a core item, more concidered a luxury item. Since its useful sooner or later i will only mention some special heroes where its more considered good than luxury. Never hesitate to get this if you die to easy in lategame.

Legionnaire - Tank who forces heroes to fokus him.
Armaddon - Low strength gain. Needs this to get really tough to slaughter. Synergies well with his hardend back.
Devourer - More HP, more decay power! Good for him

Can be got on every strength after damage items are finished.

Pebbles - Needs armor more than HP. He has a great strength gain but very low armor gain.

Symbol of Rage: 6150 $


Grants 475 HP and 25% lifesteal. Active ability increases lifesteal. Generaly considered to be one of the worse items in dota. Its the definition of the extreme luxury. Get it as your last item if you are rich.

Moon Queen: Its ok on her in dota due to the lack of items she can effectivly use. But here its a bit meh.

Bad on all heroes except as a luxury deluxe for agility heroes.

Demonic Breast Plate 6050


Grants massive armor, massive ias (40 % +15 % aura), +5 armor bonus to heroes and creeps and -5 armor aura for enemy units and a +15 ias aura.
Luxury item. General rule: Get it if you need armor in lategame.

Pebbels: Can be got as first item after portal key.
Soulstealer: Can get this if he goes for desolator build

Legionnare - Get after blink dagger, Behemoths heart if you dont make frostified.
Devourer - Get after behemoths heart if you dont make frostified.
Pestilence - Can be got as luxury
Hammerstorm - Can be got as luxury
Luna moonfang - Can be gotten as luxury in dota, but here in hon its a bit meh since she can use more items.
Wildsoul - Can be got as luxuery
Armaddon - Can be got after behemoths heart if you dont make Frostified.
Predator - Can be got after damage items.

Generaly not that good on agility heroes since the item is very similar to Wingbow for them. Wingbow is better for agility.  

Assassins Shroud 3610 $


Gives the ability to windwalk. General rule: Its only good versus people that do not buy anti-invisiablity gear like blue wards or Dust of true Sight. The worse the players are, the better this item gets and the better the players are, the worse this item is.

Not directly good on any hero vs people that can play except one.

Slither - Only hero that i will list in green. Good for escaping after you used ulti or for placing the perfect one. (Risky if they got anti-invis).

Soulstealer - Can be gotten for escape and initiation.
Arachna - Can be gotten for escape.
Moon Queen - I want to list this as red but thats a bit harsh. Can be useful.

On pure initiation heroes. Portal key is better.
On any hero that has blink.
Also think twice about building this if you already have another invis hero in your team, like madman or nighthound. It will increace the incentives for the opponent team to buy stuff that can se invisiability.

---> Scout has true sight on his wards. Risky <---
---> Countered by Dust of Revelation, Puzzle Box and ward of true sight thus a waste of gold versus good players since they always buy dust vs assassins shroud<----

Behemoth - Portal Key.
Pebbels - Portal key.
Legionnare - Portal key.
Voodoo Jester - Moved down from yellow to red. Cant go invis while channeling ulti anymore.
Thx ShadowCamsy for this.
Pretty worhless on the heroes that ive not mentioned.

Null Stone 5175 $


Gives 15 to all stats, 150% mana regen and 6 hp regen per second (285 HP / 195 MP) . It also gives the ability to block 1 spell every 20 seconds. Considired bugged, does not currently block all spells (will get fixed).

Ill be harsh on this one, it is really bad. The spellblock (even if fixed) is easily counterd by a phoney spell. For instance a player can throw a mediocre spell on you (i e. lvl 1 terrify, legionnaires damage over time spell) and then you are free to target for 20 seconds.

Secondly its way of too expensive. Behemoths Heart costs only 300 more and gives 1000 hp compared to this 285 HP. Heck, even Helm of the black Legion gives more HP than thisone for 3000 gold less. Even Hack and Slash is better than this one in term of survival and stats for less gold! By the time you have farmed this 195 MP does not do a great difference!
If you want spellblock, go for the reliable Shrunken Head for 3910 gold.

It also consists of a bad buildup containing 1) expensive recepie, 1325 gold 2) Blessed orb, 10 to all stats for 2100 gold is considered bad!

Avoid at all costs. Only good versus a really bad pyromancer who iniates with his ultimate on you the entire game and never understanding why he does not deal any damage with it.  

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:53:05 am
1.4 Combative Items

With combative items we increase our damage output. All casters should avoid combative items except for Codex. This is probably the hardest part to write what items are good to what hero becuase its very situational. My suggestion for all the new players is to TRY the different items and not getting stuck in the Runed Axe for every hero build. I will once again state that this is based ONLY ON MY OPINIONS and are by no means "facts" . So here is my take on this:

Elders Parasite 1950 $


Grants life steal bonus and berserk active. Berserk Active gives you 75 % attackspeed and some movement speed bonus. But you take 20% increased damage. This item is dangerous and not recommended unless you know what you are doing. However its worth mentioning on 2 heroes.

