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Author Topic: XR 1.3.8 Patch (12-8-2017)  (Read 6976 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 10:19:57 pm »

Patchnotes 1.3.8
Minor patch in preparation for the next test week, involving Ballista & Summoner.

  • Vehicle adjustments (objSet isVehicle, like Ballista)
    • can now no longer be turned when movement speed itself is 0.0.
    • now has animGroups
  • GS entry @hit now triggers for player units as well
  • Added (ignoremax) param to GS command !giveammo
    • !giveammo <object> <multiplier> <amount|group|start|full> (ignoremax)
  • Siege units can now pick up ammo goodies for weapons in slot0 and slot1
  • Added objSet buildEffect for the upcoming build/repair sound fix

See below post by Daemon for detailed information.
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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 10:30:42 pm »

In order to mitigate the decrease in effectiveness done by the removal of the permanent 1-hit-1-kill mechanic, the tier 2 siege units have undergone new test package of changes, and this is how it works:

1. His new melee attack with a single hit (no combo), has average damage (take 4 to kill a high level Lego).
2. It uses a forward poking motion, much like a pool cue stick, with a long momentum building time. This means it's not easy to hit. But it has a range of 50 which is quite a long reach, like Lego/Pred.
3. This "magical" melee attack that costs 60 mana (1/2 of full summ mana) has a few additional effects:
  - It pushes back enemies it hits, just like usual, high damage explosions or hits do. It's like playing tennis!
  - It restores 18 mana to the team mates it hits, which is enough for 1 temp shot.
  - It places a magical cloud on everyone it touches, friend or foe, with an awesome effect made by Tjens. This aura radiates around the target unit for 5 seconds, and during this time, ANY unit (friend or foe, player or NPC) around the target, in a 200m range (officer area heal has 250), receives an Energy weapon damage reduction by 1/3 and a visible aura effect on the ground to mark it. Energy weapons are the likes of tempest, surge (any beast weapon, really), or coil, pulse, flux etc., that shoot energy (lasers, plasma, whatever!), not arrows and bullets.
4. Melee hit now occupies inventory slot 0 and the old ranged attack occupies inventory slot 1.

1. Like all siege units, it can now pick up ammo packs from the ground. Small crates restore 1 ammo, large one 2 ammo.
2. Ballista has a new skill on inventory slot 2, which allows entering and leaving the Field Service Mode.
3. This toggle button has a 10s cooldown (visible on the inventory slot), which means that you can't switch back and forth without taking the risk that you won't be able to change for another 10s.
4. The service mode is marked by wooden scaffolds surrounding the Ballista.
5. While in this mode, the Ballista is completely immobile and defenseless. It cannot move, turn or shoot.
6. However, now it can be repaired by team mates by hitting it like they would a damaged building. No matter how many friendly players repair it, it will only receive up to 50 HP every second, which is actually limiting even for a single nomad. So there's no point having more than one people repair one Ballista, unless they're 2 slow hitting Legos.
7. After reaching full HP, team mates can continue servicing the Ballista, which begins to receive an ammo restock, at the same rate, 1 per second. While this may seem much, fully repairing and restocking a Ballista takes more than 30s, while the Balli and the Nomad are not doing anything else, like fighting. Takes even longer for a Lego.

Both Ballista and Summoner now insta-kill (1h1k), once again, Legos/Preds lower than level 6.
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« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2017, 10:02:14 am »

Alright, so it seems the new summoner skill has allot of potential, the one thing holding it back is that it's unclear how it can best be used!

How to use the new summoner spell:

  • "Get into battle and protect me you cowards!" Instead of a regular melee attack, it's more of a supporting ability. Do not expect the skill to hold it's own in a one-on-one situation versus a big fighter type unit like the Legionnaire, you're a siege unit after all!

  • Rather use it on allies to make your target a carrier of your plague magic, giving him a an arua that protects nearby units against coil and flux! This way you can get people to charge onto your attackers instead of holding back and letting them pick you off from afar.

  • Also use the melee skill on a closeby Nomad, Chaplain or Savage (those guys are harder to hit with your ranged strike), as their lower girth makes them fly away like little tennisballs, giving you precious time to get away and let others do the killing for you! When you're really skilled, you can do a melee hit - ranged combo, shooting him down from the air like a clay dove!

  • As a last resort against legionnaires, you can use the skill to get him to block, especially when you missed your ranged strike! This gives your allies those precious little seconds to go and charge in, protecting you. As a bonus - because you make him a plague carrier, you get the benefit of the energy weapon armor while he's nearby enough, so both you and your allies recieve the added protection against coil and flux!

  • You can also use the skill to give mana to nearby summs, tempest or surge players! Any other weapons recieve a mana return aswell, giving ranged played incentive to stay close to benefit from free mana!

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beware, for this is the everbroken...

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« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2017, 05:36:10 pm »

Summoner W5 revision 2:
  • Has a short leap
  • Has a magical melee skill with 190 damage, that costs 60 mana but the allies it hits get 18 mana
  • Places an aura on allies that halves the damage taken from Energy Weapons by every ally in range
  • Knocks back the enemies it hits and places a state on them that adds 50% extra damage to Energy Weapons hits

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