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Savage: XR is a new patch for Savage, created by the Newerth.com staff. The XR1.1 Client is out now! Download it now!
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Author Topic: XR 1.3 Patch (2-4-2017)  (Read 39221 times)
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« on: April 01, 2017, 10:48:56 pm »

Patchnotes 1.3

The Big Exciting Shiny Stuff:
  • Overhaul of the GOODIEBAG System (Massive Recode)
    • 4 additional slots for extraDrops per race (total of 5 each now) and some additional customization cvars
      • raceSet extraDrop0...4 to be used in chronological order
      • sv_goodieExtraAmount, sv_goodieExtraChance
    • Health gain, Mana gain, and Stamina gain from goodies are now all customizable (both raw and percentage)
      • objSet giveHealth, giveMana, giveStamina
    • Goodies can now grant states (aka buffs and debuffs)
      • objSet giveState, giveStateDuration
    • Added Resource Goodiebags
      • Players, NPCs, and Buildings carrying/storing resources now drop them upon death instead of transfering to the team automatically
        • sv_goodieDropResources (default 1, turn off with 0)
      • Destroyed buildings drop a percentage of their cost
        • sv_goodieResourcePercent  (default 0.25, turn off with 0, above 1.0 for more than the cost)
    • Added the ability for players to drop gold goodiebags for their allies
      • Hotkey and command
    • GS !spawngoodie adjusted accordingly
    • Added skinFlavors to goodies, allowing graphical variety-based shenanigans
  • Overhaul of the SHOP System
    • Simplified the objSets
      • objSet isShopId
    • The ability to limit and assign items to certain shops and loadout
      • objSet shopIdOnly
        • 0, loadout-only; >0, specific shop-only; -1, all shops-only; -2, loadout and shops
  • Overhaul of the SPAWN and ENTER System
    • The potential for Mobile Spawnpoints
      • Units and Items
    • The potential for Mobile Enterpoints
      • Units and Items
    • The potential for personal Spawnpoints
      • objSet spawnFrom 2
  • Fixed the MAP EDITOR's refset team bug
    • Upon loading a map, it would always turn all "refset team"s into "refset team 1" and effectively force you to place them all again - no more!
    • Since this is purely a Map Editor fix, all existing maps are completely unaffected and are in no danger of breaking nor having to be remade
  • Overhaul of the CART and DROPOFF System
    • Added the potential for resources to be stored instead of transfered to the team
      • e.g. Outposts will keep the resources stored, as they're not connected to the global garrison system (much like how spawning works)
    • Said buildings will transfer their resources when demolished (NOT destroyed)
      • Giving you a cheaper alternative to powermine a distant mine for quick stone
    • Upgraded resource storing buildings will either keep the resources stored, or transfer them to the team if they lose the ability to store
    • See Goodiebag Overhaul for ResourceBags
  • Overhaul of the TOWER System
    • The potential for items to have weapons and attack, just like towers
      • objSet weapon, refreshTime, scanRange, viewHeight (just like for towers)
      • PS: Sensors with Scattergun are terrifying
    • The potential for towers to target allied units
      • e.g. towers/items that shoot healing bolts
  • New TAUNT System
    • Are you full of yourself? Do you want to make your opponent mad or cry? Do you want to add insult to injury? Taunt them before or after you kill them!
      • Hotkey and command to start the taunting animation
  • Improvements to the COMMANDER System
    • Queue worker orders (Location & Object)
      • Up to 5 can be queued
      • Uses SHIFT (mass-order was moved to CTRL instead)
    • Commander double-click selecting
      • NPCs of the same type are grouped
      • Players are distinguished between siege and normal
    • Players can now give gold to the commander via a "Donate" button, hotkey, and command
      • For when you desperately need some gold for a building, but have no time for a player to find some neutrals to kill
    • Fixed the selection panel cutting off object and player names after the first word
      • e.g. "Shield Tower" would display "Shield"; "Cool Pwner Dude" would display as "Cool"
    • Fixed a gold request exploit circumventing server and commander request settings
      • Can you believe low-lifes were using it to troll their poor commander? Shocking!
    • Disabled playerrequests when not in loadout or shop, for easier and better commander overview and management
    • Draw votes now have an alternative passing condition: 50% yes + all comms agree
      • Without all commanders agreeing, the pass rate is still 60%
      • This is to give commanders special voting power when it comes to long worn-out matches
    • Disabled elect working on a spawned commander, circumventing the need to reloc or go back to base

