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Title: Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps
Post by: gold9999 on October 17, 2015, 08:52:08 am
This is a RTT (real time tactics, big brother to RTS genre) game, based on WW2. A game who focus on battlefield tactics, instead of rescourse gathering and base building.
If people claim that total war games demand skill, this will demand aswell.

If you used to play and liked: blitzkrieg/ rush for berlin/ men of war/ faces of war/ soldiers: heroes of world war/ codename: panzers/ world in conflict
This is very close for you and worth to try.
Identical games to DRvsAK is Mockba to berlin/D Day/ No surrender: battle of the bulge. However they are unplayable now, because gamespy arcade went down two years ago, althought they failed to reach popularity back then.

To play DRvsAK multiplayer you need: This soft lets to play with other people multiplayer, they become visible, just like master server.

You can get the game at:  Or someonewhere else.

To install the game needs a program (if you have used my link for game),

 This game is not popular, you may not find alot players. I suggest to keep game opened in lobby and stay AFK for some times, somebody will eventually joins you. Also it is a smart idea to add these people to friend list.