Hammerstorm - His ulti synergies good with this.
Chronos - He can safely attack the target.

Avoid on the rest of the heroes. 20 % increase is quite hefty unless you know what ur doing!

Codex 2850 +1300 for upgrade $


The Codex is very situational. It gives a burst damage of 400 at lvl 1 (reduced to 300), and can be upgraded 5 times for 1300 gold per upgrade. Each upgrade gives 100 damage (75 after reduction). As a general rule: Get this only if you have gotten really rich early and the other team is underlevled and only if they have alot of weak heroes. Another general rule: Upgrade costs 1300 gold for 75 extra damage, think twice before upgrading it. Dont use it for steals only, use it as a primary nuke or a finisher.

 Usable for:

Voodoo Jester - Its synergy with his curse is good. Get it fast if your gonna get it! But usually its better to let another hero in the team nuke the cursed hero, but if you dont have any nukers in your team, feel free to get Codex.

Pyromancer - if gotten fast and they are underlevled.
Pebbles - If you gotten monster farm (beware of the mana restrictions + only if they are underleveled)
Blacksmith - If they are unde... You get the point =)
Electrician - If th...  

Scout - He cant farm it fast enough and its better for him to go dps route.
Torturer: Needs other items, constrained mana, and 6 second cd nuke.
Defiler - She has 5 second cooldown on her nuke and is always mana constrained.
Nymphora - Its always better to go for the support route.

Runed Axe 4350 $


Runed axe, probably the most common damage item in pubs. If its a good or bad item is another thing. The splash damage has minimum impact in teamfights except for when playing with tempest. However it gives +65 damage for only 4350 gold with a nice build up wich is nice. Its not useless on any dps hero, its only that imho there are other better routes like the shield breaker that deals more damage. Its also quite good for farming in the jungle in the lane however, you should always try to last hit, so there the splash shouldnt matter (in theory). Its always easy to kill creeps with 65+ damage. Its also a VERY good as a last item if the game is very long for faster push.
Lets not start a big discussion about it!

Good for:

Swiftblade - Gives fast damage for his ult and fast farm in jungle, core item.
Madman - Gives fast damage and fast farm in jungle. This is contested for sure :P.

Jereziah - Well id say it works, but there are better builds, supporter build.
Kraken - Sure it works
Chronos - works but there are better.
Dark Lady - it works.  

Accursed - He is not a dpser, he is a supporter. He attacks to slow to utilize Runed Axe.
Pestilence - There are alot better items for him (Shuriken head/Shieldbraker/
insanitarius or Hack and Slash)
War Beast - There are alot better items for him (Shuriken/shieldbreaker/insanitarius
Legionnare - He needs HP not damage, he already farms like a god.
Armaddon - He turns his back in fights, cant really attack.
Mage Bane- This is not Dota, here we can put orbs on him!
Pharaoh - He is not a dps:er
Night hound - quite bad. There are alot better routes.
Blood hunter - There are alot better builds.
Hammerstorm - There are better builds. No need to stack cleave.
Predator - There are better builds.

Strength heroes - In general they attack to slow to gain good benefit from the 65 + damage fast damage.

Hellflower 5025 $


Adds +40 damage, +20 int, 30 ias and 225% mana regen. Active ability that silences a target for 5 seconds and makes them take 20% extra damage during the duration (damage delt at end of duration). Nice supporter item, useful for intelligence heroes that deal damage but its a bit inferior to Totem of Kuldra. Very useful versus Tempest and Keeper of the Forest so they cant get ulti out. Very useful versus units with blink/leap/charge aswell. Currently we are lacking heroes that this is really good on. In Dota we had enchantress, Harbringer and silencer that could make really good use of it.

Good on:

Puppet master - Very strong on him.
Good vs Tempest so he cant pull his ulti off.
Good vs Keeper of the Forest (Typo fixed :P). So he cant pull his ulti off.  
Good vs Leap/Charge/Blink abilites since it silences for 5 seconds.

Valkyrie - can be used on her.
Hellbringer - Can be used on him.

Generally Totem of Kuldra is better.

Mock of Brilliance 5325 $


Radiance (in dota)! Gives sparkels that deal 35 damage every second within 550 range. Great for farming and making your tank more dangerous. Hard to farm and needs to be farmed within 30 minutes to be useful. Its great for chasing and disabling Portal key.

Keeper of the Forest - Great item for him.
Zephyr - Great item for him. Brilliance aura kills creeps, gives cyclones.
Armaddon - Core item.
Blood hunter - Mock of brilliance kills creeps, HP for him.
Wildsoul - Great on his summon.

Pharaoh - If u can farm it, its good, but ur supposed to roam.
Jereziah - Its ok for him.
Accursed - Very meh. But it works.
Electrician - Same as Pharaoh.
Legionnare - If you have monster farm.

Savage Mace 5400 $


Gives 80 damage, 15 % IAS and 35% chance to deal a ministun that deals 100 magical damage. Good for heroes with fast attackspeed. Its considered to be a bit weak. Shield breaker gives more damage / gold and outshines this beast. But if you can get savage mace farmed then ur set.