Bug Fixes:
  • Attack flurry times were set to infinite by a coding error from pre-2.00e
    • atkSet flurryTime
  • Any states higher than ID 7 would only show up for yourself, but not for other players
  • ask lastTargetName
  • Concede (or any team-related) vote would pass on to another team in 3&4team maatches, when the voting team was eliminated during
    • Team eliminiation now stops any active team-related votes
  • /re wasn't appearing in logs, much like /msg didn't use to
  • Inventory wasn't switching correctly after relocing under certain circumstances
  • Newly connected players' bonus exp was being lowered by inactive spectators
  • Ongoing votes would sometimes disappear when switching between menus
  • Icon-/clanless players would receive a random icon at certain places (e.g. scoreboard and stats info)
  • \game\filters.cfg wasn't being loaded correctly
    • Customizable profanity filter
  • Demorecord menu was crashing from having too many demorecords
  • Shuffle votes no longer crash 3&4 team maps (because it's disabled until recode)
  • The infamous lego-standing-on-demo bug (always existed, even 2.00e)
    • Since the consequencs aren't obvious, I've added an emergency cvar to use the old code: sv_instaSolidItem (1 = new code, 0 = old code)
  • Custom Models were overwriting unit skinFlavors
  • Failed revives forcing healer into the revive animation without actually reviving; reviving should be more reliable in general now
  • Dynamic props would revert back to their original position after teleporting
  • The elusive 4-hit demo bug, which was caused by officer regen
  • Officer area state wasn't being applied to allies anymore (broke 6.5~ years ago)
  • energyArmor was missing from Shield Towers in Overtime/Decaymode
  • Depending on view angle and terrain, you could increase the distance from mine creation to mines on the floor enough to circumvent sv_landminedistance - increased from 36 to 50 by default now
  • execdelay was being ignored due to an unclean exception
  • !if test case error upon success

  • Carried Stone and Gold to HUD
    • cvar player_carriedStone, player_carriedGold
  • The potential for WeaponDamage to the ExpTable system (much like melee damage, but for weapons)
    • expSet weapondamage
  • In-Game Serverlist Public Shouts box is now optional (aka, you can turn off auto-connect)
  • Certain Weapon-based properties to states (the base system was already in place, but never fully implemented) and renamed them to "weapon"+property to keep with the general naming consensus
    • stateSet weapondamageAdd, weapondamageMult, weaponcountAdd, weaponcountMult, weaponaccuracyAdd, weapongravityAdd, weapongravityMult
  • Certain unused human sound clips to voice chat
  • Players can now give gold to the commander via a "Donate" button, hotkey, and command
    • Much like how commanders can give you gold, you can give them gold, too
  • GS !playeffect <object> <effectName> <nearby|coords> (<x> <y> <z>) [param1] [param2]
    • Activates spawneffect on clients
  • GS !killeffect <object> <effectIndex>
    • Activates killeffect on clients
  • isVehicle movement (aka driving along the terrain) for non-players (aka npcs and workers)
  • The ability for players and workers to be able to repair Units and Items, if specified
    • objSet canBeRepaired, canRepairBuildings, canRepairUnits, canRepairItems
  • When someone's IP matches another, a warning is broadcast and logged
    • The broadcasting (not logging) can be turned off with sv_alertSameIdentity
  • Sprite auras, aka selection indicators from commander and buffing, to states
    • stateSet useIndicator 0.0 to 10.0 (turns on indicator if above 0.0 and also used as a scaleMultiplier)
    • stateSet indicatorRed, indicatorGreen, indicatorBlue 0.0 to 1.0
    • stateSet singleShader ""
  • GS !weaponfire <object> <weaponName>
    • Shoot specified <weaponName> from script's self at <object> (weapon does not need to be equipped)
  • Admin command & /ref lockspec + unlockspec
    • This locks or unlocks specified player to spectator
    • A less harsh alternative to dealing with troublemakers
  • Admin command & /ref nocomm + yescomm
    • This grants or removes commanding permission for specified player
    • A less harsh alternative to dealing with troublemakers, e.g. known comm bailers
  • /ref destroy now works on team0 objects, e.g. Grimms Walls
  • Total/Real Team Scores in scoreboard, beside Current Team Scores
  • Map filter in vote panel
    • Avoid tedious scrolling by typing in a prefix or name
  • clanAbbrev info to Python
    • INFO_CLANABBREV to sv_defs (server.GetClientInfo)
    • clientList_ClanAbbrev to cl_defs and cl_events
  • Client cvar cl_filter_private - ignores all private messages sent to you
  • "A healer is nearby" message to respawning
    • player_healernearby - stores the message
    • cl_healernearbydistance - customizable distance cvar
  • shop and helper icons to minimap
    • friend_shop_image, enemy_shop_image, friend_helper_image, enemy_helper_image
  • objSet techType to shop restrictions
  • !spawnobject can now spawn placed items (not just pickup items)
  • Added state control objSets
    • rejectState "state0" (name of state, default "")
    • allowEnemyStates 0/1 (default 1)
    • allowAllyStates 0/1 (default 1)
  • player_insidebuilding, which holds the name of the shop or command_center you're currently inside
  • objSet useSurfs for items
    • force item to use _surfs instead of aabb for tracing, if possible
  • Two Destroyable and rebuildable spawnpoint
    • First, after destruction, has to be rebuilt before it can be used again; claim normally upon hit
    • Second, after destruction, has to be rebuilt and switches team; cannot be claimed upon hit
  • Ejecting spawns goodiebags if an enemy damaged the unit
  • objSet allowSiege for spawnFrom and canEnter
  • LockSpec (sv_allowLockSpec) and NoComm (sv_allowNoComm) to votes
  • Client markEnemies to minimap (aka Sixth Sense)
  • !count <object> <radius> <targetFlag1> [targetFlag2] ...
    • Uses the scan algo to count objects within range matching the flags, outputs into gs_count
    • A considerably less intense alternative to abusing !search for counting as well breaking the 4th limit
  • !setscanalgo <object> <algo>
    • Used to determine, per @entry, which algo to use for scan-esque gs commands (!search, !scan, !count)
    • 0 = default; 1 = subtract bounding sphere (like radius states do it)
  • player_currentRole - Spectator, Fieldplayer, Officer, Acting Officer, Commander
  • "unit" flag to gs test cases (!if, !test, !testnot)

