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Title: Fallout 4
Post by: Grasshopper on November 12, 2015, 02:29:27 am
So who's all playing? And what do you think?

I picked it up today, although have yet to install it.

I think it's going to be tough to juggle between Savage, Fallout 4, and the other 800 things which I have going on in my life.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about (those of you live in a cave, or possibly under the sea), what ever the excuse, just check out the links below to get caught up. :-P

Fallout 4 Trailer (

Fallout 4 Review IGN ( [9.5/10]

Fallout 4 Review GameSpot ( [9/10]

Title: Re: Fallout 4
Post by: Tjens on November 17, 2015, 08:29:56 am
Ok so I got Fallout for the pc and so far it's been a blast. The story begins with being Han Solo`ed in a shady fallout bunker once the bombs start falling.  Your wife and year-old kid Shaun are being frozen with you,  just until some douche comes along to take your motherfucking kid away,  shooting your lovely wife.  Thus begins the tale of retrieving your little Boy and taking revenge on  the baby napping douchebag.

But It's a Fallout game so who's following the main story anyways.

Gameplaywise it's gotten allot of flak for being buggy,  hard on specs and generally looking unfinished.  Me personally kind of expected all of the things since Fallout games generally come out like a big lump of unpolished sand that,  put under pressure with the heat generated from your frantically spinning videocard fans due to poor optimalisation,  slowly turn into a diamond once you play it long enough to get addicted.

The dialogue options have been dumped down to a Mass Effect array of options in "maybe",  "yes",  "no"  and "asshole". The poor lip syncing doesn't really help in wanting you to explore any more options rather than "Just show me where the bad guys are.".

Thing is,  when you are still looking for Ciri in Skelege playing the Witcher 3,  you're going to be disappointed in terms of immersion,  story arcs and character development. Fallout 4 would have been groundbreakinly  good 2 or 3 years ago but it's not what you would expect after you cruised through the movie-like experiences of recent AAA games.

That said,  if you're looking for a Fallout game where the story comes from all the little things like oddly placed skeletons grabbing onto a radiated toilet like it's their last hope for a couple of HP traded for a dosage of free RAD's,  captivating terminal logs referencing the relationship between 2 Raiders you just blew away with a silver spoon fired from a jet-engine and the abundantly placed monkey toys being scarier than the irradiated ghouls due to the possibility of a limb-crippling booby trap behind the counter.. You're set.

It helps the gunplay has improved so it hasn't been a chore to do any of the "You point,  I kill"  quests yet.  Talking about guns,  now you can fulfill all of your hoarding needs in breaking down ALL the things you encounter in the wasteland. The parts can then be used for all kinds of mods for your guns and armor,  and even create entire bases for all you compulsive Sim players out there.

I'm only 12 hours into the game and by Fallout standards I'm good for a couple hundred more. It takes a  couple steps back from the development of recent games but does good on the things it does best.  Hours of exploration,  surprises,  great gunplay and all coated with a rewarding gameplay and a vintage atmosphere.

8,3 / 10 from Tjens

Title: Re: Fallout 4
Post by: Mr_Matt on November 21, 2015, 09:36:03 pm
its basically fa3 with better graphics.
no new enemies from previous fa, just same ones which are stronger with a different skin (glowing) like when crappy mmorpgs do that orc/tough orc/veteren orc/master orc/king orc. they all have the same model just a different skin.
the easy chat options suck, i used to enjoy reading the different options of what i could say.
getting bored of it already, feels like an expansion pack rather than a new full game :cry:

Title: Re: Fallout 4
Post by: Grasshopper on November 24, 2015, 11:15:15 pm
Nice review Tjens! I'm only a few hours in right now. I got Sanctuary established (beds, food, water, defenses, etc.) and a couple suits of Power Armor, but I have only managed to explore a small corner of the map so far. Great stuff so far though! You really can get lost in this thing. It's like Fallout 3 on steroids. I think the base building was placed in there specifically to lure in the older fans of Minecraft (maybe even the younger ones as well).

I don't understand all of the complaints regarding the voices and the mouth movements being out of sync, that has nothing to do with core aspects of the game such as game play, controls, story, graphics, the fact that the game is really fun to play, replay ability, etc. etc. Do people have any idea how difficult it would be to code such a thing?! Are there any games out there that actually do the voice to mouth movement (speed, motion, etc.) thing flawlessly?


Title: Re: Fallout 4
Post by: Tjens on November 26, 2015, 03:01:56 pm
Yo Grass check out this scene form the witcher 3, almost all the diagolue is as good!

Title: Re: Fallout 4
Post by: Grasshopper on July 08, 2016, 11:59:54 pm
Yo Grass check out this scene form the witcher 3, almost all the diagolue is as good!

Pretty good, not perfect but decent.  :-)