Magebane - Has fast attackspeed.
Madman - Fast ias, critical. This item is good for him.
Moon Queen - Rumor has it that mini stun proccs on every bounce.
Scout - gives good damage.
Arachna - Very good for her. She can farm it quite fast, and it counters her weakness to enemies with town portal (ministun cancel it).
Dark Lady - If you can farm it, its good.

Nighthound - Has better builds.
Blood hunter - Its ok, but there is better builds. He needs something to splash on creeps.
Valkyrie - Its ok, but there are better.
Swiftblade - Its ok but there are better.
Soulstealer - Its ok, but there are better.
Warbeast - its ok, but there are better.

Bad on: Strength heroes, they attack to slow to benefit to full extent (except warbeast).

Flayer 5800 $


Ill keep this short. It gives damage and critical strike. Good as your second big damage item but never as your first. Considered luxury. Its bad on heroes with a critical strike, it stacks with dimishing returns.

Arachna - Second damage item.
Hammerstorm - Can be used after some increased attack speed gear.
Night Hound - Can be got as second damage item
Moon Queen - Can be got as second damage item
Valkyrie - Can be got as last damage item
Blood Hunter - Can be got as last damage item
Soulstealer - Can be got as last damage item.
Dark Lady - Can be got as last damage item.
Predator - Can be got as last damage item.
Swiftblade - Has critical
Madman - Has critical
Scout - Has critical
Other heroes with critical :P.

*Note this is in dota, if anyone can confirm would be good.

Wingbow 6000 $


Gives 30 agility, 30 damage, 30 ias, 30 evasion. Increases EHP (estimated hitpoints) vs physical with 1.43 if im not mistaken. Good for most agility heroes. Get it usually as ur second big item since its hard to farm, and builds from very bad parts. Dancing blade +25 agility for 3300 gold is the worst item in the game. Bad on heroes with evasion.

Good on agility heroes without evasion.
Nighthound - Benefits very nice from this.
Chronos - Benefits fully from the evasion giving him 55% chance to evade physical attacks.

Can work on strength heroes as ultra luxury if the team already has demonic brestplate.

Bad on:

Scout - Evasion
Other heroes with evasion.
Slither - He is not a dps:er

Staff of the master 6000 $

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:53:26 am
Gives 500 hp, and 500 mana and 30 + intelligence. Boosts some ultimates in the game. Good for some heroes:

Voodoo Jester - His ultimate gains alot from this.
Pollywog priest - His ultimate gains alot from this, Core item
Torturer - Good item, but there are a bit better builds. I put him in green though.

Pyromancer - Gives additional 300 damage on ultimate. Its ok but dagon gives the same. Its ok to get if you went for the fun restoration orb build!

Moon Queen - Avoid at all cost. Doesnt benefit ur ultimate that much
Thunderbringer - Does not boost enough.
Glacius - Cant farm it + Shrunken Skull + Portal Key in an averege game.

Useless for heroes that doesnt benefit from the ulti-boost.

Insanitaurus 2850 $


Gives good stats stats, +5 armor, +15 ias, + 9 damage and an active ability that 25 strength, + 31 damage and +10 attack speed. It damages you for 35 HP / second while activiated. Very good for fast damage on strength heroes. Its gives more damage in teamfights than Battlefury for only 2850 gold. General rule: Can be used for strength heroes that goes for the Shrunken Head.

Predator - Core item
Pestilence - Can be used
War Beast - Can be used

Hammerstorm - Can be used, but he already has fast damage (his ult). There are better gear.
Jereziah - If you go dps route, imho supporter is better.

Armaddon - Turns his back in fights.
Pharaoh - He is not a dps.
Accursed - He is not a dps.
Behemoth - He is more of a caster.
Pebbles - Does not give enough ias, and he already has enough damage .
Devourer - Does not deal damage with his physical attack. Needs other gear.

1.5 Morph Attacks
These abilitys gives ur attack some kind of side effect. If im not misstaken there are no conflicts between them like in dota. The Mophs that do not work with eachother are labled as "Attack modifier".

Brutalizer 3100 $


The good old basher. In 5v5 the ability to permabash is not particularly good. However you can get this as a last luxury item for the following heroes. HUK, noticed its only 1 second bash, not 1.4 as in DOTA. Cooldown 2 seconds...

Never get this item. In dota its a 1.4 second stun, here its 1 second. I consider it useless. In dota it could be useful as a last slot item for (only ported heroes listed):

Magebane - Last slot item.
Warbeast - Last slot item.

Nullifire Blade 3300 $


Gives very good stats, 22 agility, 6 intelligence, and the ability to burn 27 mana per attack. Also comes with 10 (!) charges of purge, which dispells spells and slows for 80% to 0 percent over 4-5 seconds. Has a great buildup to Geometers bane. Powerful item for most agility heroes. Powerful for all supporters if playing against Jereziah so u can purge away his Ultimate and his spellshield. Also dispels Hammerstorms Ultimate.