  • Cloaking Anti-Cheats
    • Server-side
  • Server-side Sensors
    • Less hardcode, more server control
  • Cleaned up redundant performance wastage in revealing code
  • Cleaned up performance wastage in states-related rendering code
  • Softcoded upkeep, also allows future customization
    • objSet upkeep
  • Softcoded "human_ammo_pack" and "human_potion" instead of having hardcoded exceptions for them
  • Cleaned up redudant performance wastage in the level system
  • Added April Fool's Day to the automatic date-based archive loader
    • aprilfools0.s2z
  • Added element type to "GUI Error: Could not get" for better bug hunting
  • Recoded performance wastage related to how linked items were handled
  • The CanEnter trace code is now quicker and more reliable
  • How certain tracing code handles buildings, improving its reliability and allowing formerly impossible additions to be made
  • 1 vote per UID (1 vote per IP was already in)
  • The ability for buildings to transform into something else upon death
    • objSet onDeathTransform "", onDeathBuiltPercent
  • Spectators now get the same XP bonus benefits as newly connected players
  • Shop GUI loading to work better and more intuitive when standard is combined with mods
  • Connect and Disconnect refresh the vote panel properly now
  • objSet giveAmmo for goodies is now a multiplier as well
  • Cleaned up the Revive code a bit
  • 1.2 demorecords are watchable on 1.3 clients
  • Radiusstates can now correctly be used with the +item flag
  • <height> to !spawngoodie <coords>
  • Same IP players can no longer join the enemy team
  • objSet isSolid can now be "2" as well (formerly 0-1)
    • changes its tracing behavior/properties towards players
  • Cleaned up performance wastage in commander code
  • shopDeathMode now works for items and units, too
  • Draw votes now have an alternative passing condition: 50% yes + all comms agree
  • Properly excludes ineligible voters from the total count
  • Cleaned up voting code, including some precheck shenangians and vote result messages
  • Shops now work together with presets, and techType shops are excluded from presets entirely
  • Fixed the loadout spawn minimap overlapping with preset add panel
  • Cleaned up GS code a bit
  • Python security
  • Code Security
  • Other Security

  • cvar player_MarkEnemies
  • objSet isShop
  • objSet ShopId
  • objSet ItemType
  • ask X

Potential features for after 1.3:
  • Unrevived player corpses rise as zombies (basic prototype works)
  • Recode shuffle entirely
  • Recode how commander<->server building placements works (it's horrendous)
  • /report for players to send a report to all refs, who can also check the reports manually
  • ELO/Rating
  • Auth Improvements
  • Database Improvements
  • Balance/Skill indicators (graphical-only)
  • Comm Toggle spawnpoints (including minimap and netcode)
  • Team Armor Colors
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« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2017, 10:49:26 pm »

The directives governing my contributions to XR 1.3 were:
-adding new content that offers new, more diverse strategic choices, especially in late game phases;
-keeping players more on the field, playing, with less remote mining or going to/from base and the front line;
-finding a way to implement gameplay changes based on community suggestions and rebalance requests;
-and all that while maintaining the game core untouched - all that makes Savage the unique RTSS that it is.


-For this patch, we focused on Shamans' Shield and on Chaplains' Potions, working towards improving their efficiency as support skills.

