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Title: Scout?
Post by: `Sera on April 10, 2010, 12:07:06 pm
I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post, but I suppose hints and tricks could be considered imp-strats, no?
I've read the guides I could find for scouts, and I liked,8206.0.html the best - I tried playing like it suggests, and I've improved a little, but I'm still not ganking great, and I'm not leveling up as fast as I should, and so on, and people still attempt to kick me/bi-whine in team. I always suggest them trying to help instead of being.. 'mean,' but nobody seems to listen with reason - I'm not the best, but I'm doing decently IMHO. I've been playing for like three days -.-.
Anybody have any tips, hints, or tricks, with scout? He's definitely the character I want to use - I just need a little help, and it's more game-related than hero-related, anyhow.

Title: Re: Scout?
Post by: Trigardon on April 10, 2010, 12:40:55 pm
before you reveal yourself (attack somebody) plant a sensor next to him then directly let it explode!


press w on the ground and directly press E
then attack him and if necessary ultimate him when he tries to run. ALSO at the start try to gank int heroes or non stunning heroes and definately not tanks. they will just laugh at you mostly

Title: Re: Scout?
Post by: Damage on April 10, 2010, 05:19:42 pm
I would start off (after finishing steamboots)

finish a runed axe and just solo push lanes.

unless they have an eye/wards. you can easily escape obvious ganks. (unless you get into caught into a hold by ex. Electrician)

This ensures that you're being a bit useful. plus you're getting farmed.

Besides putting eyes at runes. put a 3rd eye at Kong on the cliff to the right. ensures you know when the other team is Konging and you can gank them.

What i hate most about scouts.  is that they ulti while Vanish is still activated.

Hide.  ulti.  vanish. attack.

silencing is a biggie since its one of your most useful skills.
Ive met many scouts who dont know how to do that.

Other tactics.

When you get 'spidered' by arach.
Go invis and attack the spider. you can kill it faster.

Regardless of what people think.  You shouldnt be going back to pond as often as other heroes.

Once you finish your sustainer ( which should be the first thing you finish)

You're goal in this whole game is to stay out there, either pushing or farming neutrals.  You'll be creating a flow of money.

Though i would suggest just constantly pushing.
If you really need to go back to the pond to heal. then so be it. but be sure you have enough money to at least buy something. other wise the time spent running back to heal ,could be spent pushing for a few mins without using any skills while letting your sustainer do its job.

Another thing i hate about scouts.

When the opposing team has an eye. The scout gets extremely chicken and will become totally useless.

If you've been farming and doing your job. You should be well leveled. assuming the opponent team gets an eye mid game.

In the end. Unless they have a hold or a stun.  It wont matter if they can see you or not.

Scout is one of the easiest to play characters yet also the easiest to mess up.


I guess it depends, again, your oppsing teammates and such.
i would never get elder parasite. so it comes down between the last two. abyssal skull or whispering helm.
being a scout. i would suggest getting whispering helm.  take control of neutral creeps and use them as 'eyes' also.
but abyssal skull is just as good.  elder is wasted on scout.

Title: Re: Scout?
Post by: Mtr X on May 10, 2010, 11:37:59 pm
out of what i know bout HoN-scout/basic play and all
it is not strange u played sad with this guide, i read it and i was almost dissapointed(know spelled wrong)
i am well aware of hat u can play a hero millions of ways but that way....NO! (in my opinion)

lets start off here:

"You are NOT a Carry

You are not a carry. You do not need kills. You are picked solely for your intelligence-gathering, ganking capability, and burst damage. All four of you skills are designed to make you annoying, and you should make your playstyle annoying."

all stuff in B are W_R_O_N_G

u are clearly  a carry, atleast scout and madman on same team= fail
and you do need kills :-)
i mean, yes ur skills are making u annoying but U ARE A ANNOYING GANKER/CARRY! :-o
what else..? i mean a scout supposed to buy wards and astrolabes and play support? NO
low hp'ed agi hero initiatior? NO
babysitter...? NONONONOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
what left..? CARRY!

and the items...

i dont find codex useful in any forms of games
ur vanish->ulti->vanish combo should really clean up

neither a runed axe

in my opinion its a luxury item u should get after a butterfly/wingbow (wich is the last item u prolly  get..)

works fine but a Brutalizer(3 sec stun)
and a savage mace(+100 damage 35% of the time(s))
should do better

btw his Markman's shot  details is really worth taking note to
REALLY helpful

Title: Re: Scout?
Post by: SpearWolf on May 11, 2010, 01:16:59 am
My icon.

KS. Farm. Win.

Scout is a carry.

This is proof. (

Title: Re: Scout?
Post by: KoopahTroopah on May 11, 2010, 04:14:50 am
What are those em games?

Scout is pretty useless in regular games, so I would pick a more team utility hero so that when you eventually trade over to RM, you're not shunned by your entire team.

Yeah his silence is cool, but there are better ranged one-button silence aoes.(defiler comes to mind)

If you just want to play him cause you like him, when I play scout I play ganksquad and I don't die because of it. Carry implies always being there to do damage, and usually being the first targeted. If you play ganksquad and single out enemy heroes, you won't die, ever.

Stay away from tanks, farm up damage (runed, brut, wing, mace, etc...), you'll be fine.