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Savage XR Modding Projects

Welcome to the XR Modding section!
Here you can find information about Savage Full Conversions.
Thanks to the seamless integration of mods into Savage XR, you can play full conversions by connecting with your XR client to any server playing a map of the mod you are interested in (ex: samurai_sanbon, tombstone_railway...).

Mods already integrated in XR

Samurai Wars is set in 16th century feudal Japan, is very authentic and plays similar to Savage Human vs Human mode. Unlike Savage, Samurai Wars also allows you to ride horses and upgrade your melee weapons.
You can view the Samurai Wars Tech Tree here: [link]
To give feedback, please visit the public forum thread: [link]
Credits: Digital Jesters, Mohican, Milka, metjm, Mchief, Legmog, Skope.

Current Projects

TombStone is a zombie-western total conversion of Savage, pitching a bunch of cowboys against the armies of the undead. Tombstone will have some unique features, such as 2 melee weapons per unit. It will also use more advanced particle effects than Savage.
You can learn more and give your opinion on the Tech Tree there: [link]
Dev Team: Mohican, Mchief, Daemon, Legmog, Milka, darkbread, Moxy.

Future Projects

A starcraft inspired conversion of Savage. It is planned to make use of the next generation Physics Engine that will be integrated into XR 2.0, in order to produce an interactive environment. So watch this space!
Dev Team: Skope, Mohican, darkbread.

A World War 2 inspired conversion of Savage. It is planned to feature air units, transport units, and possibly sea crafts. Again, it would also benefit from the new physics engine planned for XR 2.0 in order to produce an interactive environment.
Dev Team: darkbread, Barney3D, Mohican.


(1) We DESPERATELY need more 3DS Max people, skilled in any of the following tasks:
  - Modelling
  - Texturing
  - Rigging/Animation
(2) We also need someone able to produce Sound effects & Soundtracks.
(3) Finally, we need some 2D graphics who can make concept arts and in-game GUI skins.

If you would like to join the Modding Team, please send a PM to Mohican: Send a PM

XR Modding Resources

You are considering starting work on your own Full Conversion idea of Savage XR?
Then you will be able to find help and advice there:
(1) The XR Modding Board on our Forum: Link
(2) The XR Modding Section of the Wiki: Link
(3) Our IRC Modding Channel:  server - irc.newerth:6667  channel - #savagemods
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