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Submitted by SavageBeard on 22.04.2016
DescriptionVolcano-themed map. Rather small. Middle with access to the entire map. One contestible redstone mine. Fire in the centre damages and gives a temporary fire buff.

Thanks to salty_dog, Misch, Aneurysm & SKOPE for awesome feedback, triggers, effects and minimap template.

Changed a lot of the textures and fixed props. Sounds. NPCs. TOD. Effects. Occluders. Pretty much done, just need a minimap.

Feel free to have a look and say if you spot anything that looks out of place or if there's anything I can do to improve the map.

I'm not entirely happy with the night TOD or with how the textures are kind of messy still.

- Reworked all shadows, it's 0,11x3 in general and 0x3 in the absolutely darkest places. Once you go black...
- Added small firebuff effect to the fire dmg trigger.
- Lowered sound volume of the fire sound.

- General polish & added some physics objects. Now I think it's pretty much done.

If anyone has more feedback I'd appreciate it. It has gotten better and better with each advice I've gotten so far.

- Moss textures on high hills to break the monotony.
- Small trigger for fun to give mist-camo to units at a certain spot.


- Fixed invisible props (literally invisible ones which only showed up when played on a server).
* How? Right click and drag select a box, deselect all visible props. Hit delete. Fixed....
CategoryNormal Savage
Derived From(not derived)
Map Statusonline
Rotation Information
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Map Statistics
R. Mines5
G. Mines0

Rating: 3.33 stars (3 votes)[You have to log in to rate!]

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27.09.2013, 08:17
Epic theme!.. only thing that I find not cool is [LINK] About the textures.. the flowery-grass in the middle seems somehow bright. I would personally make it darker or replace it with something different.

Otherwise it seems really impressive.
27.09.2013, 08:50
as far as I know there are only 3 maps with the volcano theme, I may be wrong, but the point is, there are not that many. Basically it's a very little explored theme. I'm not sure how to make it work really. I liked the houses up on arches, the first thing I had to do was run through one, it just occurred to me, that might be a good place for a trigger. Tried several trees and the ones I found that I thought worked with the textures you have now where, red oak, red full, brown pine, and dead pine. I feel like the leaf texture your using looks too wet for a burnt landscape, maybe try the brown leaves? I have to agree with misch on the green center it seems out of place, but that area also seems like it's still under development, so perhaps it would be easier to make a call on that when the map is closer to completion.
27.09.2013, 12:53
Thanks! Yes I feel I must rework the textures. I think it looks very messy now. The problem with the leaf texture is that it's pretty much the only one that works in layer 3, but I may be able to do something about that if I cut back on the burnt texture.
27.09.2013, 13:32
Ah damn! About the textures, I'm such an idiot. But now I know how it works: [LINK]
28.09.2013, 17:05
Epic overhead, especially icons.. have you painted them yourself?
28.09.2013, 17:59
Check SKOPE's tutorial. I did very little, only major part was the plaster arches to make them fit the style. And some hue/saturation edits, etc. It's a very good tut.
28.09.2013, 19:14
I was actually particularily curious about the arches.. good job at that!
29.09.2013, 10:30
Hey mate, nice overhead! I thought I might just chime in with a few opinions/observations that might help you really bring this map to the next level.

(split over a few comments because of word limits :(
29.09.2013, 10:30
1. Firstly, it is really great that you have taken on board Skopes tutorial, as I've already said in the other thread, I personally found it invaluable and encourage everyone to get on board. However! I think that it is important to take on what Skopes tutorial has to teach, and then make it your own. The current minimap you have made is really just taking Skopes textures and using them for your own layout; not entirely original. I am not singling you out here, I too was entirely guilty of doing the same thing when I first followed his tutorial. In fact I think you will find if you look at my map history, it's plain as day the progression I made from making bad originals > to using/copying Skopes layout/textures > to finding my own style while still encorporating Skopes lessons. So again, not shooting you down here, just looking to put your feet on the path of your next journey! :P
29.09.2013, 10:51
2. The ng_rocksg (1024 no grass) texture doesn't really work in the large amounts that you have painted it on your map. Unfortunately it while looking great in small amounts doesn't really tile very well and actually was never properly photoshoped to tile (small seams show at the edges of the texture when it tiles). As such, it is better if you use a different texture as a base, and have this texture laid in smaller amounts over the top to make it look more natural.

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