-Shamans using Shield ray skill are now informed about a target lock (successful hitting their target) by a specific sound effect and a state icon at the right side. Please report if sound is too loud, and notice that there's a delay between losing lock and the sound/icon disappearing because the state lasts 400ms after last hit - during which the target is still shielded.

-Shamans' Shield ray icon has been changed to a properly magic looking one that matches the other skills (not... wooden!)

-Shamans' Shield ray skill, when successfully locked on a target, was one of the very few weapons/skills/items that did not offer any visual feedback to either team. Taking advantage of the new Auras feature, units being shielded now display a 2D aura graphic.

-Fixed a bug that, although invisible up until now because of the changes above, permitted scripts to place Shaman Shield on world objects too and caused useless, redundant checks.

-Chaplains' upgraded Blessing Potions get new, 3 stage bonuses, whose effectiveness is based on how many team mates are caught in its blast. If only one target is caught in the area of effect, the potions acts just like before - thus preventing the Chaplain for buffing himself with the new perks and motivating humans to group up. If 2 humans get touched, they both receive an extra 5% Speed increase and 10% Energy Armor; 10% Speed and 20% Energy Armor for 3 humans, and 15% Speed and 30% Energy damage reduction for 4 or more humans caught in range. These new effects are visible through the use of new stage icons and new Auras, colored yellow, orange and red, for 2, 3 and 4+ units they're on.


-2 Mobile Sawnpoints have been added, one per race: the Beast Conflux and the Human Heavy Transport. They are worker-type NPC, large, slow and vulnerable, requiring additional attention from comms when maneuvering through tight spaces. They cost 250 Stone and 10.000 Gold and require Tier 2 bases, thus being targeted at late games and stalls, when Stone is scarce.

-Although a dozen scenarios have been considered, their current functionality is that of a Spawn Flag (players that respawn or those that entered elsewhere can only use them as exit points) mixed with an Outpost-like Shop functionality (when entered, players can only spawn back out, not at any other spawn point). That said, it totally makes hitching a ride possible! We even call the human unit "the bus". Smiley

-Mobile Spawnpoints are cross-bread between units and buildings, and taking advantage of the new unit repair function, they can be repaired by foot units that can repair buildings (workers, figthers). They have 3800 hitpoints (just enough to be left with 1% after a behe hit - giving them another chance), and have a speed of 2, (whereas standard Workers' speed is 4).

-Spawning Siege Units from such new Mobile Spawnpoint units is impossible: neither after entering another Spawnpoint, nor after having boarded them directly. Actually, they prevent the acquisition of Siege Units (too large to ride in those!) and they do not even allow Siege Units to enter them from the field. You wouldn't want a dozen Ballis spawning your lair's backyard now, would you? Well, would you? Smiley

-Added 'forbidden' icon for Mobile Spawnpoints that siege units are trying to spawn from. It changes back to 'allowed' when ejecting (humans) or using a foot unit (both).

-Both units can drop single-tech rearming stations, using comm buttons: Summon Altar and Deploy Cache. (more on the section below)


-Each race has been given a set of 3 new field rearming stations: Fire/Entroy/Strata Altars, and Magnetic/Chemical/Electric Caches. They can be deployed by the 2 new Mobile Spawnpoints, and each of them provides ONLY one single line of technology. They act like shops (players may only spawn in and out) and they do not allow siege units inside.

-Each of the 6 rearming stations requires their own respective tech building to be constructed, and they cost 50 energy from their particular energy (buff) pool, to construct. They have 1500 hitpoints and when destroyed, players caught inside are forcefully spawned. Each of them increases it's tech line max energy pool by 25 (entropy by 100).

-Added a new, claimable all-in-1 shop/spawnpoint/flag called Terminus (buildable_flag.object), to be used as a map object. The way to capture it is by destroying it (unlike tapping it like a flag). After being destroyed, it is instantly and automatically replaced with an unbuilt/under construction instance of itself, only fully functioning after being built like any regular building. The lore is that in order to capture and hold for your team a naturally occurring portal found at the site and on the trunk of an ancient tree stump, you want to build a cage to keep it away from intruders and make your team its sole user. The Terminus acts as a regular garrison or sublair: it offers full loadout, a classic spawnpoint, and dropoff point, for whoever controls it, and has 10.000 hitpoints.

-The 2 new shops that have been introduced in XR 1.2, the Outpost and the Burrow, are now partial resources Dropoff points. Since they are cheap buildings you can quickly construct far away from teams' supply routes, being cut off from the networks (no spawning to and from anywhere else), they cannot deliver the mined resources unless one of 2 possible steps is taken by Comms: either by selling or upgrading them.

