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Title: READ: PUG Cup Rules
Post by: SpearWolf on May 08, 2010, 10:21:26 pm
Disclaimer : DarkStorm wrote these rules, I just edited them. =)
Disclaimer : There is no HvH division in this tournament. Only HvB.
Disclaimer : These rules are NOT set in stone. They are subject to change at any given time, so please keep yourselves updated before playing matches.

Match Assignments : Clans will be given a new match to play every Friday for one month and will have two weeks to have it played and recorded before it counts as a draw. Match assignments are made in a fasion that minimizes repeat matches and gives everybody an equal number of bye weeks if there is an odd-number of clans. Reporting scores is easy, just visit the match details page and fill out the form.

PUG Cup Ammendment : Pick Up Groups (PUG's) have priority on map choice if they are playing an already formed clan. Banned Maps: any puchi, unfinished, tiny, mini maps. No energy, momentum, or general human sided maps. This being said, if this rule is in effect, Clans will be able to choose first race.

Scheduling Matches : Although it is recommended to use the provided NSL forum for scheduling, you are not required to use that forum exclusively or use a thread at all for that matter. However, it is strongly recommended that you at least schedule in a forum somewhere because the scheduling thread is your evidence if you file a scheduling dispute against the other clan to avoid a forfeit. The lack of a thread for any given match is viewed as a forfiet for both teams in the event of a scheduling dispute. Either clan can start the thread, depending on which got there first. In the event of a failure to schedule, the thread related to both clans for that week is reviewed by an Administrator. The Adminstrator then decides based on the data presented there as to which clan is at fault, and reports the match accordingly.

Match Structure
Field Number : The minimum requirement for a match to happen is 5v5 (including Commanders). Failure to meet the minimum requirement results in the other clan being given the choice of a. taking a the forfiet win, b. rescheduling, c. allowing the offending clan to play with less players. If a clan asks to play with less players than the minimum (5), the other clan has full right to outnumber them as a 5-man team. If both clans can field a higher number and agree to do so, they are at liberty to proceed as such. Clans are allowed to switch out players for other members of their teams in between games. In the event of a sudden disconnect, the victimized team is allowed to call in a sub immediately.

Length : Each game lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes. If neither team has achieved victory when the time runs out, the game is drawed. (Except in tiebreakers)

Style : A minimum of two games are played on a map, with the possibility of a third match as a tiebreaker. For the first game, one of the clans plays as beasts and the other humans with both switching races for the second game. Games must be over within the alloted amount of time given before it is counted as a draw. If one clan wins more games than the other, they are declared the winner of the match. However, in the event of a tie (two draws or both clans winning one), the optional third round can be played. If you don't want to play it, that's fine, the match counts as a draw. However, if you absolutely want to determine a winner, clans can play this tiebreaker.

In the event of a tiebreaker being played, the Home team calls heads or tails in a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss is granted the choice of picking their race for the game. As the other team is given the advantage of automatically winning if the game lasts longer than the amount of time alloted per match. The tiebreaker outcome is added to the 3-game series score which determines the winner.

*TWEAK*Spectators : Absolutely NO spectators are allowed during a match to keep cheating out of possibility. PUG Cup administrators are at liberty to spectate a match. If either clan requests, the supposed admin MUST leave the server.

Shoutcasting : There will be a list of Approved Shoutcasters from which a pair of clans can request a shoutcast for their match. Shoutcasters are only allowed to spectate and shoutcast a match upon request. If clans do not wish a shoutcast, then no shoutcasters are allowed to spectate.

Number : Rosters are restricted to a minimum of 5 players, maximum 10.

*TWEAK*Ringers, Substitutes, etc. : All players/ringers must be signed up on a roster for at least 24 hours before they are allowed to play in a match, or they are not allowed to play for that specific team. Substitutes or "Ringers" that are not signed up on the list are only allowed to play when the Clan Sovereignty rule has been addressed.

Icons : All players registered with a clan must have their clan's respective icon during matches for verification purposes.

Alias' : All players must use the name they registered with in matches, absolutely no Alias' of any type are allowed during an official PUG Cup match.

Clan Hopping : Any player can play for any clan under the condition that they have not previously played a match in the current PUG Cup tournament. The very first clan you play a match with, is the clan you're in for the duration of the season. The sole exception to this rule is if a player can provide proof of him getting kicked by his leaders from the clan. In this case, he is allowed to join another for the remainder of the season.

