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Title: Gameplay changes test weeks
Post by: Daemon on July 22, 2017, 09:11:51 pm

As you might have noticed, we're running an event called like the thread title. What's that? Well, i know it's unusual for a dev team to bother with asking for feedback from players. S2Games didn't :P. But still, in trying to fix the games' most delicate issues (namely behe/siege camping, sacrifice etc.), we, the 10-12-ish people in Newerth Council decided that dry runs aren't really good for these particular subjects. So we are actually testing these suggested changes, isolating them either individually or in inter-dependant packs, or both.

There's plenty ways of offering feedback other than waiting for a dev to come ingame and spamming public chat. The Re-balancing Suggestions section is around since 2010, and it's been the source of dozens of changes made (none of which broke the game or touched the game core). It currently hosts debates for the 3rd generation of changes.

We're trying to keep people informed of whatever is going on - in more ways than one.
-We're posting patch notes for every update, no matter how minor.
-The main page news posts are made whenever something important is up.
-The ingame Latest News panel contains tl;dr versions of patch notes.
-Effective tonight there's a new, code-based MOTD that shows when connecting to a server.

Also in today's patch there's a new Feedback button inside the ingame Latest News panel, which opens a browser window pointing right at this very forum section. Anything easier would mean sending a couple Jaraziah's Witnesses at your doorsteps with a customer satisfaction form to fill and a demopack, just in case.

After the test weeks are done, we're going to roll all the changes back, and a poll will be made that includes all of them. Since in game development and wherever else alike, a hateful vocal minority may overshadow the satisfied, silent majority, please make sure you come by and cast your vote. If the votes are inconclusive or the reasons given are shit, although we'd rather not in these cases, we'll be voting for the changes within the Council, just as we did for the past years.

And why do we really want these changes to occur instead of letting the game alone? Because for years, all we could hear was:
-Behe camping ruins this game.
-Siege camping ruins this game.
-Summ whoring ruins this game.
-1-hit-1-kill siege killing ruins this game.
-Demo hugging ruins this game.
-Early sac rushes ruins this game.
-Behe flag capture ruins this game.

Well, let's unruin it together!