-Because now, both of them are upgradeable to full-fledged Garrison/Sublair type buildings. But besides the 500 Stone they initially cost to build, the upgrade costs an additional 1000 Stone and 1000 Gold. For this kind of money, each of them gets a worthy bonus function:

-The human Outpost upgrades to Magnetic Outpost (requiring Magnetic Factorium and level 1 Stronghold). Besides turning into a Garrison-like building with full functionality, it also gets a Shield generator that has half the range and half the efficiency of Shield Towers: 150 range and 40% damage reduction as opposed to 300 range and 80% shielding. Magnetic Outpost and Shield Tower can't shield one another or themselves. Among the possibilities it opens, like quickly set up frontline bases, it may prove to be a viable alternative to counter early Sacrifice waves.

-Beast Burrow's upgraded version is Enchanted Burrow, which is like an expensive sublair with halved Healing Spire effect: 180 range and 67 hp regen. Requires Lair level 1 and Entropy Shrine to upgrade and the Research time (for both) is 15s. It cannot heal or be healed by a Healing Spire. An upgraded burrow can be used to take quick and good care of Spires around it, especially since it's harder to kill than a Healing Spire, but has no weapon and heals buildings slower.


-Unlike Beasts who always refill their Mana with a fixed percentage each time they pick up a Mana_Stone drop, the human pickable Ammo_Box (that drops when killing enemy units or NPC) was previously reloading the current weapon with manually set Ammo amounts per individual weapon (requiring arbitrary numbers of Ammo_Boxes, ranging from 4 to 22, to reload the default weapon).  This has been changed to a % based refill, like for Beasts.

-Both beast Mana_Stone and Human Ammo_Box drops now refill 20% of the total Ammo amount.  In case the humans equip an Ammo Pack item that doubles the max carried Ammo, then they need double the amount of Ammo_Boxes to fully reload.

-Humans Ammo bar widget was previously only half-full when the Ammo Pack item was missing from inventory. That has been changed, and now it's full even without Ammo Pack, offering precise feedback on how much you can reload your weapon with dropped Ammo_Boxes.

-Beast Mana bar, which was always on, now only shows when the player has equipped any skills or weapons that use Mana.

-The Beast Mana and Stamina Stones 3D models have been replaced with new ones (i dare say better looking too!).

-The rather unimpressive values of the Health_Potion drop and Stamina_Stone, which, since their introduction as a non-game breaking feature, had refill percentages of 10% and respectively 20%, have now been doubled.

-2 new extra rare but quite desirable Goodie Drops per team have been introduced:  Ammo_Crate (refills 40% Ammo), Health_Pack (50% Health), Stamina_Crystal (refills 80% Stamina), Mana_Crystal (50% Mana). The Extra Drops are placed through a parallel drop system, they do NOT influence the original drop algorithm (for Gold+Ammo or Gold+Mana).

-The default settings for Extra Drops spawn chances are one in 4 kills (25%). Of these, whenever one is to be spawned, there's a 3/5 chances it would be a small Heath_Vial or a Stamina_Stone, 1/5 for Health_Pack and Stamina_Crystal, and 1/5 for Ammo_Crate and Mana_Crystal. That's 1/20 chances for a new, large, Extra Drop to spawn.

-We've removed the useless 30 Gold bags that spawned when destroying a building. 25% of the Gold and 25% of the Redstone paid for constructing a building is now dropped as pickable piles for the team that destroys a building. The max pile amount is 50 per resource. Example: a destroyed Garrison drops 250 Stone, in 5 piles of 50 Stone each (and the Gold equivalent). These resources can be deposited at Dropoff points just like mined resouces. If not picked in time, they vanish like any good Goodiebag should do.


-The Guardian a.k.a as Treant and the Transport a.k.a. Balloon are both now a.k.a. Helpers, and there's a new Minimap icon for them in the shape of an H.

-The Balloon is now a Cart. Players and workers can use it to drop the resources they mined. It can hold up to 2000 Stone and 10000 Gold. Whenever the Comm wants to retrieve those resources obtained from remote mines, they can bring the Cart to any Dropoff point (like the Garrison or Stronghold) and the resources will be transfered to team pool.

-The Guardian, while not a Cart like his Human counterpart, has been given the ability to mine, and it too can hold up to 2000 stone and 10000 gold. It returns to the nearest dropoff point on its own when full, so pay attention not to lose 2K stone because it got intercepted by Humans on its way back.

-Guardian's Health Regeneration rate has been reduced by one third.

-The Balloon has been renamed to Light Transport, in "light" of the introduction of the new, "heavier", "heavy transport" Smiley. It now drops the new Heal Pack and Ammo Crate goodies when tapped by players or ordered by the comm.

-Guardian and Balloon max numbers has been changed to 3, and stone cost has decreased to 50.

-Beasts should have their share of Behe flying fun, so i've added a small explosion that occurs when the Baloon is killed (as opposed to when its Worker is ejected by Comm). It deals very low damage but sends beast up flying. I'm totally up for removing it if this turns out to be yet another crap idea.


