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Author Topic: Checklist: Things to do before you finalize your map.  (Read 3643 times)
Some random guy
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« on: August 17, 2009, 09:03:03 pm »

This list is just what I could think of off the top of my head, and is the basis for what I'll be looking through when I check maps.  I'll be revising it as I go along, with help from any suggestions people may have.  

What to check before you finalize your map!

1. Terrain/Textures/Paint
- Terrain is passable where it should be, and not where it shouldn't.  Quick check is looking at your pink/white normal lines.  Slightly better is typing in “colorreachable” in the console (after saving your map first because it will paint the whole thing).  The best is to run around and try to exploit your map with leap or jumping off/over objects and hills.  
- Run the edges of your terrain and try to get stuck in the map.  Fix any places where you can get stuck.
- Look for jagged edges where textures meet in the same layer and cover them up or fade out the seam.
- Paint should enhance the look of your map.  Good for creating shadowed areas, slight color variation for visual appeal, etc, BUT BE SUBTLE!

2. Objects – Reference/Natural/Props
- You should have as many strongholds at you want teams.  Double check that you have humans and beasts starting bases where you think you have them, and make sure that the difference between the stronghold model and lair model in-game doesn't change what you think the beast base will look like.
- Make sure that all objects are set in/on the terrain so no open edges of the models are showing above the ground where they shouldn't (NO FLOATING PROPS!!!).
- Redstone mines!
- Any existing flags function how they should.
- Trees, rocks, water elements, bushes, etc. for the natural environment should all look natural, naturally.
- Props such as ladders, ruins, buildings, etc, should be laid out thoughtfully for gameplay.
- Don't forget NPC's.  More NPC's nearer to bases means easy money and exp -- fewer and farther away makes them more valuable.

3. Environment Settings
- Look through the foliage settings.  Some people like having it turned up, and it's a nice touch.
- Pick a skybox.
- Lighting and Time of day settings!  Create an atmosphere for the look and feel of the map.  Possible tutorial later.
- FOG TURNED ON and at levels/color that you want.  Don't forget that fog is included in the Time of Day.
- Farclip generally between 2000 for really small maps, and 5000 for really big maps.  Keep in mind that if you have a farclip that's in the higher range, you had better do a really good job with occluders, or not have too many props, else framerates will cry.

4. Occluders
- The engine only supports up to the 8 nearest occluders, so make sure you don't have a bunch of them in a place where fewer could do the job. Make them large, shaped with the terrain as described in the occluders section of Aneurysm's mapping guide, and possibly overlapping for best effect.  You may use more than 8 occluders in a map, but keep in mind that the engine will only use the 8 nearest to the player.
- Hide them in hills; hide them in large objects.  Make sure they don't stick out anywhere that they will get in the way of a player's view (noticeable by the pink plane).

5. Effects/Triggers
- Run through your triggered areas in-game to make sure they do what they should.
- List any triggers in your map's infobox in the database, so the map checker can test them as well.
- Make sure that any effects do not reduce framerates too much.  Too many effects, or effects with lots of particles that happen very fast will have a big impact on the game.

6. Mechanics and mod identification
- Check your worker pathing and buildable areas in all parts of the map.  Please follow this link for reference.
- If you used any XR NPC's or objects, XR-specific textures, dynamic objects, effects emitters, or triggers in your map, you must name it xr_mapname, and your map will only work on XR servers.  If you included any tombstone items but not any new XR features, then use ts_mapname.  If you used TS features along with XR features, the xr_ prefix will take care of both.  If your map does not use any XR features, please do not put xr_ in the mapname, as this means that your map can be played on all of the non-XR servers.  Also, maps with xr_ in the name, with no new features, lead people to think that XR doesn't add anything new, which is entirely not the case.

7. Minimap
- Make sure that it lines up with the actual map in-game.
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« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2009, 09:20:18 pm »

For occluders:
- The engine only supports up to the 8 nearest occluders, so make sure you don't have them scattered all over the place. Make them large and possibly overlapping for best effect.

//nice checklist, should be stickyd  Rolleyes

Some random guy
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« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2009, 10:52:54 pm »

I added this to the big compilation post when I made it. 

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« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2013, 06:00:15 pm »

I was going to post some similar list, but I realize it's sort of redundant. This list is good, it's just all about how stringent you are to apply it.

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