Ranged Weapons : Exploiting in this manner is defined as shooting over "impassable" terrain with any ranged weapon. As such, it is completely illegal. Clarification Examples :
- Firing over "impassable" rigid terrain. - Illegal
- Firing over "impassable" map doodads such as rocks and/or mountains. - Illegal
- Firing over "passable" smaller doodads such as medium walls, small buildings, and bridges. (It only takes a couple of seconds to walk around them) - Legal
- Firing over "passable" tunnels and natural gates. - Legal

Spawn Points : Exploiting in this manner is defined as placing a forward spawn point in such a way that it cheats over terrain or gives the offending team and unfair advantage of any type when they spawn. Clarification Examples :
- Building any building so a part of it covers a flag to the point where a player on the other team cannot "hit" the flag to capture it. (He hits the building instead.) - Illegal
- Completely surrounding a flag with buildings so it cannot be captured by the opposing team. - Legal
- Building a Garrison/Sublair so that it's spawn point is on the opposite side of "impassable" terrain that the building is standing next to. (Map doodads, Natural walls, Cliffs, etc.) - Illegal
- Building a gate inside a Doodad formation which prevents players from seeing or destroying it. - Illegal
- Building a gate inside a closed area caused by the construction of the opposing team. (Ex. A circle of factories.) - Legal

Terrain : Exploiting in this manner is defined as moving over terrain glitches to reach areas that were clearly designed to be unaccessable. There are many types of known glitches in Savage and as such are to be defined by the Administration in the event of a dispute. In addition to terrain glitches, "shimmying" (walking forward and repeatedly pressing Jump which slowly climbs your character upward) the junction of two buildings or a building and a doodad such as a gate or fence to gain access to an otherwise restricted area is also defined as a terrain exploit.

Grimm Walls : Ranged weapon exploits do not apply to grimm walls, however spawn point exploits do apply.

Special Rules
*NEW*Demos : All players in a PUG Cup tournament match are required to record demos at the start of a match; in thus case a dispute is brought up a player can provide proof or lack there of. If a team is accused of cheating, exploiting, or breaking any of these rules, they MAY be subject to a forfeit.

Server Referees : Completely unallowed. No player participating in a match who happens to have the referee password for a server is allowed to be "reffed" during a match at any time. And absolutely any ref abuse before, during, or after the game shall result in an automatic loss for the offending team. Use votes to load and restart maps.

Commanders : Commanders are allowed to spawn at any time with any unit and weapon with the exception of all siege units. However, no players are allowed to take his place in the seat. The commander who started the game has to be the commander for the entire duration. Abuse of this rule may result in a forfiet.

PUG Cup Ammendment : Team's Commanders who have troublesome connections are subject to being replaced if the other team allows so; A typed message requesting a replacement is required before actually doing so and a failure to execute the message BEFORE taking the commander seat is subject to dispute and possibly a forfeit.

Elect Vote : If a Commander chooses to spawn, he cannot use the elect vote to get back in. He must either walk back to base, or wait out his respawn time before he is allowed to retake his Commander seat. Elect votes are not allowed at all during matches.

Grace Period (Match Time) : Clans are allowed an extra 20 minutes after the agreed match time for late players to show up to the server. Once that period is over, the clan that is on time has the choice to either : take the forfiet win, wait longer, or reschedule.

Grace Period (Match Start) : At the beginning of a match, both clans are alloted a single restart due to a false start (bad building placement, missing players, etc.). This restart (if desired) MUST be requested within 30 seconds of the start of the game, otherwise the match is live with no turning back. Every clan is alloted ONE restart per ROUND.

League Disputes
All disputes between competing clans are to be PMed to Darkstorm (NSL Admin) or Spearwolf (HoN / PUG Cup admin). It is also very important that if you feel your match was compromised, NOT to report any results. The is done by the administration after a judgement is determined. Disputes are to be filed under the following categories.

Scheduling Dispute : In the event that you feel your match did not happen because the other team would not follow through, you may file a Scheduling Dispute. The related thread to the match is reviewed and from the posts there, it is determined if one of the clans are at fault, or both. If one clan is indeed at fault it receives a forfeit, and the other clan receives the point value equivalent of a draw to their record. If both clans are determined to be at fault, they both receive a forfeit. If no thread is provided as evidence with the dispute, both teams receive a forfeit.
Include in your PM : A link to the thread which your clan and the other used for scheduling.

Match Dispute : In the event that you suspect your opponent of breaking any of the PUG Cup rules, you may file a Match Dispute AFTER the completion of the match. Even if a team blatantly breaks a rule, play the match out to the end. The related demo recording of the match is reviewed and if it is determined that the offending team did indeed break one of the rules, they receive a loss. The victimized team receives a win. If it is determined that the accused team did not break any of the rules, the original result of the match is the judgement.
Include in your PM : A demo recording of the match, with a ballpark time frame as to when the offense took place.

If you have an Issue with the Rules
Contact SpearWolf or Darkstorm via PM.

Clan Sovereignty
Finally, you've read through all the rules and have gotten to the very last paragraph, but no doubt one of the most important. Clan admins can override any of these rules prior to the match being started if there is consensus between the two competing clans. In the event of a dispute, the default rules as stated above are used, unless there is overwhelming evidence to suggest a legitimate agreement was made. For example, if a clan decides that they dislike their assigned map and they wish to change it for that weeks match, they are allowed to do so ONLY with the other clan's agreement.

PUG Cup Administrators
DarkStorm - NSL Administrator / Leet USA Server Master
SpearWolf - PUG Cup Administrator / Leet USA Server Keeper
(European administrators to come)

Title: Re: READ: PUG Cup Rules
Post by: SpearWolf on May 19, 2010, 05:02:07 am
Rules have been updated/tweaked. I have outlined tweaked or new rules with *TWEAK* and *NEW*. Please read and PM me your thoughts/feedback.