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Title: CLAN: Tags up for Grabs!
Post by: SpearWolf on April 07, 2010, 07:10:22 am
Original post from @S2GoGo:

 I am pleased to announce that you can now change your annoyingly short 3 character clan tags to any available 4 character clan tag of your choosing! (or shorter)

    * You must be the clan leader
    * You must choose an alphanumeric tag up to four(4) characters long
    * The use of inappropriate tags may result in your tag being changed to something kind of lame and/or an account suspension

Simply visit your clan's profile on the Heroes of Newerth clan site.


(You must be logged in)

You can also click on the My Account tab of the account bar at the top of every page and then click 'My Clan Profile'.

Once on your clan profile click 'Edit Clan Profile' to change your tag and other goodies.


There are now hero charts at the bottom of every hero page that you can modify to show a wide variety of things including: hero usage, hero kills, hero assists, denies, gold earned and many more over any period of time up to 90 days.



Title: Re: CLAN: Tags up for Grabs!
Post by: Trigardon on April 07, 2010, 10:14:45 am
Finally. Took the pretty long to do so, I was so sick of the 3 letters requirement >_<