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Title: suggestion: Samurai wars modification
Post by: capten komander on May 13, 2019, 10:32:50 am
I am amazed by the Samurai Wars, it's models and textures and even voice acting. I find myself frequently building large networks of climbable towers on empty servers. But it omits so many pivotal elements of the original game, melee combat in HvH really wasn't it's most titillating aspect.

Suggestions somewhat thought out:
add melee enhancements in the form that 1st attack = venomous hit(bleed), 2st attack =rabid hit, 3rd attack = carn hit
add a human 'charge leap' = characters are unable to block or move upon holding down a button and deplete stamina rapidly but are then launched in a leap depending on how long they charged/how much stamina depleted
Increase the pushback of being melee hit in the air severely a la Chaplain
To balance, ranged weapons should apply a blockstun
Add a grims wall with half as much HP and a ladder on one side that can be built by commander.(to make the thrown bombs more pertinent)