-Following the fix of flurryTime (which was broken since the dawn of time), all Standard mod's units' objects have been updated.

-Adjusted .objects of all Items, Weapons and Units to match the new acquisition possibilities (various Shops with various merchandise).

-Because of the Goodie drop system recode, all Goodie dropping events and skills scripts have been updated.

-The current, gray-ish, bleached, unsaturated Beast armor texture that somehow, somewhere, replaced the old yellow-ish one, was reverted back to the old one. Whoever changed it in the first place thought armors can have team skins but they don't, which is why we're going another route for better team visibility in 3T/4T games (coloring team armor in similar fashion with the current level-up armor colors, but from the start of the game - not in yet but soon).

-Fixed Beast leggings' texture wrapping, which looked bad since forever but even worse now that the new-old beast armor texture has more saturated colors.

-Fixed shoulder pads model of chaplain lvl9 armor.

-All Human armor pieces were cleaned of the vertex paint that was somehow embedded, and which causes certain armor pieces not to be colored by level-up armor colors. On that note, shortly after XR 1.3 is released, we'll set up the system that colors armors for easy/instant team recognition in 3T/4T games.


-There's a new HUD element showing how much mined Stone and Gold the player carries. For Hi-Res HUD it's only shown when actually carrying some, and it's hidden when not. For the other HUDs, it's always on.

-There are 2 new fields in Options/Player settings panel for defining keys for Donate Gold To Team and Drop Gold Bag functions. Also, the Gold coins stack icon, next to the current Gold amount in loadout, is now a button for donating 500 gold to team per click, while inside Spawnpoints.

-The team resources + base hit points panel is now hidden for specs when free roaming (not spectating any unit).

-Level-up messages now include a short description of the actual values they improve (example: 30% more Stamina).

-New Minimap icons definitions: Shops (like Outpost or the new Terminus or the Human Caches and Beast Altars), Carts (mobile resources drop-off points), Helpers (more sophisticated worker-type NPCs, like Guardian and Light Transport).

-While Chemical Factorium was green enough for easy notice, like all Beast tech buildings, Magnetic Factorium and Electric Factorium lacked instant recognition, so they have been given a little color (mag) and some effects (elec) for that exact purpose.

-Following the good tradition of making everything pink, like Summoner's ranged weapon icon introduced in XR 1.0, and given all the green stuff on the field (Gates, Conflux, Entropy Altars, Healing Spires, Enchanted Burrows), not to mention Summs having nothing to do with Entropy and that the swarm-slash-projectile of angry flies they throw at their targets is pink, Summoner's weapon green glow effect has been replaced with a higher quality, pink one!

-There's a new feature that can be used in conjunction with states (.state files), called Auras. They place a 2D image on the ground, much like the commander selection icon, and if a white colored image is used, it can be manually be given any color, and they can be animated.

-When placing Burrow of Outpost, they now display shield Tower-like wavy lines effect designating the range of their Healing/Shielding effects range (Area of Effect links), for the later possibility of upgrading them to their state-dispensing versions.

-The AoE links are now hidden for ineligible buildings (like same-type buildings or buildings using the new Reject State feature, like an upgraded Outpost not being shielded by the Tower Shield and viceversa).

-Last preset now correctly works in Outposts/Burrows, but presets are completely disabled in single-tech shops (Caches and Altars).

-Draw Votes now pass when either 2/3 of voters agree (F1s) or when 1/2 Field Players and all Comms agree.


-Please bear in mind that no gamplay change made in this patch or before is safe from being revisited! Even if they were suggested by the Community, discussed and voted by the Newerth Council in a massively exhausting testing session resulting in a 34 pages discussion, and although further changing them would require building a proper case by whoever wants to, they can be further tweaked and even removed!

-As the Incinerator seems to be heading for removal/replacement due to being a poor excuse for a weapon, we've made a last attempt to offer some logical perks, in line with his tech line and the gaps that he could fill, while not making it yet another Flux or turning chem into a Sac counter. We got Elec for that.

-Thus, Incinerator gets significant damage improvement vs. Buildings, making it preferable to using melee as nomad due to its range. 2 nomads carefully maneuvering may attempt to take out a spire with Incinerators. Also, hitting a Building places on it the 'Barbequed' state, a DoT venomous-like effect with similar stats (damage, duration).

-Incinerators get some more targeted enhancements: 50% more damage to Siege Units. Also, the flames don't inherit unit velocity anymore and every unit they hit gets an Energy Armor debuff that lasts 1/10s (100ms), during which time, any subsequent Energy Weapon hit inflicts double damage. It promotes both team work and precise hitting.

