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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Author Topic: XR 1.4RC Your Leaders have arrived! (1-06-18)  (Read 19312 times)
XR Coder
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« on: June 01, 2018, 08:57:55 pm »

Patchnotes 1.4RC
Your Leaders have arrived!
...but the boring technical side of it.

(Improvements since XR1.3.)
  • Now in a flavour of 8 taunt slots per unit, assuming Daemon can make that many
  • Now with extra customization to enhance immersion by allowing the hiding of extrenous models like weapons and flags

(The stuff nobody cares about, but makes the game do things.)
  • Added +siege type
  • Added !reviveradius <object> <radius> <percent> <resurrecttime> [targetFlag1] [targetFlag2] ...
  • Added !teleportradius <object> <radius> <home|hometarget|here|link|coords> (<x> <y>) [targetFlag1] [targetFlag2] ...
  • Added !healradius <object> <radius> <amount> [targetFlag1] [targetFlag2] ...
  • Added @kill (disabled to rework it)
    • For when an object kills something and you want to know about it
  • Fixed maxDeployment in !spawnobject

(The definables that tell the game to do stuff.)
  • Added +siege damage and armor type
    • works exactly like physical and energy does already
  • Added definable base armor, energyArmor, and siegeArmor to units
  • Added allowFirstPerson to Melee/Weapon/Item as well (formerly only unit)
  • Added officerOnly
  • Added "pierce_noeffect" to projectile hit behavior
    • "pierce" + no death effect (nor death explosion).
  • Added Units to deployment count
  • Overhaul of the .object's model selection code
    • Allowing the pointlessly crazy idea of having melee weapons for ranged attacks
    • This affects: useDefaultMeleeModel, rightMeleeModel, leftMeleeModel, attachBone, attachBone2, DoubleWeapon
  • Fixed rechargetime getting stuck when spamming chargetime weapons
  • Fixed Third Person missing Weapon animGroups 5 and 6

(The other stuff that happened, but barely matters.)
  • Testing some experiemental loadout changes
  • General minor code readability clean up

For details on the actual Leaders, head over to Dev News.

Please report any issues or unwanted changes immediately so they can be addressed instead of endured.
Any and all new features and changes are up for debate and subject to change within the next weeks, with your continued feedback.
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XR Coder
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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2018, 02:19:47 pm »

Patchnotes 1.4RC Followup
1.4RC bugfixes & 1.4RC adjustments.

Bug Fixes:
  • Server stability that would lead to a crash in a very specific case
  • Shaman weapon's bone
  • Scav missing sword for melee
  • Ophelia not showing reloc effect when dead
  • Landmines/Firewards having unlimited stock
  • Landmines/Firewards showing up on minimap
  • Mining sound doubled/not stopping when full
  • Altars and Caches not adding to buff pool
  • Bus climbing trees might be fixed now (first attempt)
  • Servers now always mapcheckversion, and Clients don't
  • Minor code clean up (like error messages)

  • Servers now running version XR1.4RC
  • Disabled @kill until further testing can be done, since it's not used yet
  • Jeraziah's Heal skill was adjusted
  • Jara->Jera in human voicechat
  • Leader units now have their own unique Icon on the Minimap
  • Private vote message updated
  • Further Jera & Oph skill tweaking
  • Altars/Caches/Guardian 25% less hp
  • Gradually adding more taunts to units (as first in-game tests)
  • Jera/Ophelia cost reduced to 500/1500
  • Jera's Searing Light weapon now deals 150 dmg and heals 150 hp
  • Jera's Solar Avatar shield duration increased from 8s to 10s
  • Jera's Sun's Blessing range: 18m; now resurrects to full health
  • Ophelia's Orb of Decay weapon damage is now 150 dmg, speed 1500
  • Ophelia's Torch & Orb of Decay weapons ranges restored to 100m
  • Shops GUI hide leaders icons when used
  • Leader research icons not transparent
  • Added rejuvenation effect to Ophelia's Beacon (Health regen, Mana regen, Mana Shield)
  • Ophelia's Portal spell length reduced to 5s, active for 2s
  • Jeraziah's melee range reduced by 10%
  • Searing Light now doesn't heal Jeraziah when shooting a 100% healthy ally
  • Altars/Caches now cost an additional 50 stone
  • Added +dead flag to taunts, allowing for dead & alive differentiation of taunts
  • Added first draft testing version of the classic
    dm_ remake
  • Added first draft testing version of the new infect_ mode
  • Added first draft testing version of the XR footy_ remake
  • Boomerang/Skullstack off by default now (custom server vote to enable)
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XR Coder
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« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2018, 06:50:23 pm »

Minor 1.4RC follow up patch today.

Bug Fixes:
  • Potential Shuffle/Even fix for specific circumstances that weren't working right
    • Let me know if it works.

  • GS command !hasstate now has an optional param at the end to reverse the script-break
    • Mainly for Daemon's Jara heal fix
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