One player in the team should ALWAYS get this if playing vs Jereziah.

Nighthound - Can be Core item.
Moon Queen - Can be used.
Scout - Can be used.
Valkyrie - Can be Core item
Arachna - Can be used.
Chronos - Can be used.
Slither - Can be used. Good candidate to use it vs Jereziah.
Madman - Can be used.
Soulstealer - Can be used.

Listing some good candidates if you play vs Jereziah:

Blood Hunter - (Changed) Can be useful however i feel that there are better gear. Useful vs Jereziah.
Pyromancer - Only vs Jereziah
Nymphora - Only vs
Ophelia - Only vs Jereziah
Glacius - Only vs Jereziah
Hellbringer - Only vs Jereziah
Accursed - Only vs Jereziah

Magebane - Does not stack with his own manaburn.

Geometers Bane 5800 $


The natural next step from Nullifireblade. Currently bugged, does not grant 250 hp although beastheart is a part of it. Ranged illusions gane mana burn (50 manaburn). I hope it gets reworked so ranged illusions does not get manaburn ability but that the item itself adds +250 hp like in dota.

Gives the active ability to create 2 illusions of you that deal less damage, and takes extra damage. Build up only after Nullifireblade is out of charges. Works best paired with a behemoths heart or a Wingbow

Can be used to dispel Keeper of the Forests ultimate. Can be used to dispel Slithers ultimate. Always get this as your dps item vs Keeper of the forest.

Good for all dps:

Luna Moonfang
Madman - In very lategame.
All ranged DPS.

Chronos - Cant use illusions inside his ultimate. Great in dota, bad here.

Shieldbreaker 4420 $


The king of dps items. Very cost efficent. Adds 60 damage and gives -6 armor to the enemy u attack for 5 seconds (longer than in dota). This makes your allies attacks hit harder on the target aswell.
The most cost efficient damage item. Very good vs low armor heroes i. e. Strength heroes and Intelligence heroes. A bit weaker vs High armor heroes i. e. agility heroes. Becomes a bit weaker as the heroes stack more armor.

Valkyrie - Can be core item.
Arachna - Can be core item.
Night hound - Can be core item allthough nullifire blade is better.
Scout - Can be core item.
Swiftblade - Very good for fast damage to his ult. Get after Battlefury.
Chronos - Can be core item.
Madman - can be core item.
Soulstealer - can be got, stacks with his - armor aura.
Dark Lady - can be got.
Predator - Core item.
War beast - Core item.
Pestilence - Can be got.

Very good vs strength heroes.
Very good vs intelligence heroes.

Very good if you play with Defiler since her ultimate is Physical Damage.

Bloodseeker - can be got but usually wants other items.
Magebane - bit meh.

Bad for intelligence heroes and non-dps heroes.
Not so good vs agility heroes.

Armaddon - Only reason i mention this is that i noticed it beeing recommended in a guide. He turns his back in fights for better tanking. Sure Shield Breaker boosts his Spine bursts... But that means thats its even a better item on all the heroes that can wield it if you play with Armaddon.


Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:54:20 am
Hack and Slash 5000 $

The jack of all trades. You get a little bit of every thing and maim ability. Maim slows a target for 5 seconds and has a 16% chance to procc and gives a good ms-bonus. Best gotten if you cant farm since the buildup is really easy.

Pestilence - Great item on this hero after Shrunken Head. Grants you maximum MS.

Good if you have a really hard time farming anything. Since Hack/Slash are good items that gives nice build up and bonuses.

Magebane - Its ok on him.
Dark Lady - Ok on her.
Madman - ok on him if you have 0 farm.
Night hound - ok on him if you have 0 farm.
Swifblade - ok on him if you have 0 farm.
Bloodseeker - ok if you have 0 farm.
Moon Queen - Ok if you have 0 farm.
Warbeast - Ok if you have 0 farm.
Predator - Ok if you have 0 farm.

*Note 0 zero farm is if you rip alot and cant get any other gear up except small pieces.

Valkyrie - Bad on her, she needs better damage to carry.
Arachna - Bad on her, really does not need maim.
Jereziah - Does not need maim and does not give satisfactory bonuses.
Accursed - Does not need this.
Pharaoh - Does not need this.

Charged Hammer 6650 $


Grants alot of damage, and a powerful chain lightning that deals 200 damage and procs 20% of the time. Has an active ability that gives a unit a 20% chance to release a 200 damage lightning if attacked. Very expensive, get only if you have very good farm. Not a very common item since its very expensive and in most cases outshiend by Wingbow.  

Valkyrie - Good if you go for Charged hammer / frostwolf build.
Blood hunter - It bounces to creeps giving you HP when you kill them.

Arachna - Can use this.
Soulstealer - Can use this as main damage item.
Generally considered not so good on melee heroes. Better on ranged heroes since they can attack from range and procc more lightnings.

Bad for strength heroes and int heroes.