-6th Sense now displays Enemies in range of the owner on the Radar, much like Sensors do. A good item for Phoe (yeah, that'd be the day!).

-Last time around when the Newerth Council discussed the suggested and requested gameplay changes, the Ballista got Sprint. Following suit, the Behemoth and Summoners get it too. Just like Ballis, it's a 'half-sprint', according to the 2500 Stamina they received, half of the 5000 the foot units have.

-Benefiting from the new feature that allows vehicles to be repaired by foot units, the Human Heavy Transport and the Beast Conflux are now repairable. The human Siege Units are still NOT repairable, although we might experiment with that in the future.

-The carried Resources amounts have been improved the higher the player Level. If before it would be 25/lvl1, 50/lvl2, further stages have been added: 100/lvl8 and 150/lvl10. Although the level-up messages don't say anything about turning players into mules!

-Flux's so called "stamina drain" bug was fixed. Both Pulse and Groen's servers fixed this one way or the other so it shouldn't change much as it is, but at least we've done it right - and there's even a server setting for it. What caused it was that each time you're getting a knockback, you're push up in the air, according to a formula based on the sustained damage. That's why Behes send people up flying. Flux' knockback value is 3, Coil's is 34, Savage's melee is 58 etc. So each frame Flux hits, its target becomes AIRBORNE. Then it's immediately flagged as GROUNDED because of the low flux power that actually does not lift the target at all. The problem resided exactly with the "falling down". Becoming GROUNDED after being AIRBORNE, triggers a 200ms delay in stamina regeneration after touchdown, no matter what you did to get there (fall from someplace, leap, jump etc). So this, in conjunction with getting up and down each frame, ends up with the 200ms delay being perpetual, continuous, for as long as the target unit is getting hit by flux. Flux nets made this even worse.

-Ejecting from a damaged siege unit, although not making Nomads inherit their vehicles' health percentage, does drop half the gold that killing the siege unit would trigger.

-Other suggestions were dismissed on various grounds. I'd only name one: Behemoths, largely due to technical limitations and general feeling of uselessness, did not have their turning speed limited, Balli-style.
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« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2017, 10:50:22 pm »

Compared to Clemens' or Daemon's contributions, I don't have that much to show for Rolleyes
I was working on adding support for cel shading. Even if you are not familiar with the term, I'm pretty sure you have already seen it in other games like "League of Legends", "Warsow" and "Team Fortress 2".

The most notable features of cel shading is limiting the amount of different colors used for rendering and adding a black silhouette around the models. Even though limiting the amounts of color might sound like we are losing detail, from what I have seen so far, the opposite effect is taking place. Small, unseen details that have been put there by the model designers, amplified by cel shading, can now be made visible! For Savage XR this means models will look a little bit more detailed and the overall look of the game will change significantly.

Some of you might recognize this epic scene of Legacy. I took the liberty and recorded his demo with cel shading on:

There still are some minor issues related to AMD graphics cards, for this reason only the C++ code changes made it into the XR 1.3 release. If you want to test it anyhow feel free to download the file attached to this post, which includes the remaining files (new shaders and menus) you need to test a beta version of cel shading, and put it under Savage XR/game. You no longer need to download the archieve to test it. It is now included in the autoupdater Smiley In fact if you have installed the beta version you can now safely remove it by deleting savage11.s2z. This way you can be certain that you are always up to date since the new versions will be provided by the autoupdater from now on.

Cel shading can be activated in the options -> system settings:

Be sure to set Shaders Quality to Normal or High if you want to use cel shading!
If you haven't used shaders before, it is better to restart savage or type /reloadGLSL in chat.

Be aware, cel shading is still in beta. If you experience any bugs please post it here and include a screenshot or photo of the problem. It would also be helpful to know which graphics card you have.
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« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2017, 11:34:50 pm »

Lovely piece of work!
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« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2017, 04:06:41 am »

XR 1.3: Largely Unimpressive.

Same IP players can no longer join the enemy team

That's dumb.

Well, at least you made a lot of this stuff configurable, so that it can be used about as much as mechs.
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Quote from: Helios
You mean an already 7 yr old game is going to die eventually?  G
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« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2017, 07:30:13 am »

Damn post limitations to 20.000 characters forced me to split my post!


-Include all new objects, scripts and states in TombStone mod, for _ts maps.

-Skins for T3/T4 units' textures is a simple fix, but the problem is that it's currently impossible to use different textures for different teams's armor. Therefore, the unit skin underneath the armor, no matter how differnet it is from the other team,
it's still not visible enough unless we manage to get armors to accept skins. And it looks like we can't, so we'll add level-up colored armor-style colors to armors of all units, only in 3T/4T games.

