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Title: zlib not available
Post by: RabbitInWhite on December 19, 2013, 06:00:14 pm
I'm having trouble running the XR editor, it doesn't run  :cry:

Fedora 19 64bit

no error on the console while running it, but have this on the debug.log file at the end:

Initializing World Engine...
Initializing Physics Engine...
Initializing Effects Engine...
Local IP #1:
Port 49778 opened
Port 36083 opened
Savage on Linux - Core build Sep 25 2013 03:38:58
Python Paths: (...)
Python Error: Cannot read module file sh_threads!
<class 'zipimport.ZipImportError'>
can't decompress data; zlib not available

Initiating user interface...

stops there, the rest has no errors, anyone had such issue in 64 bit linux @ editor? i tried looking for similar cases on search but didnt find anything  :cry: also this doesn't occur running the game, game works fine

running the game from this installer so guess it's the most recent version