Frostwolf Skull 6550 $


Grants 25 to all stats 200 hp and 150 mana (675 HP / 475 mana) . And slows targets on attack. Always bad as your first item since its so expensive and the bonuses arent that great. Get this as second or third item if you need the slow and hp / mana. Can be got instead of behemoths heart on ranged units. Generally only used on heroes that can farm really well.

Valkyrie - Good for her if you went for the charged hammer build.
Soulstealer - Good for him if you go for a defensive build.

Nymphora - Ok after all your core items are got and you need survival.
Ophelia -
Ok after all your core items are got and you need survival.
Pyromancer -
Ok after all your core items are got and you need survival.
Defiler -
Ok after all your core items are got and you need survival.
Puppet Master -
Ok after all your core items are got and you need survival.
Torturer - Ok as final item.
Electrician - Ok if you can farm it. Point booster is great for him anyways, can be used as survival.

Generally considered bad for Strength heroes since behemoths heart is better on them, and cheaper.

1.6 Random stuff

Some worth to mention items.

Alchemist Bones 1900 $


Grants the ability to turn a creep to gold. Only good if gotten fast as your absolute first item. By fast i mean that u have farmed 1900 gold before 13-14 minutes. If you get it to late it wont pay off. If these conditions are met use it for:

Keeper of the Forest

Bad on the rest of the heroes and bad on all heroes if got after 15 minutes.

Portal Key 2150 $


Gives the ability to blink a certain distance.

Tempest - Core item
Legionnaire - Core item
Behemoth - Core item
Pebbels - Core item (so you can blink in and toss 1 oponent to your team)
Glacius - Core item (if you are not doing wards).
Kraken - Very good for positioning ultimate. Charge ulti often fails.

Pyromancer - Optional item
Pollywog Priest - Optional item
Thunderbringer - Optional item
Soulstealer - Optional item
Keeper of the Forest - If you have a really hard time getting ulti off
Devourer - Quite fun on him.
Torturer - Optional item.
Voodoo Jester - Optional item.

Life Steal ~ 2000 $

( (

The life steal debate. Generally life steal is not considered a very good investment in the beginning of the game in damage terms. Life steal versus heroes before you deal any good damage is pretty useless. It does not help you survive a gank, nor does it help you if you get fokused in team fights. It does not work if you are stunned or disabeld and doesnt regen you fast enough after a heavy nuke or two. It is also bad versus creeps in the lane, its very easy to avoid creep lane damage and you dont regen fast enough if you have taken damage from a hero since you should be last hitting! So what does it do? It costs you 2000 k gold, delaying your good gear for nothing unless... You decide to use it as a farming tool in the jungle!

Its very good if you decide to farm in the jungle since 1) you take damage from jungle creeps 2) you need a way to stay in the jungle. So if you get this early game its generally for jungle purposes. Keep this in mind. Also if you want to farm the jungle you need a hero that does it fast. Because if you do it slow its generally better to farm in a lane, gives you more gold and more exp. In other words, the hero needs to be able to dish out acceptable damage versus creeps in early game / mid game. Usually the melee agility are capable of this by lvl 10-11.

In late game however when you have a hero who dish out tons of damage and can not get stunned (because of shrunken) life steal does a difference. So my general rule, if you want to farm the jungle get it. Dont get it if you have no intentions of farming the jungle. However you can get it in lategame because of the good impact it does when you dish out heavy damage.

Remember, this is my take on life steal. I know all players do not agree about this!

The heroes that can use this as a jungle tool

Magebane (Whispering helm or Abyssal skull)
Moon Queen (Whispering Helm)
Chronos (preferably elders parasite)
Warbeast (Abyssal skull)
Madman (Whispering helm)

If the other team does not have any stuns or disabels its good aswell if you have an agility hero that deals good damage.

Remember to use Whispering helm to convert a creep, send it back to the base to stack 10-12 up for later pushes or Kongor Party.

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:54:44 am

Bottle 600 $


Not really bad on any heroes. But there are some heroes that benefit very much from Bottle. Get it after starting gear, sometimes before boots of speed, sometimes after boots of speed, or as soon as you have farmed 1100 gold for boots + bottle. Sell this one later if you need item slots.

Soulsteeler - Core item
Valkyrie - Core item
Devourer - Core item
Thunderbringer - Core item
Pyromancer - Core item
Slither - Core item
Pollywog Priest - Core item
Torturer - Core item
Blacksmith - Core item
Voodoo Jester - Core item
Behemoth - Core item
Pebbels - Core item
Pharaoh - Core item
Kraken - Possible for reducing his mana problems.