-There's probably going to be a large mapping patch soon, because there's TODO stuff that's been piling up. Part of the problem is technical-related (like the Caves that are lit on the inside by the Sun passing up above, which Crashday is going to tackle after finishing his CEL Shading). Other things include: different color/texture variations dynamic objects (perhaps i'll get to make a totally new set); more destroyable Grimm Wall-type props, etc.

-Killing a Kongor dropping some cool, pickable goodie called Kongor's Heart, that may offer super buff perks, like double the size, speed, damage, armor, health etc. Part of the decision of not including it is actually the difficulties we had in deciding what perks this should offer, both to motivate players to kill Kongor but not to unbalance the game.

-Kongor getting a variant which hurls large boulders at his victims like his ancestor before him.

-TAUNTS! We can add taunt animations and sounds to every unit, but the process is quite time consuming because of lacking the Biped source models of the Savage units.

-Banks: field shops where you could borrow money, which would be then drawn, with interest, from the money you're gaining, until debt is paid.
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« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2017, 11:12:33 am »

Great stuff  Afro


Two Destroyable and rebuildable spawnpoint
First, after destruction, has to be rebuilt before it can be used again; claim normally upon hit
Second, after destruction, has to be rebuilt and switches team; cannot be claimed upon hit

Where do I find these in the editor?
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« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2017, 11:20:29 am »

Bug Fixes:

Dynamic props would revert back to their original position after teleporting

Awesome! Opens up lots of cool possibilities for map making. Perhaps that "object shooting things" too could be used in maps by repurposing existing objects with objEdit commands...

GS !playeffect <object> <effectName> <nearby|coords> (<x> <y> <z>) [param1] [param2]
Activates spawneffect on clients

After half-a-dozen failed attempts, I can finally fix the sound effects of xr_bubbles? I didn't believe this day would ever come  Cry (<- tears of joy)
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« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2017, 11:32:40 am »

XR 1.3: Largely Unimpressive.

Same IP players can no longer join the enemy team

That's dumb.

Well, at least you made a lot of this stuff configurable, so that it can be used about as much as mechs.

Your bitter, hateful words wil only motivate us to make even more useless stuff in the future! Was that your plan all along?

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« Reply #9 on: April 02, 2017, 11:46:41 am »

XR 1.3: Largely Unimpressive.
Your bitter, hateful words wil only motivate us to make even more useless stuff in the future! Was that your plan all along?
Grin Savage Rebirth must be coming along wonderfully.
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« Reply #10 on: April 02, 2017, 04:32:59 pm »

Holy shit guys, that's a bit more than expected. Thank you for these infinite amount of hours you spent for the very few of us. We appreciate, greatly!

More meaning!
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« Reply #11 on: April 02, 2017, 09:32:52 pm »

Damn post limitations to 20.000 characters forced me to split my post!

-There's probably going to be a large mapping patch soon, because there's TODO stuff that's been piling up. Part of the problem is technical-related (like the Caves that are lit on the inside by the Sun passing up above, which Crashday is going to tackle after finishing his CEL Shading). Other things include: different color/texture variations dynamic objects (perhaps i'll get to make a totally new set); more destroyable Grimm Wall-type props, etc.


High on the wish list would be some sort of easier documentation in-editor of the scripting and such. A lot of cool stuff is possible, but it is very hard to learn how to do it.

Possibility to test scripts/gameplay from inside the editor = spawn as a unit in the map without having to load it.

Setting the object lightning for individual objects (so that you can finally use the stones that are too light).

Paint layers (3 or 5 of them) just like there are texture layers... to make it a bit more forgiving to use paint.
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« Reply #12 on: April 03, 2017, 03:42:06 pm »


Placing firewards in on props - they ignore the prop and fall trough the prop to the ground.

how to replicate:
1. Find amap with one of those "towers" where you walk in circles before you get to the top
2. try place firewards on the way up. YOu will see them falling trough the "stairs" and down to the bottom.

Edit: human landmines also fall trough buildings (research center for example). I assume this applies to firewards aswell - but I havent tested.

edit2: seems to be fixed now.
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« Reply #13 on: April 03, 2017, 04:01:10 pm »

Bug2: Workers buggy (doesnt obey)

Human workers doesnt obey orders - it seems like they have to "finish" their current order before they can do anything else - which is a pain in the ass if you put all workers to mine (and cant cancel it)..

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« Reply #14 on: April 03, 2017, 04:21:36 pm »

Something buggy with the altars?



Two Destroyable and rebuildable spawnpoint
First, after destruction, has to be rebuilt before it can be used again; claim normally upon hit
Second, after destruction, has to be rebuilt and switches team; cannot be claimed upon hit

I couldnt find the version that is underlined, only find the version that is a claimable flag in the editor.

* shot00005.png (3133.39 KB, 1920x1080 - viewed 876 times.)
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