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Title: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: Ophelia on June 24, 2013, 09:29:41 pm
The upgrade to 1.0 has changed a lot in the clan creation and custom design.
This guide will hopefully help you understand the basics and learn how to manage or create a clan in XR 1.0.

Step 1: Leave your clan on the account you'd like to make a clan with. Or make a new username for the clan you plan on creating.  (Note: stats will be reset to 0 when you create a new account) Keep in mind - some clans are serious clans, and others are more of 'fun' clans. (Made for just icons or themes) The more serious clans do not allow members being in multiple clans.(Unless it is fun clans that do not compete) Contact admin of your current clan if your curious about this specific rule to avoid being removed from your clan.

Step 2: Join a Server, or Host your own game with the name you want as the clan founder.

Step 3: On the Bottom Left will be the words Clan/Inbox - Click that to bring up the next screen.

Step 4: After the inbox page comes up - you will see all of the selections click the first option, My Clan.

Step 5: The Clan Management Page will Show up. Since you are not a member of a clan yet - select the option at the bottom Create Clan.

Step 6: Start your own clan! This little pop-up window is where you make the abbreviation and the name for your clan.
(Please note, the abbreviation of the clan can be in color. To do this - you have to understand, it is only an abbreviation, and can only hold so many characters. If you chose to use a html number color code as the abbreviation - then you will have only 3 letters to use to abbreviate your clan. If you use one of the basic colors savage provides with letters(^y, ^k, ^c , ^r , etc.etc. ) then you will have a longer length option to use as the abbreviation of your clan. But do not worry - if you decide to change your abbreviation later on - you are able to edit it as well as your clan name after creating it, which will be explained later in this guide)

Step 7: Now your clan is created! You now can see the detail each clan is able to have. Founder, Motto, Status, Matches, and Stats for all members. This is basically what your clan page will look like if you decide to make a new username for creating this clan, rather then using your old name. So lets figure out how to Manage and detail your clan! On the bottom right - click the Manage Clan button to personalize your new clan!

Step 8: Personalize your Application and Motto! The Application will be what people who apply will be viewing - you can put one question there or many. You could also place what you expect of players rather then having them answer questions. You could put anything you truly want, It is your clan right?! Motto will also be seen on your clan info page. (A link of ideas for mottos will be offered below on the "Helpful Links" section at the bottom of this guide. )

Step 9: Place the Status and Difficulty in the Drop-Down menu offered for each! If you are making a fun clan, anyone can join, or it can be just exclusive for you by the click of a button.

Step 10: Upload your Icon and Banner! To do this - simply make type in the location on your PC of where the image file is saved, and type it into the places provided. Again - these can be updated at anytime as long as the Auth. Server is up and running.
(Note: Clan Banners are roughly 545x110 in size, and will be seen at the top of your clans status page.)

Step 11: Click Save! And you are done!
And now the community will be able to view your clan, the members, information and graphics!!


There are 2 ways for people to join your clan now.
1. If you or someone you promote to admin invites them by click their name and sending invite- to which a invite to your clan will be sent to their inbox.
2. Of they view your clan info page (see screenshot above) and click the "Join this Clan!" button at the bottom. In which case you will be sent a message in your inbox of the persons application requesting to join.

Below are some helpful links that will enhance your clan management.

Links to help with Creating Clan Name / Abbreviations
( Groentjuhs Color Codes (,1562.msg26546.html#msg26546)
( List of Abbreviations (
( Oxford English Dictionary (Abbreviations) (
( Common Abbreviations (

Links to help with Icon / Banner Creation
( Free Icon Maker (
( Make your own Icon (
( High Quality Banner Maker (
( Fotor Banner Maker (

Links to help with Motto Creation
( Short Mottos (
( Wiki Mottos (
( Random Mottos (
( Inspirational Mottos (

Newerth Related Links
( Old Clan Tutorial (,2475.0.html)
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Title: Re: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: ENvIouS on June 24, 2013, 10:34:15 pm
Woot! Awesome work Ang, this will be useful for the noobies :)

Title: Re: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: shuN on June 25, 2013, 12:17:50 am
nice contribution.. helpful for newbies that are of interest to clans.

Title: Re: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: darkbread on June 25, 2013, 08:20:28 pm
 :mrgreen: Sticky'ed

Title: Re: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: H3027 on September 21, 2014, 05:22:05 pm
nice tutorial  :mrgreen:

Title: Re: INFO: Clan Information with XR 1.0
Post by: Nanaa on September 21, 2014, 06:02:24 pm
Note: Clan Banners are roughly 545x110 in size

Banners are exactly 512x128 pixels in size