Electrician - Optional
Hammerstorm - Optional
Swiftblade - Optional
Accursed - Optional
Jereziah - Optional
Armaddon - Optional
Glacius - Optional
Defiler - Optional
Madman - Optional
Moon Queen - Optional
Scout - Optional
Nymphora - Optional
Demented Shaman - Optional

200 $

( (

Buying wards and placing them ensures a team victory. Most important spots to ward are the cliffs near the runes. Use sentry wards to remove other team wards or use in the lane to show invisiable uints making laning easier. Some heroes are very good warders since they dont need so much gear to be useful. These heroes can buy ward of sight / ward of revelation all game long and still be useful. Here is my list of the most potent wardhoes:

Demented Shaman

Homecoming Stone 135 $


The second best item in the game. Thats right only boots of speed are better. Always carry 1 or 2 of these. Good for escaping ganks, defending towers, getting fast ganks, finding good farm first (pushed lanes to your side). This is the item that makes a good player. ALWAYS CARRY IT.

Good for all heroes. Dont be cheap and skip this. Always have 1 in your inventory, it actually gains you gold and saves you gold! Dont get decieved by its 135 gold cost. Also its a direct counter to Arachna and Blood Hunters ultimate!

1.7 Recommended build

I want to be clear on this. Every hero has several item builds. These are not written in stone and you should experiment and find your own. I just want to help the new players with these. Let me say it again. There are several builds, if you want to know them all read a hero specific guide :).

This is what i recommend for every hero (sell smaller items like soulscream rings or fortified bracers) to get room for bigger ones later):

Green item name = get this first after starting gear
Orange item name = your first big item
Purple item name = your second big item
Light purple item name = Your third big item
Red item name = Luxury
Teal item name =  get this at any time, not to late

If you see a / (dash) in the builds it means "OR".

*Note. Get the starting gear suggested earlier in the thread. Boots of speed should be gotten with your first 500 farmed gold. Upgrade to steamboots or marchers after OR before fortified bracelets/soulscream rings/Talisman of exile
*Good parts in a item can be gotten earlier, I E Ring of Health if you make Runed axe or Beast heart if you make Geometers bane! Also remember that the Glowstone is one of the best items in the game!
*Again: There are several builds for all heroes.

Carry / Semi-Carry = Dishes out alot of damage if well farmed. Should concern more about farming than ganking so he gets useful in late game. Semi Carry is kind of a reserve carry. They can carry a bit but they lose in lategame to the real carrys.
Ganker = Hero that assists the team by ganging other heroes. Generally does not need alot of farm, thus should not farm. Should be more concerned about his level.
Roamer = Ultra ganker. Should be running around all the lanes trying to gank and putting pressure on the other team. Generally needs very low farm, and level is not the biggest cocern
= Supporter supports the team, duh. Helps weak heroes in the lane, heals tank / carry in team fights and so on.
Pusher = Pushers can gank but are good on putting pressure when you push or have special sieging abilities.
Tank = tanks for the team, stands in the front line, last out from the fights.
Initiator = Starts your team fights, dies first often.
Jungler = Farms the jungle from lvl 1 and support the lane next to him with ganks.

There are sub-categorys to all these and mixtures... I e Thunderbringer is a Ganker/Pusher and he is also a sub category like Chain nuker, because he has several nukes that can be used at a fast speed. Also Demented Shaman who is a supporter, have is also a baby-siter since he can protect carries in the lane early game (letting him farm and protecting him at all costs). Remember, all heroes can gangbang, but some are better on it. All you good players that reads this, remember, this post is adressed for new players only so they get atleast a minor grasp and again, nothing is written in stone!

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
Post by: evilleader on August 11, 2009, 11:56:15 am

Nighthound (carry): Steam boots (agility or strength) - Soulscreem ring x2/x3 -
Nullifire Blade -Wingbow - Geometers Bane - Flayer/Behemoths heart

Swiftblade (carry): Enhanced marchers - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x OR fortified bracelet 2x - Runed axe -Shieldbreaker - Shrunken Head - Wingbow - Life steal

Magebane (carry): Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x OR fortified bracelet 2x - Helm of the Black Legion -Hack and Slash - Wingbow - Life steal (can be got earlier) - Behemoths heart - Flayer - Brutalizer -
Life Steal

Moon Queen (carry): Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Whispering Helm - Shrunken Head/Assassins shroud - Wingbow - Flayer/Symbol of rage

Scout (ganker/carry): Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Shieldbreaker OR Nullifire blade OR Runed Axe - Shrunken Head- Lifesteal

Valkyrie (ganker / semi-carry): Bottle - Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Nullifire Blade - Wingbow- Geometers Bane - Flayer

Valkyrie 2 (ganker / semi-carry) : Bottle - Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Shieldbreaker - Wingbow- Flayer

Valkyrie  3 (Carry build): Bottle - Alchemist Bones (optional) - Post Haste - Charged hammer - Frostwolf skull - Flayer

Wildsoul (Tank Carry) - huge item possiblities, check specific guides.

Arachna (carry)
: Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Shieldbreaker or Savage Mace - Wingbow- Flayer/Behemoths Heart - Assassins Shroud

Chronos (Carry): Steam boots (Strength/agility) - Soulscreem ring 2x/3x - Alchemist Bones - Shieldbreaker or Nullifire Blade - Wingbow- Flayer/Behemoths Heart - Runed Axe

Slither (roamer/initiator): Bottle - Enhanced marchers - Fortified Bracelets 2x/3x - Assassins shroud -Wards - Otherwise random dps gear, i never build this one as damage dealer.

