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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Author Topic: Savage XR 1.4  (Read 7549 times)
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« on: June 01, 2018, 07:46:45 pm »

Fixes and new features:

-Ray/beam origin point: some ray weapons (sham shield, chap heal etc) were missing an important bone (_boneMuzzle), which made it so that silverback would get confused and start drawing the beam right at the unitís origin (parent bone, Bip01). Hell if anyone knew that.
-Work animations: Removed from scavenger and nomad, on account of being fugly. And thatís coming from their creator. Weapons are still being replaced with tools while in work mode.
-Because of new GS features (like +/-siege flag), human vehicles are now exempt from the effects of chaplainsí bonus auras, as it was only intended for tight groups of foot units, and not boosting siege camping even more.
-Siege units sprint ability has been reverted. Units that still had this feature: ballista, summoner.
-Nanaaís Minimap commander and officer order icons flag mod had been included in XR (30% transparency). This helps with being able to see units and buildings on the minimap, previously masked by the waving flags.
-Boomerang and skulls damage has been reduced to: 40 to buildings, 60 to units, 80 to siege. For whomever uses them Smiley.
-Fixed a bug introduced in the last patch, which caused the Balloon to eject unlimited workers, beyond the worker limit. Thanks for abusing it only reasonably Tongue.
-Restored the revive effect for human units that were missing it (and a bunch of other smaller things): legionnaire, savage.
-Volume of the feedback sound that plays when the shaman locks shield on a target reduced to 1/3.

Iíve also noticed something that was visually bothering me for a long time now, but i didnít fix it Smiley. Since itís one of those life and death matters (shaman skin), it needs discussing first Smiley. For some reason and donít know exactly since when but it must have been a long time ago, the shaman team1 and team2 skins are switched. The blue beast team (t2) has all units wearing blue garments, except for the shaman thatís wearing brown. Conversely, the brown team has a blue shaman. Itís annoying!


Yes, the mighty Jeraziah and his empathic, animal lover sister that came back with a vengeance, Ophelia, are now available to join the fight in the area that the needy commanders deem their presence useful in breaking deadlocks.

They have been in the works for a little more than 18 months, delayed by other patches, real life, GameScript shortcomings, sheer difficulty of making immersing, consistent skills and animations (especially on melee), gameplay decisions, lack of mass testing conditions. As such, it seems thereís no more polish or balancing that can be done without real game testing. So there we go:

Both leaders are meant to be support units which compensate for some racial shortcomings, without the side effect of leveling out the tech, tactics or racial features. Their skills focus on things and strategies that their respective teams already employ, but adding a layer of teamwork and co-ordination without which THEY DO NOT MATTER. Being that thereís only one of them in each team, their impact in back-to-back fighting is negligeable, if not downright negative. So use them to pull great moves, not to mow your way to the other base - youíll fail! Besides not carrying, they require skilled players to be effective; they are not meant to be easy or to be able to turn the tides of battle anywhere they show up.Their skills are quite hard to use, they require large amounts of mana, have long cooldown times, quite short ranges and all in all, it exposes them as they need to be in the thick of it - and live to tell the tale.

They are officer-only units. This means that when in loadout, a separate box is visible for officers, and only when the unit is available (researched and not taken). They are tier 3 units, researched at the Stronghold/Lair, requiring the Predator/Lego to be reserched first. They research cost is 1500 stone and 3000 gold, and their reasearch time is 90s. The gold cost for players is 10K. Of course, all of these values are subject to tweaking, revisiting, after proper testing.

Both of them have passive skill leader auras (has the same range as the officer aura). These aura halve the damage received by allies in range from enemy siege units, and offer a small 5% travel speed bonus. They are NOT stackable with the officer bonus, but it does carry over the officer health regen bonus. And though in terms of gameplay and racial consistency the rest of their skills are not symmetrical, their sets are similar: a melee weapon, a main ranged weapon, a special 2nd weapon, a static AOE team enhancing skill and a semi mobile AOE team skill and finally, an effect they lay on their allies around them when they die. Among these abilities, both have a way to debuff the enemies (their beneficial spells). Asymmetrical as well Smiley.


