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Title: Sons of Newerth - Commander
Post by: Andy on November 19, 2010, 03:41:30 pm
Hello there!

The Sons of Newerth (Tag: SoN), which is a german-speaking clan, is at the moment looking for a decent commander, who is reliable and friendly.
Reasons, why YOU might want to join us, are that we are a kind and big community with people who play Savage to have fun in the first place. Furthermore we are very active and eager to play CWs and FWs. By the way, we will also participate in the NSL 4, which is the main reason for this post!
We have our own server in-game and also a TS3 server.
So if you are such a comm who is looking for this kind of clan, then you're welcome to write an application at: (
You can also contact every SoN you meet in-game and ask him what you want to know, as well as you can pm me or just answer here.

Greetings, Andy