Blood Hunter (ganker / carry): Enhanced marchers OR Steamboots - Fortified Bracelets 2x/3x OR Soulscream rings - Mock of Brilliance -Shrunken head - Wingbow

Title: Re: General: The Big Item Guide
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- Flayer / Life steal

Madman (carry):  Steamboots - Fortified Bracelets 2x OR Soulscream rings - Shrunken Head -Runed Axe / Shieldbreaker / Savage Mace - Wingbow - Behemoths heart  - Whispering Helm

Soulstealer 1 (carry):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets - Shrunken Head - Post haste -Nullifire Blade - Wingbow/Behemoths heart - Geometers Bane

Soulstealer 2 (carry):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets - Portal Key - Post haste - Shrunken Head-Nullifire Blade - Wingbow/Behemoths heart - Geometers Bane 

Soulstealer 3 (carry):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets - Portal Key (optional) - Post haste - Shrunken Head (get before post haste if you dont make portal key) - Shieldbreaker - Behemoths heart [/B]                      - Demonic Breast Plate

Dark Lady (carry) - No build currently available.


Blacksmith (ganker):
Bottle / Ring of Sorcery - Fortified Braclets / Talismans - Totem of Kuldra / Sacrifical Stone- Totem of kuldra (if you got sacrifical stone) - Behemoths heart / Frostified plate                       - Enhanced  Marchers / Post Haste / wards

Nymphora (Supporter): Bottle (optional) - Fortified Braclets / Talismans - Astrolabe- Totem of kuldra - Frostified plate / Frostwolf Skull                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / wards

Thunderbringer (Ganker/Pusher): Bottle / Ring of Sorcery - Fortified Braclets / Talismans -Totem of kuldra / Sacrifical Stone - Totem of kuldra (if you made sacrifical stone) - Frostified plate / Behemoths Heart                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / Wards

Ophelia 1 (Jungler/Roamer/Pusher):
Ring of the teacher / Fortified Braclets - Puzzlebox- Totem of Kuldra - Frostified plate / Frostwolf skull                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / Wards

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Ophelia 2 (Jungler/Roamer/Pusher): Ring of the teacher / Fortified Braclets - Astrolabe- Totem of Kuldra - Frostified plate / Frostwolf skull                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / Wards

Ophelia 3 (Jungler/Roamer/Pusher): Ring of the teacher / Fortified Braclets -Totem of kuldra  - Frostwolf skull - Frostified plate                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / Wards

Pollywog priest (Disabler/Ganker/Pusher): Bottle - Fortified Braclets  -Staff of the master - Restoration Stone - Totem of Kuldra / Behemoths Heart                       - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste

Pyromancer (Ganker): Bottle - Fortified Braclets/Talisman of exile  - Totem of Kuldra - Staff of the master (after totem of kuldra its free for you to get whatever) - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste / wards

Tempest (Jungler/Ganker/Pusher/Initiator): Ring of the teacher - Fortified Braclets  -Portal Key - Shrunken head - Totem of Kuldra                      - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste

Zephyr (Semi-carry / Semi tank):  Fortified Braclets  -Mock of Brilliance - Behemoths Heart - Frostified Plate / Demonic Breast Plate - Totem of Kuldra - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Shamans Headress (optional if there are alot of nukers)

Defiler (Carry/Pusher): Bottle (optional) - Fortified Braclets (optional)  -Sacrifical Stone (Sustainer/Point booster first) - Frostified Plate - Behemoths Heart                      - Totem of Kuldra / Frostwolf skull - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Shaman Headress (optional if there are alot of nukers, get after sacrifical stone).

Glacius (Roamer/Ganker):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets  -Wards/Wards/Wards - Shrunken Head - Portal Key - Totem of Kuldra / Frostified plate / Staff of the Master - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste -

Hellbringer (Pusher/Semi ganker):  Fortified Braclets - Alchemist bones (optional)  -Astrolabe / Totem of Kuldra / Puzzlebox / Restoration Stone - Totem of kuldra if you made Astrolabe, Puzzlebox or Restoration Stone - Frostified Plate - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Wards.

Puppet Master (Disabler/Ganker):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets - Hellflower - Totem of kuldra / Frostwolf skull - Random Damage item can work - Enhanced Marchers / Steam Boots.

Glacius (Roamer/Ganker):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets  -Wards/Wards/Wards - Shrunken Head - Portal Key - Totem of Kuldra / Frostified plate / Staff of the Master - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste -

Demented Shaman (Supporter/semi-ganker/Baby-sit):  Bottle/Ring of the Teacher - Fortified Braclets  -Astrolabe - Totem of Kuldra - Random stuff - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Wards.

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Torturer (Ganker):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets  - Sacrifical Stone - Frostified Plate - Shrunken Head / Behemoths Heart / Totem of Kuldra - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste.