He is a leader, a warrior, a healer Ė a paladin. The Sun is where he draws his power. The light and the fire are present in every skill he has. His absolute goal and use is pushing and establishing footholds close to enemy bases and capture flags, being able to block massive amounts of damage from Beast siege units camping spawnpoints. He starts with 600 hp.

0. Leader Aura (passive)
   -Siege damage halving
   -5% travel speed bonus
   -Officer-like hp regen

1. Sword & Shield
   -Melee attack with 4 fast hits combo,  Lego-like range
   -Damage 180 to units, buildings and siege
   -Block power: 95% damage ignored

2. Searing Light
   -Primary ranged weapon: 5 mana/shot, 1 shot/s, 90m range, 1500 velocity
   -150 dmg to units/siege/buildings
   -Heals 150 hp to the allies it hits
   -With each successful hit, Searing Light also heals Jeraziah for 150 hp

3. Sun's Blessing
   -Plants a banner where the Sun bestows a blessing that revives dead allies
   -Costs 45 mana, has 45s recharge time, lasts 10s, has 250 hp, 18m range
   -Human allies in range get a mana regen bonus while the banner is up.

4. Incandescence
   -A ripple of fire that deals radius damage (like mines/demo) to enemies around Jeraziah
   -Removes beneficial buffs/spells (state slots 0, 6, 8, which is pretty much everything not passive)
   -Costs 60 mana, has 60s recharge time, 13m max range, 5s duration
5.  Solar Avatar
   -Mass armor team buff, similar to HoN ultimate
   -Allies around Jeraziah at the time of casting get 50% damage reduction
   -Costs 30 mana, has 30s recharge time, 18m range, 10s duration

X. Death effect
   -Mass heal within 15m range, 200 hp to allied units/npc


Frail little thing, but what she lacks in strength, makes up in looks. She became an expert of manipulating the magic elements that the Beasts shamans have been using for ages, pushing their effects to impressive results. Her endgame is her shield reduction skill, and everything she and her team should do is towards that end: Ophelia in range of enemy buildings. She starts with 450 hp.

1. Claw Katar:
   -A vicious one but still, a ladyís weapon
   -2 hits melee combo, 100 dmg/hit
   -Her first hand knowledge of humans and the time she spent in the company of beasts gave her an unconventional fighting style, with unblockable, though relatively low damage attacks

2. Orb of Decay
   -Primary ranged attack: 150 dmg, 6 mana, 900ms cooldown, 100m range, 1500 velocity
   -A special Entropy magic projectile that completely ignores the surroundings in search of its target, passing through absolutely any obstacle, terrain feature, creature or structure and only damages Opheliaís enemies

3. Torch
   -Secondary ranged attack, beam type: 12 mana/s, a sustained attack lasts 7s with full mana, 100m range
   -Ophelia uses her destructive fire magic abilities to project a combustible stream of energy that interferes with the magnetic protective effects that buildings receive from a nearby shield tower, halving building armor
4. Mana Beacon
   -Ophelia is able to materialize pockets of mana and cause large crystals to appear. These crystals release smaller shards of pickable mana crystals, for her or any other nearby beasts to use to replenish theirs
   -Within a 18m range, the Mana Beacon acts as an magical energy dampening field, preventing the enemy from employing any beneficial buffs
   -While in range of the crystal, the mana vortex gives Ophelia a Mana Shield that greatly increases her health regeneration rate/amount and acts as extra HP in case she is taking damage.
   -45 mana, 45s cooldown

5. Portal
   -Manipulating subtle strata magic, Ophelia opens a conduit through which beasts can travel back to Lair
   -While channeling this spell, Ophelia is static and vulnerable, as she only teleports herself back to her base after the spell completes
   -60 mana, 60s cooldown, 120m radius around her

X. Death effect
   -A sudden burst of energy is released, turning foot units around her invisible for 5 seconds.

PLEASE help us hone their skills by providing documented and objective feedback. We have every intention to work towards the point where these brand new units evolve into a powerful and balanced feature of Savage XR.
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 09:00:16 pm »

For details on the technical side of the patch notes, head over to the XR1.4RC patchnotes.
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