Torturer (Roamer):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets x3 - Wards- Totem of Kuldra- Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste.

Voodoo Jester (cooming soon, missed him, got several builds on him):


Armaddon (Tank):  Bottle (optional) - Fortified Braclets x2/3  - Mock of Brilliance - Behemoths Heart - Demonic Breast Plate / Frostified Plate  - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Shaman Headress.

Behemoth (Initiator / ganker / anti-pusher):  Bottle / Ring of sorcery (optional) - Talismans of exile  - Portal Key - Frostified Plate - Totem of Kuldra - Behemoths Heart - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste

Hammerstorm (Carry/ Semi-ganker):  Bottle - Fortified Braclets  - Shrunken Head - Whispering Helm/ Elders Parasite - Warpcleft (optional) - Behemoths Heart / Flayer / Demonic Breast Plate - Steamboots (strength) *Note, some people like insanitaurus on this, i dont. In that case get it before or after shrunken head and skip Warpcleft/Demonic and go for Behemoths Heart.

Jereziah (Supporter):  Bottle /Ring of Sorcery (optional) - Fortified Braclets  - Astrolabe/Puzzlebox - Behemoths Heart/Totem of Kuldra - Demonic Breast Plate - (Behemoths heart if you went for Totem of Kuldra) / Frostified Plate  - Enhanced Marchers / Post Haste - Shaman Headress.

Legionnare (Initiator / Tank / Semi-carry):  Bottle (optional) - Helm of the Black Legion (Optional)  - Portal Key - Behemoths heart- Frostified Plate/Demonic Breast Plate - Enhanced Marchers - Shaman Headress (if you face 2 or more casters).

Predator (Carry): Fortified Bracelets x2  - Insanitarius - Shield Breaker - Behemoths heart/Demonic Breast Plate - Steam Boots.

Pebbles (Ganker/Roamer/Initiator): Bottle - Talisman of exile x2  - Portal Key - Demonic Brest Plate / Totem of Kuldra - If you got Demonic Breast Plate build Flayer - If you got Kuldra get Frostified Plate or Demonic Breast Plate - Steam Boots.

Keeper of the Forest (Carry/Supporter): Alchemist Bones (optional)  - Mock of Brilliance - Restoration Stone (note mana) - Frostified Plate - Steam Boots / Post Haste

Accursed (Supporter):
Bottle (Optional) - Fortified Bracelets  - Astrolabe - Frostified Plate / Totem of Kuldra - Behemoths Heart - Steam Boots / Post Haste - Shaman Headress

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Devourer (Ganker/Initiator/Tank): Bottle - Fortified Bracelets- Behemoths Heart - Frostified Plate / Demonic Breast Plate - Steam Boots / Post Haste
- Shaman Headress

Electrician (Roamer/Tank): Bottle - Fortified Bracelets- Puzzlebox / Sacrifical Stone - Frostified Plate / Totem of Kuldra - Frostwolf Skull - Steam Boots / Post Haste

Kraken (Ganker/Tank/Initiator): Bottle - Talisman of Exiles - Portal Key - Behemoths Heart/Frostified Plate - Demonic Breast Plate/Behemoths Heart - Steam Boots - Shaman Headress

Pharaoh (Ganker/Semi-Initiator): Bottle - Fortified Bracelets- Mock of Brilliance (if you can farm it) / Puzzle Box - Behemoths Heart - Steam Boots - Shaman Headress

Pestilence (Carry): Bottle (optional) - Fortified Bracelets- Shrunken Head - Hack and Slash - Demonic Breast Plate/Behemoths Heart  - Enhanced Marchers

Pestilence 2 (Carry): Bottle (optional) - Fortified Bracelets- Insanitarius - Shrunken Head - Shield Breaker - Behemoths heart / Demonic Breast Plate - Steam Boots (s)

Warbeast (Jungler/Carry) : Fortified Bracelets- Abyssal Skull - Shrunken Head - Shieldbreaker / Savage Mace - Behemoths heart / Demonic Breast Plate- Steam Boots. *Note, some people like insanitaurus on this, i dont. In that case get it before Shrunken Head.

Final Words

Im done! I hope you find this guide useful. The most important thing ive got to say is: Try different builds out, combine, think for your self and most important of all experiment! It makes you a better player.

Dont hesitate to ask questions in the thread. Ill answer them! If you dont agree with me, convince me :).

Ty S2 for making this great game!
Ty all people who have contributed with ideas in this post.
Done for patch 1.33

Im no geek! I swear to god! Im really cool IRL!


Courtesy to SyyRaaaN @ (

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a I the only one who can't see images in the main topic?

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a I the only one who can't see images in the main topic?

cant see this ones also.

+ this guide is TOO colorful...


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me too i can't view the images  :x but the guide is quite good for starters :) most of the noob players don't buy any consumables in the start of the game..that's why they can't get much xp that they need..
i will also try to write more about HoN in my blogs: